News from Europe: The Swiss vote and Alain Soral

At TOO we have often said that the revolution will begin in Europe. Several new developments. First, the Swiss voted “‘against mass immigration,’ following a successful campaign by the populist right-wing Swiss People’s Party, which blamed an influx of foreigners for higher crime, rising rents and congested streets” and that “Swiss culture is being eroded.” Swiss Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann blamed it on “a break in trust between business, citizens and the political elite.”

As in all Western countries, elites have advocated globalism and open borders with no input from the great mass of citizens. In the case of Switzerland, immigration is running nearly 1% of the population per year, an extraordinarily high rate. If the U.S. would mean around 3 million immigrants per year, around 3 times the current (outrageously high) rate.

The EU is not pleased because this vote conflicts with its policy that there be no borders within Europe (and high immigration from outside Europe). But it was cheered by Marine LePen, Geert Wilders and other European nationalists. Polls indicate that the May elections for the European Parliament could bring in around 150 nationalist MEP’s. “Those gains will pressure local policymakers to take a tougher stance on the nationalists’ favorite issues. The U.K. and Germany, for example, are already talking about limiting welfare benefits for migrants.”

In the U.K., UKIP leader Nigel Farage said in a statement, “Were the British people to be given their own referendum on this issue then the result would be the same, but by a landslide.” A recent by-election saw UKIP increase its percentage of the vote from 14.5 to 18% and coming in second ahead of the Conservative candidate.

In France there is a huge uproar over the comedian Dieudonne and Alain Soral, an intellectual who has defended Dieudonne. In the following video, Soral claims that the now famous quenelle gesture originated as an anti-System gesture but was described by the CRIF (the French ADL) as “anti-Semitic”; Soral asks if there is some deep connection between an anti-system gesture and an anti-Semitic gesture given the power of the organized Jewish community. Soral also claims that the attacks on Dieudonne began when he did a sketch on Israeli settlers (also noted in the Wikipedia article on Dieudonne) and that the powerful Jewish lobby has labeled as “anti-Semites” those who disagree with their policies.

We at TOO regard Jewish power as an empirical question and so support those who are willing to discuss it responsibly and openly, as is common with any other group.
The Soral phenomenon is summarized in “State repression in France only makes the Resistance grow stronger,” which claims that Soral destroyed Eric Naulleau, a liberal journalist, in a published debate about Zionist power in France. The French media immediately attacked Naulleau for allowing Soral’s idea to appear in the mainstream media—yet another indication of the tactic (also used by the ADL in the U.S.) of keeping honest criticism out of the eye of the public. “That is the crux of the disagreement between Soral and Naulleau: do the Zionists control the French media yes or no? Can they blacklist somebody or not?  Is there a shadow “Zionist censorship” in France or is public speech still free?”As noted in the recent articles on the ADL (Part 1 and Part 2), there is no question that in the U.S., the Jews have a very large influence on the media and that the organized Jewish community (including the ADL and the SPLC) has the ability to blacklist people and to keep issues out of the mainstream media (most notably discussions of Jewish power). Soral has now been blacklisted from appearances on French TV, further confirming his thesis. Naulleau responded that Soral already had an audience of a million for his videos on the internet, so the attempt to keep him quarantined was not working anyway. Again we see the power of the internet in skirting the monopoly of the mainstream media.

Of course, there is also a huge media campaign against Dieudonne: “This really looked like a ‘virtual lynching’ or a Stalinist trial – politicians, journalists, comedians, commentators, actors – you name it — all took turns to ridicule, insult, denounce and otherwise express their hatred for Dieudonne.”

But support for Dieudonne and Soral has been strong:

The reaction against this state of affairs is also becoming stronger and the amount of people supporting Dieudonne and Soral has literally skyrocketed.  The reason for that is not only that a lot of French people share the same views as Soral and Dieudonne, but also a deep running French cultural tradition of admiring rebels and disliking the state.  Add to this that Hollande is the most hated President in French history and that the French economy is going down the tubes triggering untold suffering and rage in the people suffering form the crisis, and you get a very explosive mix: the so-called “Day of Rage”. [See videos of protest marches on January 26, in French at the above link; a rather remarkable video with English subtitles is here, highlighting an anti-Jewish theme of the march.]

The article claims that besides a

small clique of  Zionist Jews (representing a tiny fraction of the much more diverse French Jewry),  … there is a non-Jewish plutocracy formed around the Jewish core of French bankers and financiers which is also completely in bed with the Zionists and whose future depends on maintaining the Zionist control over France: politicians, of course, but also actors, journalists, academics, etc. … . It is this entire elite and the system which it built which is threatened by Soral and Dieudonne and by what the movement “Equality and Reconciliation” stands for: a union of all the French people (native or immigrants) which together are determined to resist the Zionist oppression of France and who, just as in WWII, will resist the occupier until the Liberation.

As implied by the previous, Soral does not see Muslim immigration as a threat. Soral is a former member of the National Front but, according to Wikipedia, left over this issue.

This is a very grave mistake, but there is a good possibility that the forces unleashed by this phenomenon will benefit the nationalists in the long run. Clearly,  the forces of nationalism and opposition to immigration and the EU are on the upsurge throughout the continent. In France, there is a great deal of unrest, waiting to explode:

Sure, for the time being most people in France comply, obey, or look the other way.  But everybody knows, everybody understands and very few believe in the official lies, especially in the younger generation.

This all reminds me of the Soviet Union of the 1980s were externally nothing much was happening and where the system itself look ugly but safe.  … Everybody did what they were told, but nobody believed in what they were doing.  That is the exact situation not only for the French cops who are constantly used to ban, harass and arrest Dieudo and his supporters, but also of an increasing percentage of the general public.

Right now the pressure on the dam is getting stronger and stronger, and the cracks more and more visible.  So far, the elites have had enough fingers to stick into the cracks, but this is clearly a futile attempt to delay the inevitable.  And when the French dam will burst, it will impact on only France, but also a good segment of western Europe.  So while the pro-US Ukrainian nationalists want to subordinate their country to the EU, the EU is threatened with an inevitable and violent explosion.  But, like on the sinking Titanic, the media’s “orchestra” will be playing its music until the last second.

There is a similar situation in the U.S. with all the White anger exemplified by the Tea Party movement. Nothing lasts forever.

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