Cultural Insurrections Reissued

insurrections_coverThe hardcover edition of Cultural Insurrections has been reprinted after being out of print for some time. (There’s also a recent Kindle edition of The Culture of Critique.)  Cultural Insurrections  is available at the Charles Martel Society website (here), described as follows:

Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism
By Kevin MacDonald

Jewish intellectual and political movements are a powerful force in Western societies. Marxism, Zionism, neoconservatism, psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism have transformed Western self-consciousness, shattered ancient political orders through wars and revolutions, and promoted the ongoing demographic dispossession of European peoples by Third World immigrants. The Jewish role in these movements is often the subject of fierce partisanship, on all sides, but is seldom the subject of careful and dispassionate scientific analysis. …

In the present volume, MacDonald extends and refines his analyses in chapters on Zionism and the Jewish role in Soviet Communism, neoconservatism, and the promotion of racial integration. MacDonald also devotes chapters to the anti-Semitism of Henry Ford, the psychological basis of ethnocentrism, the unique characteristics of Western civilization, and what Jewish group evolutionary strategies can contribute to its survival. …


Foreword by Virginia Abernethy

Jewish Influence
1. Background Traits for Jewish Activism
2. Stalin’s Willing Executioners
3. Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of the Jewish Community
4. Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement
5. Neoconservative Portraits
6. Jews, Blacks, and Race

7. Henry Ford and the Jewish Question
8. Enemies of My Enemy

Western Civilization
9. What Makes Western Culture Unique?
10. Psychology and White Ethnocentrism
11. Biological Roots of Ethnocentrism and Group Conflict
12. Immigration and Ethnic Interests
13. Was the 1924 Immigration Cut-Off “Racist”?
14. Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?