The Implicitly White Outrage of John and Ken Versus the Black Hole of the LA Times

Listening to the John and Ken Radio show on Friday afternoon was an experience in outrage. This is the most popular local radio show in the U.S., with an audience of over 1,000,000 people at peak drive time. The show on Friday was all about the passage of the second part of the California Dream Act which allows illegals to apply for financial aid from the state. It is projected to cost California—which already is billions of dollars short of balancing its budget—around $40 million. The first part allowed illegals (who are already allowed to pay state-subsidized in-state tuition) to apply for privately funded aid which is indirectly subsidized by the state because these foundations are tax-exempt.

The show on Friday was non-stop outrage about the bill, including furious callers demanding  recall of legislators and an expletive-filled email from a U.S. citizen of  Mexican descent who is ashamed of his people. John and Ken also used their daily appearance on a TV news program (on KTLA, a popular local station) to vent their  anger to another large audience. Their website is mainly focused on the bill and has all the contact numbers of legislators and the governor so that citizens can express themselves on the bill.

This video of John and Ken discussing the Arizona anti-illegal immigrant law gives a flavor of what they are like.


So you’d figure that with all the interest and outrage about the bill that it would be headline news  in the LATimes. But I couldn’t find anything on it in the print edition at all. Only when I did an online search did I realize that the story was buried in another article about making it easier for farm workers to unionize—another Latino priority. Toward the end of the article, it simply said,

Among the measures lawmakers passed Friday was one to give college students who are illegal immigrants access to public financial aid.

That proposal is part of a two-bill package by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) known as the California Dream Act. Brown signed the first portion earlier this year, making undocumented students eligible for private aid. Although he has not said officially whether he will sign or veto the second measure, the governor said he was “positively inclined” to sign it.

So people who only read the pro-immigration, left-liberal Times (now owned by Jewish billionaire Sam Zell) would likely be in the dark on this, even though it generated great interest in a huge local audience.  It’s another example of how the media frames events—by omission as well as slanting stories. Black on White crime is the paradigm. Hard to get angry about things you don’t know about. And it definitely gives some insight into why the print media is dying when they ignore stories of vital interest to their White readers.

On the other hand, there are major leaks in the media monopoly. Talk radio, as well as local TV stations like KTLA eager for an audience, seem quite willing to air what is probably the angriest implicitly White media in the US. John and Ken never tire of discussing hot button issues for Whites–illegal immigration, Mexican pathology, opposition to tax increases, and government that is bloated, overpaid,corrupt, and prone to over-regulation. They definitely do not shill for the Republicans. Schwarzenegger was a perennial target when he was governor, and they are constantly berating Republicans who are soft on tax increases or deviate on their other big issues.

Of course the Internet is another major leak, with a whole lot of material that John and Ken would shy away from. They are certainly not ideal from the standpoint of White advocacy–e.g., they never mention legal immigration which is a much greater problem than illegal. (You know that America is really on the road to ruin when, in the midst of historically high unemployment levels that are creating a political crisis for Obama, no one in the political class or MSM breathes a word about immigration—except to suggest “comprehensive immigration reform” = amnesty for illegals.)

But John and Ken certainly tap into and stoke White rage and they often get away with saying amazingly negative things about Mexico and its massive drug cartel violence (~30,000 killed from 2006-2010) and about Latinos in the U.S.–for example, ridiculing the idea that Latino immigrants are going to solve the state’s need for a highly educated workforce. And that is all to the good.

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