Anxiety about a Northwest White Homeland

The LATimes, always quick to pick up on new trends, published a propaganda piece by Kim Murphy which does its level best to pathologize Whites who want to live with other Whites  (“White supremacists revive dream of a homeland in Northwest.”) (Actually, the trend has also been noticed by the SPLC and vy George Soros’ Media Matters.) The LATimes article is centered around the sentencing of Kevin Harpham to a 32-year prison term for leaving a backpack containing explosives along the route for a MLK-Day parade in January, 2011. What Harpham has to do with setting up a White homeland in the Northwest is left up to the reader’s conjecture, but I guess we are supposed to think that Whites who are motivated to have a place to call their own are basically bomb throwers at heart.

But wait. It gets worse–much worse:

In 2010, residents in several parts of Idaho woke to find Easter eggs tossed on their lawns — courtesy of the not-dead-yet Aryan Nations. The eggs contained jelly beans and solicitations to “take back our country and make it great, clean, decent and beautiful once again.”

Do these people have no shame?? Easter eggs and jelly beans. The horror!

Murphy uses the Harpham case and a firearms violation case, also from Spokane, to lead into a description of the nascent White homeland movement in Montana and Idaho.  April Gaede is mentioned because of her work “appealing to white ‘refugees’ to establish a Pioneer Little Europe” in Kalispell, MT. Also mentioned is stalwart Canadian pro-White activist Paul Fromm (who has been invited to speak in the area) and conservative activist Chuck Baldwin, who has actually moved there.

 Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, moved to Montana from Florida in 2010 to help establish an “American redoubt” for “liberty-loving brethren,” and is now running as a Republican for lieutenant governor.

“We know there’s a fight coming. We know there is a line being drawn in the sand, and we want to be in the right place. The good ground is right here in Montana,” Baldwin told supporters last year. 

Murphy acknowledges that “the new arrivals have not made overt threats of violence. Many have said they came to establish a quiet line of defense against rising crime in cities to the south.” But what is really terrifying to the multiculturalists is that the new settlers are being open about their beliefs:

Yet Travis McAdam, executive director of the Montana Human Rights Network, said the militant right posed a different kind of challenge. Instead of doing most of their proselytizing online, as they have in the past, he said, the groups are now sponsoring public meetings, bringing in guest speakers such as David Irving, an internationally known writer who challenges the Holocaust, and Paul Fromm, a well-known Canadian white supremacist.

“The idea that they just want to move here and be left alone — we’ve seen in the last 21/2 years that that’s not what these folks are about. They’re about pushing their agenda, trying to recruit people if they can,” McAdam said. “It’s definitely about establishing a presence and saying basically, ‘We’re here.’ ”

In the case of Baldwin, he added, “They’re engaging mainstream political institutions and trying to accumulate power.”

Right. They advocate their perceived  interests and pursue power just like the misguided McAdam does. (I wonder how much McAdam makes for being in tune with the really big money guys like the SPLC.) It’s exactly what every other identified group seeks to do. A Latino enclave spouting La Raza propaganda and trying to elect people like themselves to office would be cheered on by the LA Times, Media Matters and the SPLC. They don’t have a problem with lavishly funded overtly Jewish groups that advance specific Jewish interests such as Israel, massive non-White immigration, and a multicultural America. (Nor do they have a problem with groups like Media Matters and the SPLC that are not overtly Jewish but are lavishly funded by Jews and promote many of the same interests as the organized Jewish community.) But any suggestion that Whites are organizing to advance their interests as Whites is horrifying to these people.

The idea of a White homeland in the Northwest is certainly one strategy that should be on the table for Whites who identify as White and want to advance their interests as Whites. 

The really encouraging thing here is that people who are participating in this movement are being open about it. They are having meetings and are inviting speakers who are on the same page. It’s getting to be part of the furniture of life up there. And when people see how normal these people are, Whites on the sidelines will get on board because  there is a primal appeal of such a movement based on shared culture and genetic relatedness—especially when it is gradually dawning on a lot of Whites that multicultural America is fast becoming a hostile place for them to live.

This public presence is an indispensable step toward legitimacy—having public meetings and public demonstrations of good, responsible White people who only want what every other racial/ethnic group wants: A place to be with people like themselves, to run the place as they see fit, and to exclude people they don’t want.

The U.S. government and the entire political and cultural establishment loves the idea of Israel as a Jewish state, and isn’t bothered in the least by the fact that it is an apartheid state actively engaged in ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians—a far more radical and violent program than proposed by those who want a White homeland in the already White Northwest. No one argues that Korea, say, should import millions of Africans so that Korea can become a multicultural society in which native Koreans are a minority, even though they have dominated the Korean peninsula for thousands of years. The leftist multicultural elites would be horrified if someone suggested massive European immigration into African societies so that Africans would be a minority and their culture lost.

But multicultural elites have managed to persuade huge numbers of Whites that they have a moral obligation to allow themselves to be displaced and to lose political and cultural control.

This is absurd. The great thing here is that this nascent movement for a White homeland in the  Northwest is having the critical effect of making White ethnic and cultural interests a part of the mainstream intellectual discussion in those areas—despite the best efforts of the LA Times, Media Matters, and the SPLC. That is the first step toward revolution.

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