Las Vegas Jewish Federation Supports Its Anti-Goy CEO

Finding examples of Jewish ethnocentrism and hostility toward non-Jews is like shooting  fish in a barrel. But this example is interesting because, thus far at least, it is officially supported by the official Jewish community organization in Las Vegas (“FORMER JEWISH REPORTER EDITOR FILES EEOC CHARGES AGAINST JEWISH FEDERATION OF LAS VEGAS“). The editor of the Jewish community newspaper claims that he resigned because of harassment directed against him because he was not Jewish by Las Vegas Jewish Federation CEO Elliot Karp. The employee, Arthur Bloberger, also claims that Karp used racial epithets for Black people. These charges have been corroborated by others. Karp seems to have anger management issues and an abrasive personality: An investigation by a local TV station uncovered “a serious and continual pattern of abuse” of Federation employees by Karp that occurred “with the  blessing” of the Federation’s Board of Directors.

Someone please notify the $PLC.

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