Development of Jewish Strategies for Survival in the Multicultural World

For an entity which allegedly only exists in the minds of pathological racists, international Jewry seems very much alive and kicking. JTA, the “global Jewish news source,” reports that Israel’s government has approved “an initiative to strengthen the connection between Israel and world Jewry, as well as to strengthen the Jewish identity of young Diaspora Jews.”

The Government of Israel-World Jewry Joint Initiative, which may be a figment of my imagination, is a comprehensive, multi-year plan will be based on joint initiatives to be developed by the State of Israel and world Jewry. Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky addressed a government Cabinet meeting on Sunday in support of the plan: “The State of Israel needs a strong Jewish world and the Jewish world needs a strong Israel. This government decision, which comes during a difficult period of budget cuts, is the strongest expression of the centrality of Jewish identity as the cornerstone of Israel-Diaspora relations.” The total budget to implement the initiative is around $168 million, and will come one-third from the Israeli government and two-thirds from international Jewry.

Unofficial sources state that a White advocate using a $20 budget to distribute flyers promoting European ethnic identity will still be treated as pond scum.

The initiative comes following a two-year planning process that involved thousands of Jewish leaders from Israel and around the world, resulting in a short draft report produced in February 2014 and viewable here. The draft report plays host to tropes, delusions and aspects of Jewish behavior that will be familiar to TOO readers. The report opens by outlining the basic problem:

Since the encounter with modernity, Jews — individually and collectively — have been ever more able to join in the general societies that surround them. The Enlightenment motto “you should be a Jew at home and a Frenchman on the street” framed much of the way in which Jewish identity has emerged in our times. The open society and the global village, beckoning Jews to participate energetically with the non-Jewish world, have dramatically affected the Jewish future, around the Jewish world and in Israel as well.

Reading between the lines it’s clear that what is really being produced here is a template for Jewish survival in the coming global ethnic miasma. Jewish elites are clearly aware that although they have been at the forefront of engineering the modern multicultural state in White nations, Jews are not entirely immune themselves from the perils of identity dilution and miscegenation. In fact the report clearly states that the current situation, which will only intensify with time, threatens to “dramatically” affect the Jewish future.

Of course, we feel the same threat even more acutely — the difference is that we aren’t allowed to discuss “the White future,” and we certainly aren’t allowed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars researching and strategizing how to protect it.

Justifications for the protection of “the Jewish future” are rooted in familiar tropes and delusions. There is no outward or explicit mention of ethnic interests, or of race. Instead, “the Jewish future” is to be protected because:

We believe that there is a purpose to Jewish existence that includes bringing our particular spiritual and cultural experience, insight and wisdom, and our collective identity anchored in a strong connection with Israel into the encounter with the world.

This is a straightforward regurgitation of the ‘light unto the nations’ delusion which has been used since the Enlightenment as a smokescreen for the protection of Jewish racial identity. Jewry has had centuries to provide the world with some benefit from its “particular spiritual and cultural experience, insight and wisdom.” It is rather telling that in the course of these centuries, this group of benevolent, altruistic, wise and moral people has found remarkably few friends among ‘the nations.’ Jews nonetheless convince themselves that they are the gift that keeps on giving.

The report continues by stressing that the focus of its efforts will be on Jewish youth, and outlines a need to intervene in the lives of young Diaspora Jews in an effort to heighten their sense of Jewish identity. It states:

We face a daunting personal challenge: how to Jewishly engage a cohort motivated by two basic impulses — personal and professional advancement and the desire to make a difference in the world? Young adults seek their own networks and communities of engagement and spend prolonged periods forming personal and career choices. How can we best engage them Jewishly?

The report concludes by stating that “in order to foster a robust sense of Jewish peoplehood across the Jewish world, it is critically important to cultivate a strong sense of belonging and commitment to the Jewish people and heritage.” The unstated but expected outcome of these efforts will be a strongly identified next generation, which has married and reproduced within the group, and will remain loyal to Israel and to broader Jewish goals. In effect, the measures currently being devised by world Jewry are the beginnings of what will inevitably be a well-funded, well-organized effort to inoculate young Jews against many of the effects of multiculturalism which continue to ravage young Whites.

I must confess to a sense of despair in seeing Jews so clearly take the lead in such initiatives, and continuing to mute our efforts to protect our own future.

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