Displacing Whites in the cities

An Associated Press article of March 19 caught my eye: “Chinese learning French to emigrate to Quebec.” Quebec follows its own immigration policy and passing a test in the French language is often enough to be granted entry in the French-speaking part of Canada. Once in Canada they will move to other parts of the country. Chinese are the largest group of immigrants in Northern America after the Mexicans, and in Australia they have become the largest since 2009, accounting for tens of thousands of immigrants every year. It reminds me of a conversation between U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Chinese Communist leader Deng Xiaoping during the Cold War. During their conversation Carter brought up the human rights issue, just as he did with the Soviet Union, raising questions about the possibility of emigration. Deng replied that he does not mind Chinese moving out: how many Chinese immigrants does Carter want —10 million or 20 million?

Until far into the 20th century it was obvious that America and Australia were reserved for European immigrants only. In Americait was official policy until the Immigration Act of 1965 and the “White Australia” policy was pursued until 1973. Strict quotas were placed on immigration from anywhere but Europe. It is not well known but the American immigration restrictions were strongly supported by labor organizations like California’s Workingmen’s Party and the Knights of Labor. They—rightly—believed that big business used the Asians as a means to press down the wages of the White workmen. 

Nowadays Asians are flooding the American and Australian cities: in 2010 more than 250,000 Asians attained citizenship in the United States. In Sydney more than 100,000 people were born in Mainland China. I deliberately say ‘cities’ because immigrants move to the cities, not the countryside. The cities are not only the centers of our industries, but also our cultural centers including politics, universities, media and entertainment. Influx into these economic, cultural, media and political centers accelerates the effects of immigration beyond the actual numbers. It makes Whites a minority in the centers which define our nations and provide us with our livelihood. The political, economic and cultural weight of our cities can not be underestimated. New York is the best example of how the presence of a strong Jewish minority can redefine the whole concept of America from a White Christian Nation into a multicultural collection of minorities.

If we look at the major cities in the United States, it is distressing to see that non-Hispanic Whites in California are already a minority of 40% with major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles having lost their White majorities. New York City has been lost for a long time, with only 40% classified as Caucasian, mostly Jews, and Washington D.C. with 40% Caucasians as well. In Europe we see the same trend with the capitals and major cities, leaving the silent White majority in the countryside with no voice.

Combating immigration is a direct struggle for the dominance over the economic, cultural and political centers of our nations.

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