Muslims decide the French election

A theme at TOO has been that the Democrat Party has become the party of the non-White (and often anti-White) coalition, able to win elections with less than 40% of the White vote. The Democrats aggressively pursue the importation of a new people, realizing that 60-95% of non-Whites will vote for them. And, as Pat Buchanan notes in his recent article “Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP?,” Mexicans are not going to vote Republican, since they are part of the non-taxpaying class and benefit from the entitlement/affirmative action culture that is another pillar of the Democratic party (see also here). (Buchanan comes close to race realism on IQ in noting that educating the Mexicans is not going to work. The US  has poured trillions down the drain attempting to change the educational profile of Blacks, without success.)

While non-Whites, especially Mexicans, are the key to the looming dominance of the Democrats in the US, Muslims are becoming a critical factor in fueling the left in Europe. A report by Soeren Kern (“Muslim Voters change Europe“) shows that Muslim votes were the deciding factor propelling François Hollande into the presidency of France. The Muslim vote split 93-7 for Hollande, and their numbers were the deciding factor, since Hollande won by only 1.1. votes, and 1.7 million Muslims voted for him.

The French vote marks the first time that Muslims have determined the outcome of a presidential election in a major western European country; it is a preview of things to come.

As the politically active Muslim population in France continues to swell, and as most Muslims vote for Socialist and leftwing parties, conservative parties will find it increasingly difficult to win future elections in France.

In the US, the Democrats have been the party of amnesty for illegals. Hollande promised amnesty for illegals and legislation allowing Muslims to vote in local elections without being citizens. And as with Mexicans in the US, an important reason why Muslims vote for the parties of the  left is that they benefit from entitlements:

Most Muslims in Europe live in lower-income households and experience higher levels of unemployment. As a result, Socialists and Muslims are locked into a politically advantageous power-dependence relationship, between the givers of social welfare benefits and the givers of votes. Not surprisingly, Socialists favor increased Muslim immigration, which in turn produces more voters for Socialist parties.

In the US, the culture of Mexican activism is decidedly anti-White, with organizations like La Raza promoting ethnic studies programs that reflect hostility toward the traditional people and culture of America. In France,

In the ideological sphere, Socialists and Muslims generally share a mutual antipathy for traditional Judeo-Christian values. Although many Muslims oppose the secular agenda of the Socialists, most Muslims wholeheartedly support Socialist multicultural dogma, which they are leveraging to promote the Islamization of Europe.

A major difference, however, is that whereas in America, over 80% of Jews vote Democrat, Jews in France voted overwhelmingly for Sarkozy, at least partly because he was quite friendly to Israel.

Socialists and Muslims share a mutual disdain for the United States and Israel. Leftwing parties across Europe have turned anti-Zionism into a politically correct form of anti-Semitism. The increasingly hysterical anti-Israel rhetoric emanating from Socialist circles has contributed to a spike in anti-Semitic hate crimes across the continent; many of these crimes against Jews are being perpetrated by Muslims.

Indeed, Jews responded to the victory of Hollande by increasing interest in moving to Israel. However, this certainly does not indicate that Jews in France will support anti-Muslim parties of the right, such as Marine LePen’s National Front (see here). In general, Jews want a house-broken Islam in Europe that will not threaten European support for Israel and is not stridently anti-Jewish.

Kern points out that similar trends can be seen elsewhere in Europe whereby Muslims are becoming a decisive force in elections. In Denmark, the socialist Prime Minister owes his election to overwhelming support from Muslims, and in Spain, the Socialist Party has attempted to allow Muslim non-citizens from Morocco to vote.

France does not yet show the pattern of racialization so apparent in the US where the White working class is voting Republican. However,  LePen’s voters are primarily working class, so, although Hollande won the working class vote,  a similar phenomenon may be beginning to occur in France. Clearly the French socialists are not acting in the best interests of the White working class when they favor Muslim immigration.

The main point is that the left throughout the Western world has adopted a strategy of importing low-IQ immigrants who want more immigration and more public services. These parties are at the forefront of White displacement, with mainstream conservatives doing little to stem the long term trends. By not opposing immigration, they are dooming themselves to extinction.

The glimmer of hope is that the National Front and similar parties will attract enough voters to eventually begin the process of reconquista.  This process is quite a bit more difficult in the US with its strong two-party tradition, but that’s what the American Third Position is all about.




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