Jewish Money Power Dictates: No Immigration/Social Issues At Next GOP Debate.

An interesting question has appeared at the blog: Has Michael Bloomberg Banned Immigration From Next GOP Debate?

Next Tuesday’s Republican Presidential Debate, jointly sponsored by Bloomberg News and The Washington Post, will exclude all issues except the economy, according to a Bloomberg press release.

From a news impresario point of view, presumably wanting drama, this decision makes no sense. As The Washington Examiner’s Byron York pointed out in the underlying story:

Recent Republican presidential debates have featured sharp exchanges between candidates on immigration, No Child Left Behind, U.S. policy toward Pakistan, and Gov. Rick Perry’s HPV virus directive in Texas …in previous debates, non-economic topics have made for some of the most revealing moments. Perry’s “no heart” remark at the Fox News-Google debate in Orlando did enormous damage to his campaign. Likewise, Michele Bachmann’s discussion of the HPV virus at the previous Republican debate, in Tampa, led Perry to make a rare admission of error.

Next GOP debate: hot topics off limits? October 5, 2011

But from the point of view of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, majority owner of Bloomberg News and in effect the dominant force in the debate partnership, it makes perfect sense. Bloomberg has a long record of fanatical enthusiasm for heavy immigration – has a large Bloomberg archive – and his contempt for the religious sensibilities of his countrymen was most recently displayed by his banning all religious observance from New York’s 9/11 Ground Zero commemeration: Vigil protests lack of clergy prayer at 9/11 event AP September 10th 2011 Before that he allied with a small group of fellow ultra-wealthy Jews to force/bribe Homosexual Marriage through the New York Legislature as I noted in We’re Rich; We’re Jewish: We Rule.

Far better the debate be bland and boring than the Peasantry be allowed to think cultural, religious and ethnic issues are for them to decide! Next they will be thinking America is a Democracy and expecting to influence Foreign Policy!

Perhaps the new type of Jewish Plutocrat is no more hungry for political power than their predecessors. They are certainly far less discreet.

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