For Heidi Beirich and the SPLC, hatred of White America trumps environmentalism and everything else

We’ve known for a long time who the real haters are—organizations like the SPLC and their operatives, Heidi Beirich and Mark Potok. A glimpse of the depth of their hatred toward White America can be seen in a blog by Jerry Kammer of the Center for Immigration Studies (“More on the Environment, Population, Immigration, and the SPLC“).  Kammer has done excellent work on the SPLC, in particular showing that it depends on Jewish donors—that essentially it is a Jewish organization in all but name.

Kammer’s recent blog is based on the work of journalist Tom Horton who is worried about the effects of immigration on the environment (“Is immigration killing Chesapeake Bay?“). But efforts to save the environment by restricting immigration come up against charges of racism by organizations like the $PLC.

To put it candidly, the typical immigrant these days is brown and poor; the typical environmentalist is white and doing relatively well. It’s easy to come off as racist—in fact it’s almost guaranteed. A recent blast from the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center equated those who talk about the human carrying capacity of ecosystems, or the need to reduce growth in the name of the environment, to racists in disguise.

This recalls the notorious donations north of $100 million by David Gelbaum to the Sierra Club on condition that they not oppose immigration.

The SPLC report linked above emphasizes that the immigration restriction organizations who are bringing up environmentalist arguments have supported Congressional candidates who had very poor records on the environment but were solid immigration patriots (although the SPLC would be more likely to describe them as “White supremacists” for any tendencies toward immigration restriction).

But of course, that’s a terrible argument. Organizations like Numbers USA make no bones about the fact that their main goal is immigration restriction. But there is certainly nothing devious about them also backing solid arguments for immigration restriction based on damage to the environment in an effort to broaden the immigration restriction movement. Support for Congressional candidates who oppose immigration in fact supports the environment no matter how the candidate votes on environmental issues.

The SPLC does nothing to rebut the fundamental proposal that the huge increase in U.S. population resulting from immigration, to 438 million by 2050, will have disastrous effects on the environment. Such organizations also emphasize disastrous effects on the labor market, but the SPLC cares nothing about the economic prospects of working class Americans.

The SPLC is motivated by only one overriding consideration: Hatred for White America. The environment and the economic prospects of Americans are completely irrelevant. Nor would they change their ways even if  it was absolutely certain that the future ethnically diverse America will fall apart as a result of ethnic conflict—a likely prospect in my opinion. They could care less even if, as Enoch Powell predicted, there will be blood in the streets.

They care nothing for the well-being of America as a whole.

Kammer quotes Beirich: “Our country, from its inception, until the 1960s, was a white-supremacist country, and that is not that long ago. And we have to be really, really vigilant of not returning to those kinds of views.”

Right. And Israel has been a Jewish supremacist country since 1948. And China has been a Chinese supremacist society for 4000 years.  But for Beirich and her ilk, only European-descended peoples must be denied a land and government of their own, whether in Europe or elsewhere.

If the Civil Rights movement and the immigration law of the 1960s had been advertised as a prelude to the dispossession of White America or as implying that Whites have no right to have a White identity or a sense of White interests, they never would have been passed.

Most Americans thought of the Civil Rights movement as aimed at making America fair and color blind when it comes to jobs, etc. But for the Left, it was always much more than that, and this is especially the case for the Jewish left and its atavistic hatred toward the people and culture of the Christian West—the theme of Jews as a hostile elite.

Only one thing matters for Beirich and the SPLC—the permanent eclipse of the White America. And they are well on the way to accomplishing just that.

Kammer concludes:

Some brave souls, as Tom Horton’s work demonstrates, know that these concerns are too important to be smothered by the McCarthyite smears of Heidi Beirich and her colleagues. They claim to be advocates of diversity. They say they want to stop the hate. That is a fraud. They want to impose a timid conformity. They want to stop the debate on a major national issue.

The last thing that Beirich et al. want to do is to stop the hate. For them, it’s all about hate. Hate is what keeps them going.

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