Laura Ingraham KO’s George Will in Amnesty Debate on “FNS”, 2/9/2014

Well, it was awesome to watch: on Fox News Sunday’s February 9th show, the fight card matched up the (normally) well-spoken Pulitzer-prize-winning-columnist, baseball aficionado, political philosopher “Gentleman George” Will against the attractive, blonde, recent-Catholic-convert and brawler Laura Ingraham, the talk-radio host, author, Fox News commentator, and frequent (and often Traditionalist-sounding) fill-in for Conservatism Inc.’s CEO, Bill O’Reilly. The subject: amnesty. Will was bloodied and bowed — sprawled on the mat, and unable to get up, by the end of the go-round on the panel segment.

From his corner, the (typically) articulate Will came out swinging, though a bit wildly, stating the “national interest…is in considerable more immigration.” Ingraham was not thrown off her game by this nonsense from the new Wise Man of Fox, the man who gets even more deference from his coworkers than the House Rabbi at FNC, Charles “I Never Met a War That Might Benefit Israel I Didn’t Like” Krauthammer. (Krauthammer, of course, is a dark, morose, wheelchair-bound former doctor who, very possibly, paralyzed himself after drinking and/or drugging, when he skipped class at Harvard Medical School one day with a friend, to enjoy a spring day in Boston in the early ‘70’s, returned to campus, and – instead of taking a shower, decided to cool off by… diving into a swimming pool.) (?!?)

It was unfortunate that when host Chris (Jewish ethno-nepotism-beneficiary) Wallace read an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal’s recent editorial bemoaning Boehner’s “retreat,” which it said would just mean 11 million illegals continuing to work with fake documents, Ingraham did not bring up the fact that the e-Verify system is still not mandated to be used by all US employers! But, she cleaned Will’s clock, all the same. Boy, did she ever!

Ingraham characterized the Republican and Democratic elites as working for the same interests as the Journal does, a newspaper which she said distorts the sovereign will on immigration as being simply the mindless pouting of some Tea Party yahoos, who dare to express their feelings, or as being the artificial product of talk radio, which apparently brainwashes listeners (how many people does the WSJ think are aligned with the Tea Party and/or listen to talk radio — 300?). Ingraham said the WSJ was on the same side as “Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Pat Leahy, and La Raza”, and that the folks at that newspaper “should put down their dog-eared copy of [The] Fountainhead, and actually live in the real world, where people’s wages are flat-lining”! When she delivered this verbal uppercut to Will, Wallace could only do Borscht-Belt shtick: “Strong message to follow, folks!” It’s all a laugh, it’s just entertainment; ”Wall Street” will eventually get its way, regardless of what anyone says here, was the message. (We’ll see about that.)

The glass-jawed George Will responded to Laura’s populist (and implicitly White, and White nationalist) punch with the kind of globalist, internationalist verbal ‘fancy footwork’ that’s about what you’d expect from such a source in terms of (American) patriotism, and (complete lack of a) desire to see the genetic and cultural heritage of the Euro-American US maintained and strengthened. Will said that “the welfare state needs its workforce replenished’; that the US is getting beaten in the “intense global competition for human capital”; and that “to emigrate is an entrepreneurial act,” so he wants the crème de la crème of the planet to come here. Will did not even mention skimming the cream — with, say, skills-based immigration policies — from the ‘milk’ of hordes of fecund, low-IQ, poorly-educated, leftist, and non-assimilating mestizos and Amerinds (nor did he broach the subject of whether we should at all want even the, er, cream of genetically- and culturally-distant engineers and scientists, who, either by mixing into the Euro-American gene pool, and/or, with endogamous mating and higher fertility rates, by competing in a significant way against White genetic interests, would ultimately displace Whites. Countries of origin of even high-skilled workers could never be mentioned on television in 2014.).

In response to Will’s cold, rational, ethny- and race-denying New World Labor Order air punches, Ingraham pounded Will with a ‘right cross’: “Do you care about American workers at all, and their jobs, and their wages, and their dreams?”

Visibly annoyed, the (usually) extremely precise-fighter Will threw the bolo punch that Ingraham was “arguing the AFL-CIO argument [sic]”, but she interrupted him to point out that the labor union is FOR amnesty! Will looked like he wanted the bell of the commercial break to ring early, because he was staggering at this point.

Will said that a very-near-future America (an America that will exist “in the lives of our children and grandchildren”) will have a population of 500 million “Americans”, and that “they’re all going to be working ,” because of the “economic dynamism aided by immigration”! He was talking as if Scotland were sending us, after a secret cloning program, millions and millions of Andrew Carnegies! For a moment it looked like Will was punch-drunk, and Wallace might throw in the towel!

Laura then let go with the haymaker: “Why have borders at all?” She continued with punishing jabs, on a Will now up against the ropes: Your ideology “just about people as widgets…without really a concern about assimilation…about how it effects people in Middle America …a lot people who are in favor of [amnesty] don’t send their kids to public schools…are not affected by illegal immigration at all.”

Laura then rained this deadly combination down on Will: she imagined people watching the show screaming at their televisions, “Who… is representing my interests?!” And she averred that the “labor shortage” argument advanced by Paul Ryan is pure nonsense.

And Ingraham did not even mention automation…predicted to wipe out so many jobs over the next few decades, hence further demolishing any “labor needs” arguments…in a country where plenty of folks are already available for any needed work. Of course, even before automation disrupts the nature of the labor force, very abruptly, and on a massive scale, extremely-low-wage, nominally Christian (often semi-heathen) peasants can, to use Madison Grant’s phrase, ‘underlive’ natives, and work for much less, in a heartless competition devoid of any sentiment towards natives — their customs, culture, communities, and ways of life — since the competition is designed by people with nothing but hatred and contempt for natives, including their religion.

As Laura Ingraham hammered away for our people at the specious and genocidal arguments of George Will, he looked even more dazed from the battle in the squared circle of the Fox News studio, eyes closed, frowning, hand to forehead …

You’re not supposed to be saying this stuff out loud, Laura!

I thought this fight was fixed! Why don’t you take a dive?

Her bravura performance was laughed at, in typical fashion, by Will’s cornerman referee Wallace. “They’re still fighting over amnesty,” he said after the commercial break, with a complete lack of seriousness, or regard for the high stakes issues this discussion involved. No, it was just an entertaining exhibition of shadow boxing to him. (When passions rise a bit in a winning debater, the loser will often switch the focus from the content of the debate to the passion of the winner, stating that it all is really not that important now, after all.)

Ingraham noted that she had no feeling that the odds had been against her (“Three against one…I’ll take it!”, she celebrated), for she had easily battled the tag team of the token Black liberal “Palooka Juan” Williams (who tried to argue from emotion), and the estimable and allegedly conservative Will. (AP liberal Julie Pace, whose role is more that of a “news analyst,” was silent on her stool, so it was in fact only two to one.)

But the truth won on Fox News Sunday on February 9th. No TKO. It was a knockout. The lies and hokum could not stand up, try as they might through the ten count, after Ingraham was finished. It was great to see. An attractive, articulate spokesperson — armed with facts and common sense — was able to send the hostile elite’s nonsensical claptrap re: immigration to the canvas, in a hostile stadium.

Laura Ingraham…stealth White Nationalist? One never knows…

When the odds seem stacked against us, perhaps we can draw inspiration from Ingraham’s wonderful barnburner on FNS ….she spoke truth to (Will and) power, in the name of “Middle America.” You can listen to it here, or see it here.

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