The Balkanization of the System: Ernst Jünger and the Endtimes, Part 3

Ernst Jünger (left) with German legal scholar and author, Professor Carl Schmitt in Paris, 1943

Jünger’s alter ego, the Anarch, should not be surprised at the sight of a new Holy Alliance between the Merchant and the Commissar, between Big Business and the Left. The Left favors mass immigration because immigrants, in its eyes, represent the substitute symbol of the new proletariat. For the capitalist it is also advantageous to bring people from the Third World countries into Europe and America. As Alan de Benoist notes, “big business has reached its hand to the far-left, the former aiming at dismantling of the welfare state, considered to be too costly, the latter killing off the nation-state considered to be too archaic.”

For this reason alone neither the Middle Easterners nor the Africans are to be blamed for the balkanization of Europe and America; rather the System and its politicians, the so-called capitalist “super-class” must be held accountable for the process of balkanization and the coming endtimes of the West. Big business, run by the White oligarchy in Europe and America, seconded by the guilt-ridden post-Christians on the one hand, and followed by the endorsement of racial promiscuity by the Left on the other, only bestow further legitimacy for the arrivals of millions upon millions of non-European new immigrants.

If White Europeans and Americans ever wish to reestablish their own racial sovereignty, they must demystify the first foe: capitalism. Foreign immigration will stop as soon as immigrants find out that the System’s economy has run out of fuel. In the last analysis, the entire legitimacy of the System has rested on the dogma of permanent economic progress.

The only functional type of dissent against the System is the sovereign racial individual, or the nonconformist with strong racial and cultural awareness, regardless whether he resides in California, Croatia, Chile, or Bavaria. Given the massive floods of non- European immigrants only a man with the longest racial and cultural memory has a chance of survival. However, the danger of total biocultural estrangement is now offering now a chance to all Europeans and European Americans to see the bigger picture and shake off their local tribal and territorial imperatives. Indeed, what does it mean today to be German, French, American, or English, in view of the fact that more than 10 percent of the citizens of Germany and more than 30 percent of American citizens are of non- European origin? All verbiage by the System about freedom, justice and tolerance, has by now obtained an opposite significance:

Are we allowed to conclude with a quote, regarding the meaning of all these upheavals that the world of freedom has disappeared?  Certainly this is not the case. Freedom is eternal in the world, although it will be always newly conceived. Beyond the line, beyond the Wall of Time freedom can be felt as something which is today felt as coercion and vice versa. There are also places and surfaces where awareness of new freedom will arise, and these surfaces must be also taken into consideration, just as those where fear declines and as the surfaces expand. …  With it we must bear in mind that spiritual sovereignty has been at all times a precious exception. Irrespective of the political and social fluxes, of their truisms, of their slogans, of their revolutions and of their reactions, of their independence from gods and priesthoods, of their independence from ethics and science of a given age —  it has always been rare, and today perhaps more  than ever before. (Ernst Jünger, An der Zeitmauer, p. 171).

A new identity of the sovereign racial individual must be embedded in racial and cultural awareness. The idea of race cannot be denied, even if this word is criminalized by the System’s media and its ruling class on all wavelengths. The nonconformist who challenges the System can change his religion, his habits, his political views, his territory, his nationality, and even his passport, but he cannot escape his heredity. Undoubtedly, the study of race and heredity is met by the media today with ridicule and the scarecrow of the penal code, although when endtimes are near every human being, regardless of his race, regardless of his beliefs, wisely runs for cover to his tribe first. Should he forget or dismiss his racial type or his racial “Gestalt,” he will be quickly reminded of it by another hostile racial outgroup. The recent war in the balkanized ex-Yugoslavia was a case study of reactive nationalism and reactive racialism. Citizens of former Yugoslavia, with little or no national consciousness, discovered their racial and national “new identity” only when the endtimes had began, prompting many to mutate into grotesque hyper-nationalist Serbs or Croats respectively.

However, race-consciousness alone is not sufficient for the putative nonconformist or would-be White dissenter. Race has a larger meaning, and must be internalized in a spiritual way. Race is not just a biological given — race is also a spiritual must. There are many, many Whites in Europe and America who are mental misfits — despite their White body. A well proportioned body is by no means a guarantee for a good racial character as observed by a late German racialist scholar, Ludwig Clauss: “To investigate into the psychology of races means first and foremost to discern the meaning of its bodily form (Gestalt). This meaning, however, can only be understood from its psychological form.”

Non-European immigrants know well that they can thrive only in the regnant guilt-ridden post-Christian System, deeply steeped in beliefs in the moral imperative of multiracial diversity and self-hate on the part of their hosts. Ironically, feelings of self-hate are unknown among non-European immigrants, just as they are totally dismissed, if not ridiculed, by the rulers of the countries where immigrants come from. White Europeans who lived in Third World countries know the severity of racial exclusions and discriminations against Third World citizens by their own ruling elites. A Mexican cholo from southern Los Angeles, or a Turk with Asiatic features living in Berlin Kreuzberg, knows well which racial and cultural subgroup he belongs to in his native country. He can never be on the equal footing with a “White Turk” from the upper class, or with a White Mexican of Spanish ancestry. Incidentally, the ruling class in Turkey likes to brag about its Albanian or Bosnian phenotype, proudly advertising its “White” roots in public all over Western capitals. But they are not Europeans, nor will they ever be part of the West.

Must it get worse before it gets better? The question that needs to be raised by the dissenting White individual such as the postmodern Anarch in the balkanized West, is the following: what to do with immigrants? Integrate them? Assimilate them? Expel them? Is it ethical to deport them in the coming endtimes? If the System scribes and its chattering class do not wish to talk officially about this subject, it does not mean that the subject will go away. History is replete with mayhem and violence. In 1945 more than 12 million German civilians were subject to “ethnic cleansing” in Eastern Europe — not within a period of years, but within a period of weeks and months. Nobody had ever thought that such mass human expulsion could happen on such a gigantic scale, let alone that it could be foreseeable. But it did happen, just as it was predictably followed by the proverbial shrug of history and by the silence of court historians.

Similar expulsions of millions of people from Europe and America will likely happen tomorrow, albeit carried out by different political actors and under the sign of another political system of beliefs. The question that needs to be asked by the nonconformist or any other White new Anarch, or any other White sovereign individual, is the following: who will be the architect of this new “ethnic cleansing” and who will be its victim?

Seen from the historical perspective the System is dead. Its experiment with the abstract dogmas of multiculturalism, economic progress and an ethnically and racially undefined population has failed. The balkanized Europe and America show us daily that the history of the System is history. There is sufficient empirical evidence attesting to that. A typical feature of a moribund political class is to start lecturing in solemn terms about its “infallibility, its “eternity” and about the “veracity” of its System — at a moment when its System is falling apart. Such wishful thinking has been common to all political élites throughout history. Even the palaver of today’s System-ruling super class about the “end of history” is similar to the rhetoric of the former political class in ex- communist Europe and the ex-Soviet Union — shortly before they collapsed. In the summer of 1989, military parades in East Germany were held, at which local communist politicians bragged about the “indestructibility” of the communist System. A few months later the Berlin Wall came down — and with it the death of their System.  

Today’s ruling class in the System, be it in the EU, be it the USA, does not know where it is headed and what to do next. And for this reason alone it has to resort to the overkill of the world improving verbiage. The System is much weaker than it wishes to show, and one must neither overestimate its self-declared strength, nor forget its inborn fragility. The nonconformist Anarch lives again in the dangerous void of time. It depends on his powers of observation and on his willpower to decide what action he will take during the fast approaching endtimes. The plough and pen may need to become the sword again.

Dr. Tom Sunic ( is author, translator, former US professor in political science and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Third Position. He is the author of Homo americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age, prefaced by Kevin MacDonald (2007). The third edition of his book Against Democracy and Equality; the European New Right, prefaced by Alain de Benoist, has just been released.

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