Non-Jewish media owners: Hope for the future

It’s clear that the biggest hurdle faced by White advocates is lack of access to the mainstream media. It’s no secret that media ownership is largely in the hands of Jews with all that that implies in terms of opposition to White interests and favoritism to Jewish causes such as Israel.

And it’s no secret that Jews are very good at using their financial power to advance their ethnic interests. One of the biggest problems for European-Americans is that wealthy non-Jews seem far more interested in funding the opera or getting their name on a building at the local university than in helping their people. A good example is the Chandler family who formerly owned the LATimes. They had no interest in the media, and the company is now controlled by Sam Zell, who is Jewish. The family remains wealthy but in general seems dedicated to finding fun and interesting ways to spend their time (one of them flies around the world to attend the opera; another is into building outsize model trains) rather than influencing the world.

However, I call attention to some glimmerings of possibility, none of which promise much in the short time, but are possibly quite important in the long term.

The NYTimes reports that the Koch brothers are interested in bidding on a group of high-profile newspapers, including The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, The Orlando Sentinel and The Hartford Courant. The Koch brothers are billionaires with a history of supporting libertarian causes (Wikipedia says that Charles is the 6th richest person in the world, with a fortune of $34 billion). Unfortunately, libertarianism as an ideology of radical individualism is a far cry from believing that it’s important to preserve the U.S. as a European culture with a European racial base. (This article unconvincingly claims the Koch brothers are anti-immigrant.)

The NYTimes article also mentions that two Jews, billionaire Eli Broad and Ronald Burkle, are also interested in bidding for the LATimes. They are well-known supporters of liberal causes and the Democratic Party, donating around $585,000 to Democrat causes in the last election cycle.

The other possible bidder is Rupert Murdoch who is not Jewish but has shown himself hopeless on White interests. He recently accused the Australian Labour party of racism for resisting importing workers, and he has nothing but praise for America’s anti-White immigration policy: “I’m a big one for encouraging immigration. Just look at America, it’s just fantastic. You know, you have difficulties (with the) first generation of migrants, if there’s too many people from one area. But you know, they meld in a couple of generations. It leads to tremendous creativity in the community.” He also famously complained that “America’s ‘Jewish-owned press’ [did not support] Israel slavishly enough.”

The article also mentions Philip Anschutz who is the majority owner of Regal Entertainment Group (the largest U.S. theater chain) and has ownership stakes in other large theater chains (Edwards and United Artists). His Anschutz Entertainment Group owns entertainment venues and is the second largest presenter of live music and entertainment events. He also owns Clarity Media Group, owner of The San Francisco Examiner, The Washington Examiner, and The Baltimore Examiner. Clarity also owns The Weekly Standard, the neocon flagship publication, so it goes without saying that he is not on board with White interests.  He has also financed and distributed films with Christian themes, such as Amazing Grace and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Given his ownership of theater chains, Anschutz would be in a strong position to distribute politically incorrect films.

Anschutz is worth around $6 billion. His philanthrophy supports Christian and conservative causes, including opposition to gay marriage. He also donated $70,000 to an organization that supports intelligent design and criticizes evolution, although his donation appears not to have been directed specifically at supporting those programs.

Finally, Reed Hastings, founder and major stockholder of Netflix, must be considered as a media owner. Netflix has branched out into creating original programming, including the high-profile series “House of Cards” (“Netflix stock soars on subscriber growth and ‘House of Cards’“). Netflix has 36 million subscribers worldwide. Hastings is a registered Democrat; much of his philanthropy is directed at charter schools and other education projects. Netflix entertainment projects thus far have been well within the mainstream and not politically partisan.

Non-Jewish ownership of some important media is encouraging. Anschutz and the Koch brothers are clearly politically/ideologically motivated and tend to conservative causes. The problem, of course, is that, although sure to produce  moral panic among liberals, the causes they champion are not going to benefit White America. Having just read Wilmot Robertson’s brilliant The Dispossessed Majority (finally!), Anschutz and the Koch brothers fall into Robertson’s category of Old Believers: they seek to restore the past by advocating various solutions that seemed to work in the past—Christianity, a return to the Constitution, limited government—anything to avoid talking about the reality of racial dispossession. Even many White liberals are in this category given that the left has been culturally dominant for decades and many such liberals strongly believe that liberalism is the key to solving society’s problems.

Nevertheless, as the costs of multiculturalism and displacement-level immigration continue to mount to the point that they are obvious even to the blindest ideologue, it will be important to have at least some of the elite media in the hands of people (or their descendants) whose ethnic interests are being compromised by the domination of the anti-White left. People can change their beliefs as the world changes around them and as they are exposed to new ideas as a result of the rise of what is becoming a wide selection of websites and radio programs dealing intelligently with White advocacy. I can well imagine that another victory by the non-White Democratic coalition in 2016 would make even the most ideological libertarian or Christian conservative despair that these world views can possibly solve America’s problems. (The optimism of White liberals seems endless, but there may come a point when they begin to wake up.)

No libertarian could possibly think that the millions of low-IQ  immigrants prone to relying on government benefits and affirmative action are ever going to vote for limited government. No intelligent Christian conservative could possibly think that culturally conservative values can possibly survive the dispossession of White America by a coalition of non-White groups (including Latinos—a group with higher rates of illegitimate birth than Blacks) with no sense of appreciation for the traditional people and culture of America. And even a liberal like Hastings may eventually realize that tinkering with the educational system will not solve the problem of low IQ or erase the racial/ethnic differences in IQ that are the root problems of American education.

Old Believers are not bad people. They are victims of the culture they grew up in—a culture where any hint of White identity and interests has been pathologized and relegated to the fringes of polite society. They didn’t hear about the importance of loving their own people and the need to defend against its dispossession while growing up in their families or in school. They don’t hear such ideas listening to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O’Reilly; nor are they exposed to them in reading National Review, much less The Weekly Standard. They are aware of the many instances where strongly identified Whites have lost their jobs and been socially ostracized as morally repugnant.

But great wealth provides great power and a great deal of protection from the forces of evil. We have to hope that at some point Whites with money and access to the mainstream media will wake up and begin to spread the message of love for their own people. It would be a revolution.

Get rich. Buy media.

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