A blind eye to murder of Whites in South Africa

It’s business as usual in South Africa where the ANC has won a predictable victory in the first elections since the death of Mandela. It is unlikely there will be any big changes in a country mired by one corruption scandal after another, which is now the murder capital of the world and which is slowly sliding into economic chaos.

And one thing that will not be changing soon will be a relentless upward tick in the grim daily toll of murders of Whites by Blacks.  Around 50 murders take place in South Africa every day and according to Genocidewatch around 20 of these are of Whites by Blacks — a  grossly disproportionate figure for a minority who make up only nine per cent of the total population. This and the shrill, blood curdling threats from some Black politicians mean many Boers fear a White bloodbath in the future.

Since the beginning of Black rule in 1994 around 70,000 Whites have been murdered though exact figures are difficult to come by because the police have stopped breaking down victim statistics by race.

Ethnic hatred is a clear factor in these killings, with murder scenes often featuring such graffiti as “Kill the Boer” in blood. An unspeakable level of savagery is also a feature. Gruesome torture with pangas, electric irons or kitchen implements are frequent features and the average victim is elderly. On the day Mandela died, an 84-year-old Afrikaaner woman was robbed in her own home, held down and drowned in her bath.

The murder of the Viana family was unusual in that a trial and convictions resulted from it. The lives of Tony Viana and his family ended in a scene of horror that almost defies the imagination. Three Black robbers took the father, 53, into a room then shot him dead. Then they took turns raping his wife Geraldine before murdering her.

Finally they took the family’s 12 year-old son Amaro, whom they had forced to watch, and pushed him into a bath of scalding water where he drowned. The attackers then casually walked away from the family home in a rural suburb 50 miles from Johannesburg.

A White group called “Red October” was formed to protest against the official indifference to this murder wave and the incompetence of the police.

You might think that with their own history of persecution and sensitivity to pogrom-style killings the Jewish community might be sympathetic. You would be mistaken. For organised Jewry is at the forefront of attempts to howl down, marginalise and discredit the White claims.

A good example came in the South African TV interview of the Red October founder where the presenter, an “anti-racist” Jewish judge began by telling the TV audience that the claims are exaggerated.

The liberal left seem determined to blow squid-ink into the stories of White persecution; crime is high for everyone in South Africa, they say, so stop pretending Whites suffer more than anyone else. Also farms are often isolated and easy targets. And it is just a part of denying responsibility for apartheid.

There is no denying that reliable crime figures are difficult to collate and the incompetence and wilful neglect of the police has not helped. A few years ago they stopped breaking down the victim figures by race.

Both the Africaans and the English-speaking media now give only the most cursory accounts of farm violence often omitting names, ethnicities or progress of investigations. (An exception is the current celebrity murder trial of Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius.)

Prominent amongst these naysayers are the South African bureau of an international NGO called  Africa Check and the university-based Centre for the Study of Open Democracy which are both largely Jewish-run and funded.

Africa Check is one of the tentacles of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation which does so much to foment revolution from Tunisia and Egypt to Eastern Europe. It is a kind of independent media watchdog acting as judge and jury on media stories.

With traditional news organisations closing down foreign bureaux, organisations like Africa Check will increasingly mediate the news from Africa in future. They will claim to be “non-partisan and independent” and be staffed by “activist” journalists, often from the Guardian or BBC, who can be relied on to stick to the narrative.

Africa Check director Peter Cunliffe-Jones is a good example. A former Guardian journalist, he once reported the Muslim massacres of hundreds of Christians in Nigeria as non–religious squabbles about land and poor government.

This proved too much for even Guardian readers to stomach. One complained bitterly “That the majority of the Christian victims, including even women and children had their hands and feet hacked off…resembles barbaric Shariah punishment.”

Cunliffe-Jones has found a good home for his skill in not noticing that which his paymasters do not want to be noticed. His staff have run the numbers and decided that not only is there less crime against Whites than in the nineties but it is going down.

Africa Check also boasts yet another former anti-apartheid activist, a Jewish journalist called Anton Harber who is now a journalism professor. The publishing company he set up with another Jewish businessman has thrived under the new dispensation, especially when it comes to winning government contracts.

Flush with money pouring in from a variety of international NGOs such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, Africa Check is opening bureaux in Tanzania, Zambia and Swaziland.  It is the new “soft” face of colonialism.

With appalling levels of rape, murder, corruption and a disintegrating infrastructure, the last 20 years have been a disaster for both White and Black. But there has been one group which has benefited tremendously and as a result now enjoys the highest standard of living in the Western world. Business in South Africa today depends on relationships with ANC leaders and no one is better placed to take advantage of this than Jewish businessmen, if they can claim to have a track record, however slight, of anti-apartheid activism.

It is worth remembering that the ANC was largely a Jewish creation and the senior ranks were dominated by Jewish communists who talent-spotted and groomed new talent like the young Nelson Mandela whose legal career owed everything to Jewish patronage (see “The role of Jews in South Africa since 1948” by Sam Davidson, The Occidental Quarterly, Summer, 2011) Jews also dominate the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance. Both its current leader and previous leader and many of its shadow cabinet are Jewish.

By and large though, Jews are moving away from front-line politics and prefer to exercise soft power through positions like the governor of the central bank.

The success of the Coleman brothers is a case in point. Colin Coleman  is the head of Goldman Sachs South Africa and while this thoroughgoing capitalist was helping to set up the country’s vital external dollar loans, his socialist brother Neil was helping to set up and run the Confederation of South African Trade Unions as a senior official in charge of strategy.

The Jewish experience in post-apartheid South Africa seems to fall into two categories. The Jewish population of 70,000, has turned inward, is much more orthodox and is said to be one of the most religiously observant in the world. It is a far cry from the days of Apartheid when Jewish activists revelled in rebellion. At a business, cultural and political level Jewish elites are increasingly moving into a dominant position. Despite being only 0.2 per cent of the population Jews are well on the way to elbowing Whites out of the way as the pre-eminent non-Black group in South Africa.

So you might expect a bit of magnanimity towards the losers. Not a bit of it. Old scores are raked over relentlessly.

Take the Jewish Board of Deputies. Before 1994 they were part of the backbone of Apartheid and very much part of the South African establishment that profited from the regime. These days they are re-writing history and creating a martyr myth that places Jews alongside Blacks as victims of Apartheid. In doing so they reveal an enduring hatred for Whites.

The mask finally slipped in an astonishing speech by the Black ANC Minister of Justice to the Jewish Board of Deputies last August  which clearly attempted to link White South Africans to the Holocaust.

While the speech was delivered by a Black government minister most observers believe it could only have been written from within the Board of Deputies themselves. As an insight into the workings of an unhinged and paranoid mindset it is disturbing.

It attempts to bury Jewish collaboration with Apartheid and claims White South Africa supported the Holocaust  “even when the blood of the Jews had not dried in the concentration camps of Buchenwald, Dachau  and Auschwitz”.

In the entire speech devoted to the grievances of Blacks, Jews, and LGBT  there was not one word on the daily attacks on elderly White farmers. Instead the audience heard about the spray painting of a swastika on a gravestone in a Blomfontein Jewish cemetery.

It revealed Jewish enmity is particularly undimmed over the Aliens Act of 1937 which was aimed at curtailing Jewish immigration to South Africa.  The message was unmistakable: if White South Africa thought truth and reconciliation stretched to them then they were mistaken.

But Jewish interests have not been getting all their own way. There has always been an element of defiant Black activism that bridled at overt Jewish manipulation and pushed back. Earlier this year a parliamentary group expressed in a “Cape Town Declaration” their solidarity with the Palestinian people. Moreover they proposed  new economic rules in support of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” (BDS) campaign that would have effectively ended economic co-operation with Israel.

Predictably the Jewish community reacted like a hornets nest that had been poked with a stick. They hit out at “flagrant hijacking of the Parliamentary process by special interest groups”. Not surprisingly they managed to get the Cape Town Declaration watered down.

But it was all a mischievous gesture that sputtered out. In reality the links between South Africa and Israel will not be ending anytime soon.  After all, President Zuma needs Mossad to maintain the security system they built for his lavish presidential compound.

Soon Johannesburg will be blessed with the opening of that ultimate international status symbol of Jewish triumphalism — it’s own Holocaust Museum in a plush new building on Jan Smuts Avenue. It will be the third holocaust centre to be opened in South Africa and all schools will be required to visit it.  You can bet that the opening ceremony will be a lavish affair.

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