Vibrancy and Viruses: Free Advice for Struggling Conservatives

It’s heart-warming how generous liberals can be. On both sides of the Atlantic, they’re giving their political opponents free advice on how to win elections. And it’s uncanny how similar the advice is:

“Conservative party’s problem with ethnic minority voters is costing it seats: Ignoring the UK’s significant non-white population could diminish political parties’ reach for a parliamentary majority”

Research … has highlighted the growing importance of ethnic minorities in British parliamentary politics, putting numbers and names to seats that could be determined by their votes. … It presents a challenge for all politicians, but for the Conservatives it is a problem they are being warned could consign them to life without a majority or worse. Even in 2010, when Labour suffered one of its worst defeats, and after the Tory leader David Cameron tried to detoxify his party’s nasty image, the Conservatives made little inroad into the ethnic vote. Data shows that the Conservatives got 16% of ethnic minority votes, just ahead of the Liberal Democrats on 14%, while Labour got 68%. This is down from the 80% or more Labour has previously won, but came against the background of its worst electoral performance since 1918 as support slumped in all voting demographics.

A 2012 study by Professor Anthony Heath for the Runnymede Trust [a pro-ethnic lobbying organization founded by the Jewish lawyers Anthony Lester and Jim Rose] showed how stark antipathy towards the Conservatives was. Ethnicity trumped usual predictors of voting behaviour such as class and occupation, and Heath concluded: “Around seven in 10 ethnic minority voters support the Labour party, regardless of social class.” Senior Tories have been baffled over the years, viewing ethnic minorities as natural Conservatives because of strong adherence to family life, social conservatism and entrepreneurship. … (“Conservative party’s problem with ethnic minority voters is costing it seats”, The Guardian, 11th August 2013)

In America, Republicans are “baffled” in the same way when Hispanics and Asians vote en masse for the Democrats, despite being “natural conservatives” just like ethnic minorities in Britain.

This rejection is doubly disappointing when you consider that some minorities have special electoral skills. One man, one vote? Not with vibrant ballot-boosters on the job:

“Lady Warsi blames lack of Tory majority on electoral fraud: Tory chair says ‘at least three seats” were lost due to alleged …  electoral fraud and predominantly blames Asian community’”

Lady Warsi has blamed electoral fraud for the Tories’ failure to secure an overall majority at this May’s election [2010] – and claimed that Labour “absolutely” benefited from the alleged fraud. The Tory chairman told … the New Statesman [magazine]: “[There were] at least three seats where we lost, where we didn’t gain the seat, based on electoral fraud. Now, could we have planned for that in the campaign? Absolutely not … It is predominantly within the Asian community. I have to look back and say we didn’t do well in those communities, but was there something over and above that we could have done? Well, actually not, if there is going to be voter fraud.”

Asked to reveal which seats she felt the Tories had lost due to alleged fraud, she said: “I think it would be wrong to start identifying them.” She said she had written to Nick Clegg, who is overseeing the coalition government’s electoral reforms, to discuss fraud and voter disenfranchisement. A Labour spokesperson said: “These are unsubstantiated [but perfectly true. – Ed.] allegations from a Tory party which last year had six activists sent to jail for election fraud. The Labour party takes the strongest possible action against any member convicted of election fraud. If Baroness Warsi has any evidence for her claims she should share it with the authorities.” (Lady Warsi blames lack of Tory majority on electoral fraud, The Guardian, 29th September, 2010)

By “Asian community,” the over-promoted non-entity Lady Warsi meant corrupt Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. It was safe for her to make these claims because she’s a Pakistani Muslim herself. If a White politician had condemned the fraud, he or she would have been fired and attacked for racism. And the Tory “activists” mentioned by the Labour spokesperson were Muslims too, of course.

Nothing has been done about this serious problem. Vibrant vote-multipliers are still hard at work up and down the country, diverting money and political power from Whites to non-Whites. Lady Warsi has been sidelined recently, but don’t worry that minorities now have little influence in the Conservative party. One minority are still doing very well. In fact, you might almost think that they’re running the Conservative party. But they’re not happy about certain things associated with it – like conservative principles and the people who believe in those principles:

“Andrew Feldman – David Cameron’s loyal friend and tennis partner: Before being accused of calling Tory activists “swivel-eyed loons”, party co-chair was little known outside political circles”

Before Lord Feldman was forced into the media spotlight to deny calling grassroots Tory activists “swivel-eyed loons” [for supporting a referendum on membership of the European Union], few outside Westminster had heard of him. The successful former barrister and businessman had managed to keep a low profile despite his rise through the party over the past eight years. Born Andrew Feldman, in London in 1966, he was educated at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School in Elstree before going onto Brasenose College, Oxford.

It was here that he struck up an enduring friendship – and tennis partnership – with David Cameron. After graduating with a first-class law degree, Feldman worked as a management consultant before switching careers and becoming a successful barrister. In 1995, he took over his family’s textile manufacturing business, Jayroma, where he helped the female clothing specialists record bumper profits. Throughout this time he remained close to Cameron and set up home near the future prime minister, establishing him as a member of the “Notting Hill set”. In 2005, Feldman ran the operations and fundraising for Cameron’s successful bid to lead the Conservative party. His charm and business experience attracted many wealthy donors, although his management style is reported to have frequently veered towards the brutal.

After Cameron became leader of the Tories he quickly moved to appoint his old university chum as the party’s deputy treasurer. Feldman has since worked his way up the Tory party hierarchy, being promoted to chief executive in 2008 and playing a key role in preparing the party for the 2010 election. Following the election, Cameron again promoted Feldman – this time to the position of co-chair of the party alongside Baroness Warsi. Later the same year, Feldman was made a peer. (Andrew Feldman – David Cameron’s loyal friend and tennis partner, The Guardian, 19th May 2013)


Lord Feldman at the Conservative party conference in 2011.

Grin when you’re winning: Lord “Low Profile” Feldman

The “charming” (but also “brutal”) Lord Feldman is Jewish. So is Grant Shapps, who replaced Lady Warsi as a Conservative party co-chairman. So both Tory chairmen are now Jewish. You might think the Tories would publicize the success of Feldman and Shapps, as examples of how minorities can rise to the top even in a bigoted, crypto-fascist country like Britain. But that might make the Conservative party look Jewish-controlled to those vital Muslim voters, who are (alas) not 100% positive about their fellow persecuted-and-oppressed minority:

It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.

I can’t keep count of the number of Muslims I have come across – from close friends and relatives to perfect strangers – for whom weird and wacky anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are the default explanation for a range of national and international events. Who killed Diana and Dodi? The Mossad, say many Muslims. They didn’t want the British heir to the throne having an Arab stepfather. What about 9/11? Definitely those damn Yehudis [“Jews” in Arabic]. I mean, why else were 4,000 Jews in New York told to stay home from work on the morning of 11 September 2001? How about the financial crisis? Er, Jewish bankers. Obviously. Oh, and the Holocaust? Don’t be silly. Never happened.

Growing up, I always assumed that this obsession with “the Jews” was a hallmark of the “first-generation” immigrants from the subcontinent. In recent years, I’ve been depressed to discover that there are plenty of “second-generation” Muslim youths, born and bred in multiracial Britain, who have drunk the anti-Semitic Kool-Aid. I’m often attacked by them for working in the “Jewish owned media”. (The sorry truth is that the virus of anti-Semitism has infected the British Muslim community, The New Statesman, 21st March, 2013)

There’s strong irony in that article. Without Jewish support for mass immigration, there would be far fewer anti-Semites in Britain: Jewish money and propaganda were necessary, though far from sufficient, factors in opening Britain’s borders to the Third World. The same is true in France. And it isn’t working out well for Jews in France:

Exodus to the UK as French Jews escape antisemitism

The number of French Jews crossing the Channel to find safe haven in the UK has surged as figures published this week revealed a 58 per cent increase in antisemitic incidents in France in 2012. Last week, the [British] Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, warned that “the position of Jews in Europe today is very difficult. There are threats at this moment to brit mila [circumcision] and shechita [ritual slaughter], and Jews in Europe have begun to ask, is there a place for us here?”

That warning follows a sharp rise in the number of antisemitic incidents in France after the murder of four Jews in Toulouse in March 2012. In the subsequent 10 days, 90 separate incidents were reported, over five times the average rate. St John’s Wood Synagogue in London has set up a separate French minyan, attended regularly by 120 people on Shabbat. The congregation’s rabbi, Mordechai Fhima, originally from Paris, said: “Every Shabbat there are new faces. My congregants tell me that here they can practise as a Jew more openly.”

The statistics from the French equivalent of the Community Security Trust, the SPCJ [Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive], show an increase in antisemitic incidents from 389 in 2011 to 614 in 2012. But although the numbers are similar to those in the UK, incidents in France are far more likely to involve violence. In 2012 there were 102 violent attacks in France and 69 in the UK. One in four attacks in France involved a weapon. It was originally stated that in over three-quarters of the antisemitic incidents the perpetrators were reported as being of North African origin, however the SPCJ has now removed this statement from their report. (Exodus to the UK as French Jews escape antisemitism, The Jewish Chronicle, 21st February, 2013)

Censorship of racial reality is something else that Jews strongly favour. But I don’t think their behaviour is wise. Jewish support for mass immigration and for reality-denial means sawing off the branch they’re sitting on. And something tells me that the free race-advice offered by liberals in Britain and America won’t be good for the Conservatives and the Republicans. Pandering to minorities who are never going to vote for you is a recipe for electoral suicide, not electoral success. But the Conservatives and Republicans are both reaching eagerly for the cyanide bottle. Why? Lord Feldman in the UK and Sheldon Adelson in the US might be able to explain that.