Strategies for White Advocacy

Do not employ or accept the terms of your enemy

Never accept the defamatory phrase “non-Hispanic White.”  White men must never be defined by what they are not, especially not in their own White nations.  Never pass up an opportunity to publicly hoist an anti-White activist by his own petard by vociferously condemning the use of any White racial slurs.  The time of White tolerance of petty racial attacks is over.  Whites must strategically take advantage of the emotional minefield that racial taboos present.

Excoriate and humiliate any anti-White, especially one who is not White, foolish enough to make reference to “crackers,” “rednecks,” “honkies,” “White bread,” “White boys,” “White trash” (Jay Leno does this routinely) or any other term demeaning to White men or women.  Not only will this tactic instantly drain the credibility of the anti-White person, it will energize and inspire any observing Whites in the crowd to do the same thing in future opportunities.  It is extremely rare to find a White man fighting back against attacks on the White race, so seize every opportunity to demonstrate that it can be done from a position of strength and that it carries moral weight.

Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White: never shy from the slander of being called ‘racist’

One of the strongest rhetorical weapons of the enemy is the word ‘racist.’  The good news is that all of its strength will disappear if the public no longer takes it seriously and realizes that it is a thinly-veiled attempt to silence White advocacy.  James Edwards’ Racism Schmacism provides all the ammunition you need on this one. For decades, pro-White politicians and activists have shrunk back in horror whenever they hear the word.  Destroy the credibility of the word ‘racist’ by confronting it directly and without fear.  There are two options: point out that the accuser is using the modern-day equivalent of the word ‘heretic’ or simply explain that the word is only used to silence White people who are winning a debate.  Shouting “heresy! or “racist!” is an underhanded way to avoid difficult subjects, facts, or ideas.  Using shaming language is an emotional appeal to crowd psychology that dodges any real analysis of the underlying arguments.  Drain the potency of the word ‘racist’ to pave the way for public advocacy of White interests.  Redirect the focus upon the accuser—“Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.”

Do not exhibit warning signs

Humans are heavily biased towards visual sensory input.  Like it or not, a person’s appearance is a crucial causative variable in how ideas are received and evaluated.  When a message is controversial or strains against the ruling dogma it is even more important for the spokesman to be aesthetically appealing.  Those who are serious about raising White awareness and pointing out the hypocrisy of anti-White multiculturalism must be paragons of civility, not exemplars of barbarism.

Leave the swastikas at home.  In a healthy White society, the swastika will be another symbol to study, admire, or criticize along with the rest of the ancient cultural symbols.  Presently, America is not a healthy White society.  Hence, the swastika is an instant deal-breaker for the overwhelming majority of the population.  The demonization of the ancient Aryan symbol, which most racially-aware White scholars know predates Adolf Hitler’s particular manifestation by thousands of years, is indeed unfortunate, ignorant, and rather silly.  But publicly reclaiming the history behind the swastika must be put aside to tackle far more important matters—the existence and continuity of the White race.

Avoid stereotypes

The Jewish-dominated mainstream media has spent billions of dollars promoting a caricature of the very worst type of White racial advocate.  Everyone can picture this condescending portrayal of a White man who cares about his extended family.  A shaved head, multiple tattoos, ragtag clothing, and a penchant for militaristic adornments are some of the familiar attributes.  Whenever this sort of ruffian is depicted in a movie or television show he will invariably have a foul mouth, angry grimace, and obvious lack of education and tact to go along with his swastika tattoo and bullet bandolier.  This is precisely the image that counter-productive and foolish White advocates present to the mainstream when they make brief cameos in anti-White documentaries or sensationalist reports on “hate in America.”  The enemy exploits this phenomenon and likely cherry-picks White racial advocates for media appearances based on their lack of appeal to the broader masses.  Successful White advocates must avoid these caricatures at all costs.

An effective persuader will be well-dressed, well-groomed, well-spoken, and well-informed.  Be an ambassador of the White race, not a foil or scapegoat for the anti-White media.  Leaders must look and act like they are worthy to lead.  Spokesmen and proselytizers must inspire trust and exude confidence.  Reading books about public speaking or practicing the art of presentation via organizations like Toastmasters can go a long way towards advancing White interests.

Undoubtedly, White advocates will be held to a much higher standard than non-White ethnic advocates, but this should pose no problem, as White men can rise to the challenge as always.  After all, White advocates are men of European heritage—heirs of a proud tradition of scholarship, civilization, gentility, societal advancement, and moral evolution.  Start acting like a White man.

Avoid the tripwires of massive propaganda

There are some topics that should be avoided when dealing with potential converts to the ideas of White Nationalism.  Foremost is Holocaust revisionism.  Please understand the distinction—talking about the Holocaust is important and effective in other venues but it is absolutely disastrous to bring it up around the vast majority of Whites.  Unfortunately, the proverbial man on the street—who might be persuaded to entertain radical new ideas about White dispossession—will be instantly repelled by discussions of the Holocaust.

There is a reason why reactions to Holocaust revisionism seem almost involuntary.  It is because they are conditioned responses built upon years of carefully-constructed propaganda, backed by billions of dollars, and spread by many influential figures in the media, politics, and academia.  Do not make the foolish mistake of trying to broach the subject with a potential recruit who still suffers under heavy demoralization.

Another topic to be avoided in initial discussions is the defense of National Socialism.  Again, please note that this is not an appeal to denigrate National Socialism or to strike it forever from rational discourse.  This is merely a tactical suggestion to promote the spread of White identity and interests in the short term.  America, like or not, fought on the side of the Allied Powers against Germany in the Second World War.  Thus, any potential convert to White nationalism is likely related to or knows someone whose relative(s) fought against the National Socialist Germans decades ago.

It is far more productive to promote certain tenets of National Socialism without actually referring to the ideology by name.  Staunch nationalism, ethnic pride, prioritization of the citizenry’s interests above money interests, and protections against foreign ethnic influence are easier to sell than explicit National Socialism.

Furthermore, the term “Nazi” has been adopted by anti-Whites to demonize any shred of White identity, White pride, or White advocacy.  The only way that the word “Nazi” should enter into a conversation with potential recruits to White advocacy should be as a clever psychological maneuver to rob the word of its potency.  Use this technique with caution: when describing a pro-White position—such as defending the existence of the White race or opposing illegal immigration—ridicule the enemy by adding: “For merely defending our people against White genocide, these anti-Whites will try to label me a Nazi.”  The idea is to short-circuit the programming which conflates National Socialism with any sense of White pride, identity, or nationalism.

White interests are constantly tarred by the brush of National Socialism and this dishonest chicanery is a fine example of the planned dispossession of White Americans.  Most pro-Whites have little to no interest in the tenets of National Socialism so they will recognize the devious red herring of conflating any White racial awareness with the rise of a historical bogeyman.  From that simple realization, the door is opened to discuss how and why White Americans are being robbed of the right to self-organize and advance political goals.

Frame the issue according to the audience

Know the audience.  Adjust the message to the right frequency to ensure that it resonates with the audience.  For example, left-liberals will be unlikely to sympathize with a message of interracial violent crime disparities because they usually believe Black males are unfairly targeted for prosecution of rape, robbery, and murder.  (Predictably, they rarely make the case that Northeast Asians seem to be unfairly ignored by the criminal justice system.)  Instead of appealing to disparities in racial violence, take advantage of the penchant for environmentalism of left-liberals.  Illegal aliens have been known to urinate, litter, and disturb the tranquility within public parks, parking lots, or downtown streets where they huddle en masse, waiting to be picked up for a day’s worth of labor law violations.  If that does not work, bring up the explosive rebirth of infectious diseases that were once virtually eradicated but have since reappeared, thanks to the massive invasion of Third Worlders pouring across the Southern border and bringing all manners of virulence and pathology to America.

There are so many examples of anti-White policies or trends that a few will resonate with almost any type of potential White convert.  Older White people can be reminded that a future for their White children and grandchildren will not be pleasant if it is under non-White rule, e.g. former Rhodesia and South Africa.  Blue-collar workers and tradesman are well-aware of the fact that their jobs disappear and wages decrease due to a flood of illegal aliens in the employment pool.  Law-and-order type White people are usually angered by illegal immigration strictly because it is illegal and flouts existing procedure.  This legalistic outlook may need to be adjusted towards a sense of racial preservation, but for now, it can be used to create a stalwart force of propaganda, money, or grassroots efforts against the tide of non-White invasion.

Never pass up an opportunity to identify anti-White double standards

Many Whites can be easily radicalized through exposure to the astounding number of hypocritical policies and taboos that stifle White interests and advocacy.  Myriad non-White organizations exist yet pro-White organizations are universally demonized.  White men changing the culture of foreign non-White nations is called evil, imperialist, colonialist, and racist, yet a flood of non-White foreigners taking over formerly White suburbs, cities, and nations is supposed to be a wonderful example of diversity.  Genocide in Tibet or Darfur attracts celebrity attention and endless news reports, yet worldwide White genocide is carefully ignored.

These injustices can be used to demonstrate to the potential White Nationalist convert that words like ‘anti-racism,’ ‘diversity,’ and ‘tolerance’ are nothing more than code words for anti-White policy and ideology.  With enough talking points and real-world examples about the anti-White realities of life in America, even the most racially-unaware White person will begin to question the unsustainable tenets of multiculturalism and realize that White culture is designated for destruction under the master plan.  Soon enough, the awakened White man might respond to an anti-White’s predictable ad hominem criticism of a pro-White position by saying, “In your opinion, I’m racist—you’re just saying that because I’m White.  Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.  You just want to silence White people by calling us silly names—that’s not going to work anymore.”  Small victories can add up to significant breakthroughs.

Speak in the White voice to set the trend

Explicitly advancing White interests is currently heresy.  Brave White men and women must steadily chip away at this taboo so that White advocacy can reach mainstream legitimacy.  Lay the foundation for others to follow—boldly go forth where few White men dare to tread.  Many White Americans become very uncomfortable if they mention their White heritage and they are deathly afraid of tying that heritage to a political outlook.  This, of course, is due to decades of propaganda aimed at preventing White advocacy and instilling a superfluous sense of White guilt.  No other group is afraid to combine a political outlook with an ethnic identity.  Black Americans are free to say “As a Black man, I want…” and mestizos are never attacked for saying “As a wise Latina, I feel…,” but anti-White political correctness silences White Americans in this regard.  This taboo can be eroded over time by consistently ignoring it as if it does not exist.

Calmly, confidently, and nonchalantly express political desires as a representative of “diverse White Americans,” “European-Americans,” or “men of European descent.”  Choose how explicit the ethnic identification will be depending on the intended audience.  Strangely enough, claims to European identity are accepted with less apprehension than claims to White identity, so take advantage of the disparity when needed.  But if the audience is suspected to have strong racial loyalty feel free to preface pro-White talking points with the bold and direct, “As a White man, I realize…”

An important preliminary for future White advocacy is legitimizing and mainstreaming the fact that White people have interests to advance.  White identity politics will not get anywhere unless the taboo of organizing around the White race has been destroyed.  Speaking in the White voice will embolden others to do likewise.  Every White Nationalist can contribute to this long-term project by talking to friends, family, and associates in a manner that reminds the audience that they are part of a distinct group that must advance its interests if it is to survive.  Always speak with clarity and conviction, never retreat from anti-White defamation, and carry forth as a proud ambassador and defender of the White race.

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