Stages of Developing a White Advocacy Movement

At present the White Advocacy Movement is in the idea-formation phase, actually well advanced. For example, Frank Salter’s On Genetic Interests and Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Judaism and other writings form part of a larger literature that analyses the threats faced by White America and the West in general. That has taken a lot of work, typically in the face of discouragement from colleagues and a blackout in the Mainstream Media.

Idea formation is absolutely critical to modern ethnic and nationalist movements. The general pattern in Europe during the 19th century was that small groups of intellectuals would forge a vision of the national community, e.g. in Germany or Poland, long before politicians expressed that vision in political platforms. The ideas that moved people then and now were not race realism. Neither was it economic profit. It was love of country, of culture and of people. The sentiment is fed by ideas about identity and collective need, and is still one of the most potent forces shaping world politics. In a way such intellectuals can be compared to a brother Grimm as well as a brother Mickiewicz because they are engaged in defining America’s national identity. They and their circles go further by defining national interests, all within a scientific framework. There are other circles with their own publications engaged in the same project with different emphases.

While the idea phase is well advanced conceptually, it is weak institutionally. In Germany and Poland leading intellectuals and artists took up the cause. The same is true of 19th-century American patriotism. In Europe and America elements of the elite threw in their lot with the peasants and industrial workers, including aristocrats and army officers in Europe and the wealthy individuals and politicians in America. The elite put class interests aside for the purpose of building a nation, in Germany through unification and defense against French encroachment, in Poland by freeing it from Russian and Prussian rule. The effect was to give nationalist ideas the imprimatur of high social status. The masses were the last to take up the cause as literacy spread and the ideas forged and disseminated by the elite trickled down.

It is the dissemination, not the conceptualization, of White consciousness that is stalled at an early phase, and unless that logjam is loosened, the Movement will never be a major player in national culture or politics. The reason for this logjam has been thoroughly explored by MacDonald and others. America’s cultural institutions—the media, mass entertainment, the elite universities and the education system—are dominated by an elite made hostile or indifferent to White interests by leftist ideology and minority, mainly Jewish, competition. That domination is due partly to ownership and partly to activism. There is also an organisational dimension, with powerful agencies, mostly Jewish funded and led, using marketing and psychological warfare to thwart white advocates. The attack has two tactical goals, first to combat attempts to conceptualize white interests, and second to prevent the dissemination of such ideas that do arise.

The first attack has failed but not without a fight. As the recent article in thOrange County Registestates, MacDonald is recognised as a major threat by the ADL and the $PLC. Peter Brimelow’s is condemned as a “hate group”. Jared Taylor is called a “white supremacist” and his meetings terrorized. Philippe Rushton, the hero of race realism, is mocked in death as in life. Of course. There are wounds to show but the truth has, at last, been forged into a working prototype. It only needs mass production and distribution to galvanise the American people.

That is heartening news for white advocates, and something of which they should be proud. The next critical step is dissemination. The enemy can be expected to oppose the spread of the new white consciousness with every asset at their disposal because they know it to be a necessary condition, and sometimes a sufficient one, for an ethnic group to begin acting as a solidary unit and strain against its chains. And since white America is caged by concepts or their absence—she is still too powerful to be coerced—dispelling lies and ignorance amounts to striking a blow for liberty. Freeing America of her conceptual chains is the vital and noble mission for white ethnic activists. That is the phase of the cultural war in which we are now engaged. The stakes are high, nothing less than possession of North America and, in the longer term, the retention of homelands for Western peoples in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

What might get the assembly line running?

The two sets of theories about how that could happen rely on passive and active change. The passive changes are the stuff of romantic imagining but not altogether implausible as facilitating preconditions. Israel will drag America into one war too many and reaction will set in. As Blacks and Hispanics grow in number and white taxpayers decline, government debt will explode (even more). When social welfare breaks down the underclass will burn the cities or make them ungovernable. Whites will finally rebel against affirmative action and paying non-white welfare. The economy will collapse. And so on.

The problem with disaster scenarios, no matter how realistic, is that they assume political movements. Like elaborate economic theories they assume that the sinews of collective action will materialize.

That is where theories of active change are more credible. The Great Man theory of history still makes sense, though we should also hope for Great Women. It is not difficult to imagine a famous or powerful figure having a conversion experience and throwing his weight behind the White advocacy movement. Would $100 million help? Yes it would. Would the backing of a modest media empire help? Yes. Or endorsements from a movie star?Assemblages of betas would also be influential. A circle of academics or congressmen see the light and fight the fight. A circle of academics or congressmen see the light and fight the fight. Or a group of business people provide an annual cash flow of $1 million. Or a charismatic union leader emerges who really defends his members’ interests by opposing Third World immigration.

I believe that heroes will step forward to bear the torch higher. But that can only happen if the ideas of Western interests and liberty, developed at such cost, are kept alive and ever improved. That is the sacred mission of the present generation of leaders and activists.

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