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On Scottish Nationalism

Re the Quilette article “A Demagogue Departs,” the author overlooks one reason for the success of Scottish nationalism and the Scottish Nationalist Party, to-wit: the fact is that Scottish nationalism (unlike, say, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian nationalism) is supported by the worst elements of the international globalist establishment. The SNP is rumoured (probably correctly) […]

AntiFa Terrorists Immune from Prosecution

The extent of the immunity enjoyed by these leftist “anti-racist” thugs is astonishing. In Atlanta, the “AntiFa” have engaged in repeated criminal acts and not one of them  has ever been prosecuted. These acts include (skip to the last if you want to get a quick grasp of how bad this situation is): Repeated violent […]

The Assault on Richard Spencer: No Punishment for Crimes against White Activists

Washington, D.C., for some years has essentially withdrawn the protection of the law from rightists, White activists, etc. We have seen how AmRen Conferences can be shut down by terroristic threats. I was assaulted by a masked anti-fa thug at an NPI Conference in the Spring of 2016. She was arrested…but all charges were “dropped.” […]

NPI Washington, 2016: Anti-Fa brutality, police indifference, and the inevitable media assault

The National Policy Institute (“NPI”) held a Conference in Washington, D.C., from Friday, November 18 through Saturday, November 19.  The subject matter of the Conference was “The Alt Right and Trump.” 300 people attended the Conference. Conference registration was done on line.  The attendees were not scrutinized or “approved.” At the Conference numerous well-credentialed speakers presented […]