TOO's new look—Thanks to Matt Parrott

TOO is getting a new look. The main thing is that now the featured article and the blog will be on the same page, making it more convenient to browse our content. Please have a look and let us know what you think by commenting on this blog. Changes should go into effect on the evening of November 2.

The architect of the changeover is Matt Parrott. Matt combines technical proficiency with political activism. He heads the Indiana chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens and has written for TOO (“George Washington Plunkitt on the Sausage Factory of American Politics“). He also has a radio show on the Reason Radio Network (“Radio Free Indiana”) where he recently interviewed me on a wide range of topics  — a very enjoyable experience that will doubtless be repeated in the future.

We at TOO are greatly indebted for all the work he did—much more than we could adequately pay him for. It would be a nice gesture to acknowledge his efforts. His PayPal account is the same as his email address:

Kevin MacDonald, Editor

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