The Assault on Golden Dawn Is an Assault on All European Peoples

Greece joins Belgium in showing what has to be done by the champions of “democracy” when the Sheeple do not vote as nanny tells them!
First, several years ago the Vlaams Bloc party in Belgium was criminalized by the defeated parties after (or because?) it won the elections in Flanders.
Now, the “Greek” government shuts down the Golden Dawn Party by the arrest of many of its members of the Greek Parliament and its leader.  (The “Greek” government, needless to say, is just as “Greek” as “our” government is “American.”)
The arrest of legally elected members of Parliament in a “NATO democracy” like Greece will attract just as much condemnation in the American media, in the “human rights” community, in the State Department and in the White House as did the criminalisation and suppression of the Vlaams Bloc in Greece:
Exactly zero!
There will be not one editorial in any American newspaper or on any American television condemning this dictatorial and presumably shockingly undemocratic action.
Secretary of State Kerry won’t have a word to say about it…nor will he ever be asked a hard question (or any question at all) about it at a press conference.
The “human rights” crowd will hear no evil, see no evil.  There won’t be a peep from Jimmy Carter and his Carter Center.
There will be no threat of sanctions or punishment from President Bomber.
It ain’t gonna play out like it did in Russia over Pussy Riot.  When a group of “singers” with a history of performing grossly obscene sex acts in public invaded a Russian Orthodox Church, took over the area of the church between the iconostasis and the altar (an area reserved in that Church’s doctrine for ordained clergy), proceeded to belt out songs full of vulgarity and sexual slurs on the Virgin Mary and refused the demands of the priests that the sluts take their filth elsewhere and vacate the church, the police unsurprisingly arrested the Pussy Riot singers.
The western “democratic” media — including National Review! — erupted in outrage at what was characterised as “another” dictatorial act by Vladimir Putin.  Pussy Riot’s fate was worthy of world wide concern.  It won’t be that way with the Golden Dawn members of parliament.
Why does the Greek government say Golden Dawn’s members of Parliament need to be jailed and the party disbanded and crushed?
Because someone who “admits” he was “affiliated” with the party fatally stabbed a “popular”* anti-fascist singer!
The “popular” singer it turns out is a nobody who was only “popular” with the rent-a-mob Anti-Fa crowd, the people who routinely attack those they disagree with, disrupt and shut down meetings, bully, threaten and even physically attack its targets.  It is certainly noteworthy that no matter how hard you try and how many reports you read, not one reveals the circumstances surrounding the criminal act.
We are left uninformed as to how the “affiliate” with Golden Dawn encountered the “popular anti-fascist singer.”
The implication left in the reader’s mind is that this well-liked and even beloved artist was probably assaulted and stabbed as he ambled about in his daily life…perhaps as he was buying his Feta cheese or chowing down on his moussaka in a street cafe.
Maybe.  But highly unlikely.  Especially in view of the media’s reluctance to fill in the details.
Figure in your minds for a moment how different the world would be if this standard were ever applied evenly and consistently to all groups regardless of whether the group is a dissident one or a Regime Support Group (“RSG” – e.g. Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, gay liberationists — all of which are examples of RSGs):
*Zionist organizations criminalized and dissolved because a Jew committed a crime against a Palestinian and “admitted” that he was “affiliated” with the Bnai Brith.
*The NAACP cracked down on because an NAACP member got into a knife fight with a White activist.
*The AFL-CIO dissolved because a striker killed a scab.
*The Democratic Party dissolved because a radical holding a membership card in the Party attacked a member of the Tea Party.
The list could go on and on.
But it’s only groups on our side of the political and racial waterfronts that get this kind of treatment…and unfortunately too many of our own people have come to accepts this either consciously or subconsciously.
We are treated constantly to screaming headlines like this: “White Supremacist Shoots Immigrant” or “Bomber Rudolph Linked to Holocaust Denial.”
Any group anywhere — even the Garden Clubs of America — could be subtly criminalised by this tactic.
Once the image of violence and lawlessness is created it brings with it an additional benefit that thuggish and marginal people who are attracted to violence and cruelty are drawn to the targeted and defamed group like a moth to a flame.
This is one reason why Klan and Nazi groups have not a shred of a chance to succeed.  Not only can such groups not attract the kind of people who were attracted to such organizations in the Reconstruction South in America or in a Germany reeling from the post-defeat trauma, economic misery and moral degeneracy of the Weimar Republic…such groups for the same reason do attract enough psychologically-damaged members to insure that the pattern we have observed over the decades will occur again and again:
*A marginal member of the group commits a crime.
*The criminal is arrested and threatened with a life in jail or with being Willie’s girl friend over a long-term relationship behind bars.
*The criminal is a coward and caves.
*The criminal accuses the leaders of the group of telling him to commit the crime and claims he did it as part of a “conspiracy.”
*The System then prosecutes the more responsible, better-educated leadership echelon of the group for the crime with the perpetrator as the System witness…for which he gets off or gets a slap-on-the-wrist sentence.
*Morris Dees, the ethically challenged P. T. Barnum of the courtroom, then sues everybody in sight for “conspiracy.”
*The innocent and more responsible are railroaded and financially ruined.  The dissident organization is crushed.
Dissident groups opposed to the Zionised globalist plutocracy and its governments should reflect on the lessons in Belgium and in Greece:
The System that oppresses European peoples all over the globe is irredeemably our enemy.  There can ultimately be no lasting peace between us and the sociopathic Head Table of the System.  The System and its servants must be cast out of our temple.  In our utopian ethnostates of the future it will not be enough to remove such people from power.  They must go!  They must leave!  They made their decisions long ago to sever ties of loyalty and connection with their own people.
Let the system sociopaths live out their lives with those they have championed at their own people’s expense.  Haiti would be ideal for many such people in America.  Somalia would be perfect for those in the “Greek” government who are willing instruments in the colonisation of Greece by Moslem settlers.
Our White European ethnostates will be shared with those who are loyal to their own, who connect, whose hearts and minds are still pure, who are brave enough to stand with their people in the face of persecution and defamation.  Such people will be worthy to inherit and share our legacy.