Confessions of a Former Racist

I repent my former heresy.  I realize the error of my ways.  I was so wrong to believe that my race, the White race, has a legitimate claim to identity or any right to advance its collective interests.  Now I know that as a White man, it is my duty to wait on the sidelines while every other race organizes and lobbies for race-based legal privileges, monetary redistributions or subsidies, and affirmative-action employment.  I apologize for balking at the idea of handing out unearned money, respect, or employment based on the color of a person’s skin.  I used to call such programs anti-White, unfair, unconstitutional, or illegal.  Now I understand they are a part of “social justice,” which is sorely needed to correct the historical injustices committed by White people against non-White people.

I am so sorry for believing that race is a useful way to predict group behavior.  I was so wrong to say “society is a racial construct” because I have since realized that race is mostly a social construct.  All of the racial crime statistics, biological differences, and behavioral variations are merely artifacts of a White supremacist society.  Once White privilege disappears, the underachieving races such as Black Africans or Australian Aborigines will skyrocket to cultural, economic, philosophical, and scientific success on a grand scale.  But presently White privilege causes other races (except for Jews and North Asians) to economically fail, commit vicious and violent crimes, and stagnate as a permanent underclass in any society that contains White people.

Now I know why there are such huge disparities between civilizations.  In my prior naiveté I used to think the disparities were partly based on racial and hereditary differences. I thought that society, culture, and civilization were expressions of a nation’s people, which meant the success of a nation hinged upon the genetic stock of its inhabitants.  I used to think that swapping Zaire’s and Sweden’s residents would have vastly different results for Zaire and Sweden.  I have since recognized this line of thinking as racist claptrap with no place in the modern world.

I used to point out that sub-Saharan Africa is endowed with bountiful natural resources yet lagged centuries behind the European nations in countless measures of development.  I would mention that Africans were living in mud huts with no written language while Europeans were charting the high seas, developing complex philosophical treatises, and discovering scientific principles that led to geometric increases in technological output.  Now I know that Africa trailed Europe because of White racism, not because of any inherent differences between Africans and Europeans.

My entire conception of historical progression was so backwards due to my previous racist beliefs in genetic hereditarianism.  Now that I am enlightened, I ignore any claims about hereditary intelligence, criminality, or aggressiveness.  I realize that hereditary traits are relevant to mammalian evolution or to horse breeding, dog breeding, and animal husbandry, but I am educated enough to realize that they bear no relation to human behavior or capability.  It was the outdated, hateful, and racist beliefs of the past that justified studying human genetic patterns.  These bigoted views considered humans to be subject to the same biological laws of nature as animals.  We are so fortunate that humanity has surpassed that misconception and broken free from silly concerns like eugenics and genetics.  After all, selective breeding has never produced any noteworthy or exceptional groups of humans—it only created a bunch of White racist oppressors.

I used to be incensed about the decline of so many American cities.  I realize now my anger was fueled by hate, which was a consequence of thinking about my White privilege as anything other than a burden and shame.  I used to rail about how once-great cities like Detroit, St. Louis, the District of Columbia, and Atlanta are now ravaged by violent crime, ugly graffiti, litter, and squalid poverty.  I cannot believe how depraved and hateful I used to be.  I used to think this was a consequence of the demographic shift from White residents to Black residents.

It is hard to believe, but I used to tell people that the plummeting test scores and graduation rates in inner cities were precisely correlated with the increase of non-White (except for Jews and Northeast Asians) schoolchildren.  Of course, I have seen the light and now realize that the non-White schoolchildren cannot learn because White privilege acts as a barrier to their success.  Of course, Jewish and Northeast Asian schoolchildren are somehow immune to this White privilege and seem to excel in academia.  My heart longs for the day when scientists discover how to transplant this immunity from Jews and Northeast Asians to mestizos and Africans.

The failure of America to bridge the racial academic achievement gap is a strong testament to the existence of White privilege.  This utter failure was one of the most powerful arguments that led me to renounce my racist views of the past.  I knew that billions of dollars were spent to bridge the gap over a course of decades.  I surveyed the myriad programs and efforts to raise the achievements of Blacks and mestizos: more non-White teachers, less non-White teachers, midnight basketball programs, new textbooks that emphasized the cultural masterpieces produced by sub-Saharan Africans, free lunch programs, free breakfast programs, stricter disciplinary regimes, laxer disciplinary regimes, and even after-school tutoring and mentoring.  None of these measures worked and the racial achievement gap remains as stark as ever.  This proves conclusively that White privilege pervades the air and acts as a pernicious and unavoidable force that precludes non-White schoolchildren (again, with the exceptions of Jews and Northeast Asians) from learning and achieving as much as their White counterparts.  As a result of this profound truth, I support the continuing efforts to discover the combination of programs that will eliminate the racial achievement gap.  I know that one day we will crack the code and the racial achievement gap will disappear, never to be seen again in the American academic setting.  That is change I can believe in!

I am so embarrassed that I used to be proud of my race, the White race.  Now I realize it was merely a historical fluke that European people invented nearly everything associated with modern civilization.  If White Europeans had not been so busy exploiting the non-Whites, other races would have contributed more to the advancement of human civilization, culture, and technology.  If White men had not oppressed the sub-Saharan Africans there is no doubt it would have been a Bantu, and not the White man, William Shockley, who invented the transistor.  The same goes for the Internet, printing press, television, personal computer, electricity, telephone, light bulb, and internal-combustion engine—all of these would have been invented by Black Africans, because they have the intellectual and creative abilities to do so if left to their own devices.

It is such a shame that places like Haiti and the entirety of sub-Saharan Africa exist in their present states.  They would be clean, safe, and highly-advanced societies, much like the Scandinavian countries, if only White people had not culturally handcuffed the Africans.  Now I understand the profundity of White guilt.  Every failure, ineptitude, impoverishment, and inferiority exhibited by non-White people is a result of White privilege.  This is a tremendous psychological burden upon the psyche of Whites and the natural response is utter shame, despair, and guilt over the historical injustices committed by the White race.

I deeply regret my prior objections to the millions of non-Whites that legally or illegally immigrate to all White nations.  It was wrong of me to describe the demographic race-replacement of White Americans as White genocide.  Although the part-Spaniard, part-Aztec mestizos of Mexico bear no relation to the Pueblo and Apache Indians that once roamed the American Southwest, I recognize that America effectively stole that land from the present-day residents of Mexico.  It sounds convoluted, but only a racist can deny this transitive property of racial grievance, so do not go down that road.

To attempt to repay the continuing sins of the White race, I am willing to restore the collective racial right of the Mexican mestizos to carve out a portion of the sovereign United States of America.  Aztlan is such a vibrant cultural concept and a praise-worthy celebration of diversity.  After all, the cities in America which have already been enriched by Mexican diversity are shining symbols of hope and progress.  I just hope the Aztlan Mexicans love diversity as much as I do because I would hate to lose my ranch property in Arizona or be attacked because I am White, although I feel that I deserve it.  I doubt that I need to worry, however, because I have demonstrated my tolerance and empathy for non-White people.  I am absolutely certain that the future inheritors of the American Southwest will treat me with kindness, dignity, and respect in recognition of my altruistic racial feelings.

I cannot believe that I once objected to the millions of Africans and Arabs that pour into the European nations even though I do not live in Europe.  Now I realize the fealty, affinity, and sympathy I felt for Europeans was a racist feeling as a result of my White supremacist attitudes.  It was wrong of me to view White Europeans as my extended family—that was a divisive and hateful outlook.  I did not realize all of the benefits of diversity these non-White foreigners provide to England, Germany, France, Sweden, and other European nations.  I see now that multiculturalism is a smashing success.  The non-Whites blend in so well that it is difficult to notice their presence amongst the native European populations.  This seamless integration is very encouraging for the prospect of more non-White immigration.  After all, diversity is our greatest strength.

The idea I am most ashamed of is that I once strongly believed that my family should remain White.  Now that I know race is meaningless (unless it is used to correct a historical injustice committed by Whites against non-Whites), I do not worry at all about having mulatto grandchildren.  In fact, I welcome it.  I imagine how they would provide such a striking contrast to my other boring, whitebread relatives, with their straight blond hair and light eyes.  I look forward to my family tree being blessed with the hybrid vigor that so many academics and political activists promote.

It would be a tremendous social coup if I had a mulatto grandchild because everyone would envy my family.  I notice how long people stare at the mulatto progeny of mixed-race couples; it is as if they cannot take their eyes off of them.  They seem so incredibly transfixed, almost shocked, as if they were so overwhelmed by the beauty and diversity of the situation.  Maybe one day I will blush as those wide-eyed stares and dropped jaws of admiration focus upon my family and me.  I can only hope.

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