A Tale of Two Nations: Democracy in Israel, Depravity in Britain

The Israeli journalist Benjamin Pogrund has laid it on the line: “Israel is a Jewish state because that is the will of the majority; this will not change.” Millions of Jews around the world will applaud that sentiment. I applaud it myself: Israel is a genuine democracy. But imagine a White journalist saying this: “Europe is a White Christian continent because that is the will of the majority; this must not change.”

How would most Jews react? With horror, of course. What’s good for Jewish Israel isn’t good for White Christian Europe, which must open its borders to the world and abolish itself in a flood of non-White, non-Christian vibrancy. The Jewish vision for Europe is simple: it must undergo a “transformation from monolithic ethnic-based nation-states into heterogeneous nations built on citizenship.”

Those are the words of Barbara Lerner Spectre, an energetic Jewish activist who works hard to keep Sweden at the forefront of that transformation. And Sweden has certainly been transformed: from a peaceful, female-friendly White nation into one full of non-White rioters and rapists (and here).

Perhaps that’s why Ms Spectre calls the transformation “treacherous.” She seems to think that rape at levels that were inconceivable in Sweden prior to the immigration onslaught is a price worth paying for Sweden’s transformation from monolith to multiculture. But how do Israelis react to the first tremors of such vibrancy?

Anti-migrant march follows arrest in rape case

An 83-year-old woman was raped and beaten for hours in the courtyard of her apartment building near the central bus station in south Tel Aviv by a young Eritrean migrant, police announced on Monday. … The victim had left her apartment; the suspect reportedly dragged her into the courtyard, and beat and raped her repeatedly. He only fled when relatives of the victim arrived to visit her. … Police identified the suspect using DNA taken at the scene. Police had the suspect’s DNA on record because he had been arrested in the past for trying to steal a woman’s bag on the beach, after which he was processed at the Lev Tel Aviv police station. …

Following the police statement on the attack on Monday, Shas chairman and Interior Minister Eli Yishai was quick to call on the Foreign and Justice ministries to allow him to begin deporting Africans from Sudan and Eritrea, who are in Israel illegally, back to their countries. “The shocking rape is a symptom of a loss of sense of security among Israeli citizens in areas where there are high concentrations of infiltrators,” [‘infiltrators is the felicitous Israeli term for illegal immigrants] Yishai said. He also called for the Foreign and Justice ministries to finish construction of the Sinai border fence, start filling the detention centers with migrants, and stiffen enforcement of the Prevention of Infiltration Law as amended in June.

A few hours after the rape case was publicized, Strong Israel MK [Member of the Knesset, or Israeli parliament] Michael Ben-Ari announced plans to hold a protest march from his party office on Hagana Street toward the central bus station. By 6:30 p.m., around 150 people were marching down Hagana Street chanting “Sudanese to Sudan” and “Bibi [Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu], go home”, before gathering for a rally outside the bus station.

Those in attendance repeated calls that they have made in the past for the migrants to be sent home and for greater security in their neighborhoods, but there was anger at the police for, in their words, “covering up” the rape attacks. Haim Cohen, a 31-year-old member of the Shapira neighborhood council and a father of three, said: “We live this every day, there are many cases every day that don’t make the news because they aren’t a rape or a murder.” He said the residents had no choice but to exploit the attack to gain attention. “If it’s not a rape, people don’t pay attention. We have to take advantage of this so that people listen to us,” Cohen said. (Anti-migrant march follows arrest in rape case, The Jerusalem Post, 31st December 2012)

The Israeli government listens to protests by ordinary Israelis: non-White “infiltrators” are not welcome in Israel, they are deported, and their numbers are shrinking steadily, not growing relentlessly. When non-Whites first began to enter Sweden, the same thing happened: a sharp increase in violent crime, especially rape. But protests by native Swedes were condemned as racist and xenophobic. The Swedish elite ignored the will of the majority and continued to steer Sweden towards a Third World future.

The same transformation has happened in Britain: mass immigration has been accompanied by violent crime. There has never been a democratic mandate for the immigration, but it takes place regardless. The effects have been horrific. Israelis were correct to protest strongly about the rape of “an 83-year-old woman.” If they hadn’t, Israel might have got its very own “Minstead Rapist.”

Who is he? Don’t ask the British media, because they dropped his story down the memory hole as soon as they could:

Delroy Easton Grant is a convicted rapist accused of carrying out a series of offences of burglary, rape and sexual assault dating between October 1992 and May 2009 in the South East London area of England. Grant, also known as the Minstead Rapist and latterly the Night Stalker, is thought to have been active since 1990, and had a distinctive modus operandi, preying on elderly women who lived alone. He is suspected of over 100 offences from
1990 to the present. In 1998, the Metropolitan Police launched the dedicated Operation Minstead team to investigate the crimes, based out of Lewisham police station. … As of 2009, the operation was the largest and most complex rape investigation ever undertaken by the Metropolitan Police. On 24 March 2011, the Jamaican-born Grant, a Jehovah’s Witness and father of eight from Brockley who was a carer for his disabled wife, was found guilty on all counts. The following day he was given four life sentences and ordered to serve a minimum of 27 years in prison. (Delroy Easton Grant, Wikipedia)

Delroy Grant was born in Jamaica but didn’t stay there. Instead, he came to Britain and enriched elderly White women with nineteen years of vibrancy. Can you imagine how the media would have reacted if a White male had done the same thing to elderly non-White women? We should also note that the loquacious Jewish MP Lynne Featherstone intervened in the case while Grant was still at large. She “questioned police tactics” when the police tried to obtain DNA from potential suspects.

Would she have done that if the rapist had been White and the victims non-White? I very much doubt it. But Lynne Featherstone doesn’t have to look far to find many more elderly White victims of non-White vibrancy. Here’s another example:

A violent mugger who attacked London pensioners to fund his crack and heroin habit has absconded from a Kent prison. Sabul Miah, 39, was given two life terms in 2003 at Southwark Crown Court. Kent Police said they were called to reports he had absconded from Standford Hill Prison on the Isle of Sheppey at 13:10 BST on Thursday. Miah stabbed an elderly war veteran in the chest, knifed an 82-year-old woman in the hand and attacked three others for their pensions. Police have urged anyone who sees him, or who is aware of his whereabouts, not to approach him, but to dial 999. (Violent mugger Sabul Miah absconds from Kent prison, BBC News, 26th October 2014)

While elderly Whites were being raped and stabbed by non-White enrichers, another loquacious British Jew, Dr Richard Stone, was working hard for a Jamaican immigrant who, unlike Delroy Grant, is constantly mentioned in the British media: the Black Baroness Doreen Lawrence, mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. Dr Stone has been writing and speaking about Stephen Lawrence for years, although he notes that the “whole incident which led to his murder probably lasted no more than 15-20 seconds.”

Compare the sadistic murder of the teenager Kriss Donald, which was committed by a racist gang after hours of psychological torture. Has Dr Stone been campaigning for years about police failure in that case? No, of course not, because Kris Donald was White and the racist gang were brown-skinned Muslims. And what about the murders of the teenagers Kimberley Frank and Samantha Sykes? The British authorities were directly culpable, because the murderer shouldn’t even have been in the country. Has Dr Stone been demanding a public enquiry and top-to-bottom reform of the guilty institutions? Again, of course not, because the victims were White and the murderer was a brown-skinned “asylum-seeker” who should have been deported. Instead, thanks to official incompetence, he stayed in Britain to commit an extremely brutal double-murder.

There are a lot of other murders, suicides and ruined lives in Britain that Dr Stone could campaign about and doesn’t. In the Lawrence case, the police were not to blame for the murder itself, rather the failed investigation that followed. That’s not true of a horrific murder in Rotherham, where a 17-year-old White girl called Laura Wilson was stabbed to death and thrown into a canal. She was one of the many victims of the Pakistani rape-gangs who have flourished there with the complicity of the South Yorkshire police and a supposedly feminist Labour council. The anthropologist Peter Frost has discovered that “500 girls were missing from the 15 to 19 age group at the last census” in Rotherham. “Confinement” may account for all of the missing 500, but perhaps some have been murdered in secret or trafficked overseas.

Rotherham is not unique: the authorities have ignored sex-crimes by non-Whites in many other British cities. In some cases, this has led directly to murder or suicide. Here’s another horrific example that, unlike the Stephen Lawrence case, very few British Whites will ever have heard of:

Triple killer who burned girlfriend to death has sentence appeal thrown out

A triple Midland killer who burned his teenaged girlfriend and two of her relatives to death in their own home has failed to win a cut in his sentence – despite claiming he has made “exceptional progress” behind bars. Azhar Ali Mehmood, 40, was caged for life at Stafford Crown Court in October 2001 after he was convicted of murdering his girlfriend Lucy Lowe, 16, her sister, Sarah, 17, and her mother, Eileen, 49. …

His lawyers at the time said he had been stung by incidents in which he was allegedly left “humiliated” by Lucy [likely an implicit charge of racism on Lucy’s part], who he had met at the age of 13. The “jealous and possessive” cab driver set the fire by dousing the downstairs floor of the house in petrol, which he then ignited with a cigarette lighter.

Reviewing the case at London’s Royal Courts of Justice, Mr Justice Bean said: “Mehmood himself got out of the fire and pretended to have done so with difficulty.” At his trial, the killer denied any part in the conflagration, trying to deflect guilt. He was ordered to serve at least 18 years behind bars for his crimes. However, Mehmood’s case came before Mr Justice Bean today as his legal team argued that he deserved a cut in his minimum term. Lawyers argued he had made huge steps towards rehabilitation and was now a changed man.

However, the judge pointed to a prison report which stated that Mehmood “continues to blame others for his offences” and had shown little victim empathy. His progress had to be “set against the dreadful fact that three people were killed” and the judge said there was “little tangible evidence that he has addressed his current risk”. If Mehmood had been jailed under the current, much tougher, sentencing regime he might well have received a 30-year minimum term, he added.

A sentence cut could only be envisaged where a lifer’s progress was “outstanding”, and the judge said: “The evidence falls a very long way short of satisfying those requirements”. The judge’s ruling means that Mehmood will not even be considered for release on parole until October 2019. (Triple killer who burned girlfriend to death has sentence appeal thrown out, The Birmingham Mail, 18th October 2014)

Lucy Lowe wasn’t the “girlfriend” of this vibrant enricher: she was his concubine, raped from the age of 13 while police and other officials in Birmingham attended diversity courses and sniffed assiduously for thought-crime among Whites. In October 2014 The Birmingham Mail also had a story about a “bombshell police report” revealing “75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers in the West Midlands are Asian [i.e., Pakistani or similar] – with 82 per cent of victims, aged 14 to 16, being white.”

That situation didn’t happen overnight: it has taken decades of repressing White dissent and encouraging non-White depravity. But Dr Richard Stone and Lynne Featherstone aren’t going to be campaigning on behalf of Whites who have been harmed by non-Whites.

The harm is considerable: despite still being in the minority, non-Whites commit more and worse crime against Whites than Whites commit against non-Whites. And that’s true throughout the Western world, from Britain and Sweden to America and Australia. Meanwhile, the media pretend that it’s the other way around, with violent racist Whites menacing peaceful and gentle Communities of Color.

None of this happens in Israel, where the “will of the majority” means that Israel stays Jewish and doesn’t open its borders to gerontophile rapists from Jamaica and paedophile rapists from Pakistan. In short, Israel is a democracy. And I’d suggest that White nations like America, Britain and Sweden are democracies in exactly the same way, because the same demos, or “people,” decide policies on race and immigration throughout the West. From Sheldon Aldelson in America to Dr Richard Stone in Britain to Barbara Spectre in Sweden, Jews want White nations to embrace vibrancy and abolish themselves. According to VDare, a “cultural Marxist” from America is trying the same shtick in Japan. Surprise, surprise: he’s called Jake Adelstein.

If the Japanese were wise, they would deport Mr Adelstein. If the Americans were wise, they would refuse to take him back. But that wouldn’t leave him stateless. After all, he’s got his own country: Israel, the only genuine democracy not just in the Middle East but also in the entire Western world.

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