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Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign

Ted Nugent’s Facebook post blaming Jews for gun control has received a lot of attention. Given that Nugent has been roundly condemned by the likes of the ADL  and National Review, I thought it appropriate to rerun this article, originally posted on January 1, 2013. See also Andrew Joyce’s article, “Jews and gun control: A reprise.”  […]

Harold Meyerson hates White America

It is a cause of some celebration that Harold Meyerson has been dropped as a columnist from The Washington Post. Of course, it wasn’t because of his animosity toward White America — the reason given is that he wasn’t attracting readers. But perhaps the predominantly White WAPO readership tired of him because of a sense that people like […]

“Bad Santa” and Eli Plaut’s “A Kosher Christmas”

[This article was originally posted on Dec. 24, 2013; it is a comment on an article that appeared in Tablet on Dec. 17, 2013. Tablet has seen fit to repost it in 2014, on Christmas eve, so I thought I would repost my comment.] It’s that time of year again. Time for Jewish angst about Christmas. The Tablet has […]