Goy Figure: How Gentiles Just Don’t Get It — #1

Definitively Dull

Goyishe kop is a Yiddish phrase that literally means “gentile head” (goyishe is pronounced like “goy-isha”). According to the Jewish English Lexicon, it can be defined as “Someone who fails to use his/her head; a dull mind.” It also means: “Someone who thinks like a non-Jew.” I have a goyishe kop in all senses of the phrase, which is why I’m puzzled by the behaviour described below. If you have a goyishe kop too, you will also be puzzled. So read on to test your G.K. rating.—

Fighting for Freedom

The American anti-jihadists Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have recently been banned from entering the UK. This came as no surprise to politically aware Brits. Thanks to mass immigration, we have little free speech left here: Muslims and other non-whites despise it and happily collaborate with our hostile liberal elite in destroying it. But mass immigration also threatens the First Amendment in the US. Fortunately, Pamela Geller is one of the foremost defenders of the First Amendment. However, the blogger Irish Savant claims to have detected an inconsistency in her application of her core principles:

Pam, I notice that you adduce as the reason for the ban: “my principled dedication to freedom. I am a human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech…” Well now, that’s not quite true. Like the “liberals” (ha ha) you despise, you are indeed passionate about free speech. Providing it supports your position. Otherwise it’s banned. I know this, you see, because I have tried to comment on your blog (Atlas Shrugs) on a number of occasions. I had two objectives: First to commend you on your fight against the Muslim invasion, but second to point out that said invasion (together with that from Africa) has been brought about largely by Jewish agency.

Strangely enough, not one of them was published – they were banished into the ether. Don’t you Pam, as a “human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech” find this a bit contradictory? (Pamela Geller banned from Britain, 8 July 2013)

Goyishe kop! Irish Savant thinks like a non-Jew. He claims it’s contradictory for Geller to loudly support free speech and then to ban comments about Jewish involvement in mass immigration (not to mention the destruction of free speech). Irish Savant obviously does not understand the most important principle of all: “Is it good for Jews?” Pamela Geller does understand that principle. But then she doesn’t have a goyishe kop. She’s Jewish, after all.

Note: This is the first “Goy Figure” in an occasional series.

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