The Big Day draws near

It’s that time of the year again. The big day is nearly upon us and every year it seems to come round earlier and drag on longer. It has all become so overblown. The original spirit seems to have been forgotten and it has become such a commercialised affair. Frankly I’m sick of it already — it’s all about the money these days.

Yes, Holocaust Memorial Day is nearly upon us again — 27 January in Britain — and the Prime Minister has kicked off proceedings seven weeks early with a visit to Auschwitz concentration camp.

It was a private visit — just him, his press corps, a huge security detail, TV crews, and about a dozen reporters and photographers. Of course Cameron would not be Cameron if there was not another agenda running, and it is more than likely that next year’s election was concentrating his mind.

It will be close-run, and the support of the organised Jewish political and financial community is necessary if he is to keep his job. The detail of how the Conservative Party (and Labour as well) is supported by Israeli money has been brilliantly dissected in a must-read article by Alastair Sloan in Middle East Monitor.

Despite Holocaust studies being part of the school curriculum and remembrance events occuring in, apparently, every town hall and municipal body, Cameron is still worried that his paymasters will think we are still not doing enough, so he has set up a commission to discuss the erection of a “permanent and fitting” memorial. This would be in addition to the other holocaust memorials and organisations across Britain.

During his visit Cameron signed the condolence book and said this was the place where “the darkest chapter of human history happened.” As ever with Cameron, this involves a selective memory.  For his trip to Poland from Turkey did involve him flying over the site of the Holodomor in the Ukraine where millions were murdered by Stalin in a programme of planned mass starvation.

He also might have mentioned the extermination of more than one million Armenians by Turkey. And of course he might have spared a word or two for the untold thousands of Palestinian men, women and children who died in Israel’s recent indiscriminate assault.  It is unlikely that Cameron will ever be setting up memorials to these crimes — but then again their communities do not give massive financial and political support to the Conservative Party so they don’t matter.

As ever, Holocaust Memorial Day is also an opportunity to both give thanks to the numerous benefits bestowed on us by the migrants flooding into the country and also to demonize any White people who do not get with the program. Holocaust Memorial Day thus functions to further very real political objectives for the Jewish community within the U.K.: legitimizing Israel and squelching dissent about the transformation of the U.K. into a non-White multicultural society  with no sense of ethnic continuity to the past.

It’s well known that the Holocaust Industry has functioned to legitimize Israel. As historian Peter Novick noted, the Jewish throughout the West has portrayed

Israel’s difficulties as stemming from the world’s having forgotten the Holocaust. The Holocaust framework allowed one to put aside as irrelevant any legitimate ground for criticizing Israel, to avoid even considering the possibility that the rights and wrongs were complex. (Peter Novick, The Holocaust in American Life, 1999, 155)

The other prime function has been to promote immigration and multiculturalism in Western societies. There has been

a large scale educational effort (including mandated courses in the public schools of several states) spearheaded by Jewish organizations and staffed by thousands of Holocaust professionals aimed at conveying the lesson that ‘tolerance and diversity [are] good; hate [is] bad, the overall rubric [being] ‘man’s inhumanity to man’ — (pp. 258-259).

The Holocaust has thus become an instrument of Jewish ethnic interests not only as a symbol intended to create moral revulsion at violence directed at minority ethnic groups — prototypically the Jews, but also as an instrument to silence opponents of high levels of multi-ethnic immigration into Western societies. (Kevin MacDonald, Preface to the paperback edition of The Culture of Critique (here, p. xlii; inner quote from Novick).

Across Britain public bodies are thus gearing themselves up for the big push to ram this event down our throats.  Universities are integrating it into their endless migration projects. No immigrant narrative is too obscure or irrelevant to be used. No corner of the UK is being spared.

The BBC 1 controller Danny Cohen has announced the biggest splurge the Corporation has ever made on this event.  Dramas, documentaries, radio shows, a special ceremony of remembrance and much more on the BBC’s main channels and the special learning channel for schools. Let’s hope it will be more entertaining than this creepy video.

Of course this year the event has a special urgency.  Since Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of the West Bank and the deaths of thousands of Palestinian families, activist Jews have redoubled their efforts to support the ethnonationalist right in Israel and its program of ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

An excellent example can be seen in a stunning article by Caroline Glick, where even Holocaust memorial events are just another sign of European anti-Semitism. She notes, “the UN has escalated even further its official anti-Semitism through its diplomatic, cultural and educational aggression against the Jewish state.” Her article is a grotesque display of how extreme ethnocentrism that is so common among Jews results in a Manichean world view in which innocent Jews are under endless assault from evil non-Jews. It seethes with hatred toward Europe, its people, its culture, and its history.

The more closely we consider events, the more clearly we see that ironically and obscenely, Holocaust memorializing in Europe is enabling anti-Semitism.

Europeans use the focus on the Holocaust to pretend that European anti-Semitism began with the Nazis’ rise to power in 1933 and ended with their defeat 12 years later. In truth, the Nazis’ rise to power was a natural consequence of 1,600 years of European Jew hatred.

From the time of Roman Emperor Constantine, persecution, expulsion and massacre of Jews was the norm, not the exception, in European life.

Hitler and his colleagues were adored not despite their hatred of Jews and their organization of German politics around the dehumanization of Jewish people. They were supported by the Germans, and by the majority of the people in the European lands they conquered because of their anti-Semitism and their dehumanization of Jews. …

In Europe, and increasingly in Europhilic sectors of American society, anti-Semitism is not combated or even seriously studied because most Europeans and their American admirers don’t have a problem with anti-Semitism.

Whereas they enthusiastically condemn their colonialist past, which was far shorter and less violent than their Jew hatred, they shrug their shoulders, turn a blind eye, or condone continued assaults on Jews.

The Arab transposition of political Jew hatred from Europe to Israel provided the Europeans with a new post-war political framework to attack Jews. And with it, they continue to blame Jews for everything from the price of oil to Islamic terrorism while slandering the descendants of their grandparents’ victims with blood libels against Israel.

In this rancid environment, rather than serving to combat Jew hatred, International Holocaust Remembrance Day inadvertently enables it. By bowing their heads in honor of dead Jews for five minutes every January 27, the Europeans get to pretend that the Holocaust was exogenous, as opposed to organic to, and still very much a part of European civilization.

Modern Zionism was conceived as having two objectives – to enable the Jews to protect ourselves from anti-Semites; and to end anti-Semitism by normalizing Jews as a nation among the nations. But as [another Jewish fanatic Ruth Wisse] notes, like the Jews in exilic communities, the Jewish state cannot end other people’s hatred of Jews, because we didn’t cause it. Only the anti-Semites, through their own moral reckoning with their anti-Semitic past and present, can do that.

In light of the Europeans’ continued refusal to undertake such a moral reckoning, far from combating anti-Semitism, International Holocaust Remembrance Day serves as a cover for it. Israel and the Jewish people should not let the Holocaust serve as a fig leaf for their continuing, and growing, hatred. (“International Holocaust Memorial Day’s Fatal Flaw”)

This is a level of ethnocentrism that is literally incomprehensible to Westerners. And yet it is entirely mainstream within the Jewish community, especially among the activists who populate the organized Jewish community. Such attitudes are dominant in Israel where they rationalize ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

Make no mistake about, Holocaust memorials are motivated not by love of all humanity but by hatred toward the people and culture of Europe — indeed, its entire history. It is this hatred that in turn motivates the organised Jewish community to promote displacement-level non-White immigration into all Western societies. The same financial forces that promote Israel are motivated by this hatred to promote immigration and multiculturalism throughout the West. The fact that elites in the U.K. and throughout the West are entirely on board with Holocaust memorials and with the policies these memorials are intended to further is the crux of the problem we face. It is the defining issue of our times.

The culture of the Holocaust is essentially a culture of White guilt. This culture dovetails with the culture of non-White grievance and non-White hatred toward the declining White majorities. It is the embodiment of the idea that Western societies are dominated by elites that are hostile to the traditional people and cultures of the West.

Believing that this hatred will end when Whites become minorities in societies that they established for hundreds or, in the case of Europe, thousands of years is the ultimate fantasy. But the success of these policies will make Europeans relatively powerless to defend themselves against this hatred. And that is the fundamental reason why they are pursued so intensively by our hostile elites.

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