Spectator Sports and the Decline of the West

Spectator sports today is used as a perfume to hide the aroma of our decaying society. It has ushered in an age of sports ritualization. It is used as an escape mechanism for a lost identity, an identity which now accepts and believes in the entrance and mixture of all races into all Western societies. It is Exhibit A for successful multiculturalism and interracial harmony and cooperation. In the ancient world, the Greeks used sports as a competitive technique to tone the reflexes for battle — it was used to prevent entry. Today, the body now has become a professional vocation which leads to spiritual rot. This article discusses what was and what sports has become.

Sports in the Greek world

It all began in 776 B.C. The Greeks believed in disciplining the mind (soul) and body — that they go hand in hand. It was the spirit of the soul which moved the body. The body was considered a mechanism with the spirit housed within. The higher thought processes were considered to be the highest virtue.

The Greeks believed that pain was not felt by the body, but by the spirit within the body. Exercise of the body was to test and enhance the movement of the body. This discipline also applied to women; the ideal that the Greeks favored for women can be compared to that of a ballerina of today, even though women were absolutely forbidden to attend the Olympic Games.

As for men, the triathlon physique was desirable. They believed that the Greco-style of wrestling, for example, was more attuned to battle, than the freestyle used today. The warrior and the leader faced the Furies and Death in a real way, but he also met them simultaneously within himself; the goal was to spiritually emerge from his abyssal nature and achieve victory. They believed in what Hesiod said: “Whenever any of the race die,” (in battle they were referred to as the “golden race”), they became “Sacred daemons living upon the earth, noble spirits and protectors against evil, guardians of articulate mortals.” The union of the body and spirit can never be “superior” to their separation. The spirit was born first, then the body. There is no thinking like that today!

To the Greeks the exterior was a function of the interior; physical form was the mechanical means of expression of the spiritual form. An example of this abyssal nature were the Japanese Kamikaze pilots. The word Kamikaze means “divine wind.” On the fuselages of their planes there was the inscription: “You are god who are free from all human yearnings.” The key words here are “human yearning.” The body is a transitory cosmic state of existence; it is perishable! Today the body has become commercialized, it has become only “skin” deep in thought. The abyssal nature has been changed into a “sport” with padding.

Modern Spectator Sports

We now live in a social condition which has become pusillanimous. In other words, meaningful action is replaced by material consumption. Spectator sports as they exist today deaden any sense of racial identity or spiritual direction. It, takes away the thought of the Ideal.

When I look into the crowd of people attending any spectator sport venue I say to myself, “Are these the faces of past conquerors and explorers?” Obviously not.

They are the faces of non-spiritual iPod grazers. They have lost sight of which hand is their sabre hand! The crowd has an emptiness of self.

When I went to my first college “big game” I had to stop by the campus library to get some papers copied. The people I was with were all in a hurry to get to the stadium, so they told me to hurry up. When I walked into the library, I was struck by the fact that the library was full of East Asians. Every table was full, and at that time I thought to myself. Why are they not going to the “big game”? It was years later that I understood why.

The scene I mentioned above never left my mind. It made me think about the nature of spectator sports, and ask whether it is worthy for our civilization. I have no problem with the weekend runner or cyclist. They should be considered more transcendental. I have more respect for a person that runs a six-hour marathon versus the one who does it in two. The weekend athlete leans more in the direction of what the Greeks believed. On the other hand, spectator sports as a whole has become an addiction for the thoughtless mob and that thoughtless mob is getting larger by the day.

There is something deeper going on when you think of spectator sports. It must be realized that what we are seeing today is only a symptom of something even deeper. As they exist in the West today, they take away any thought of blood. It keeps the herd at a certain level, just below the state of thinking. In fact, all of the mass media are focused on the objective of preventing non-conformist thinking — to think is to rebel.

To make sure that thinking is kept to a minimum, the “sports commentator” was invented. The commentator’s job is to eulogize the player participant’s ability to be higher in achievement than the spectator who is observing. Players are portrayed as intelligent, and the spectator naturally “looks up” to them. The commentator’s job is to obey the party line, to make sure the spectator accepts the superiority of the athlete. They are truly the manipulators of an illusion.

One of the biggest gimmicks used to elevate sports are Trophies. The bigger and shinier the trophy, the better, in fact there is more than one type of trophy. There is one for the edification of the spectators and another for the players. When Michael Jordan was being divorced by his mulatto wife, she had him followed by a private investigator to prove his improprieties. When the investigator reported back to her he mentioned that Mr. Jordan “prefers tall blonds.” These are the real trophies of sports! The spectators are given the material trophy, while the non-White athletes are given our women.

The idea of something higher and not man made is not even thought of. In a heterogeneous society the transmission of any racial spiritual influence is totally suppressed, and sports is one of the tools to accomplish this. Spectator sports is a technique used to herd people to a lower level of reality. Whenever a lower caste rebels against a higher caste and claims its independence, the higher caste loses the character that it once had and thereby reflects the character of the caste below it.

The most devastating effect of sports is the nullification of any racial territorial imperative. You must visualize a stadium as a zoo. Animals in zoos become passive and lose that inner spirit that is required for survival. Thus zoo animals can never be released back into the wild, because they have lost their survival instincts. Likewise for spectators! Spectator sports lead to a great mass corralling; spectators’ racial loyalties are submerged as they cheer on teams that are identified only by their geographical location, their team colors and logos, not by ethnic/racial differences.

Even with all of this, Whites still do quite well in all sports. But, our level is still not up to the heights that it could be. The genetic potential of our race is so immense that it frightens non-Whites. They feared a National Socialist Germany with a strong racial/ethnic identification and a commitment to eugenics — a commitment to maximize their genetic potential.  The standard line about the 1936 Olympics is that Jesse Owens beat Germany — forgetting that Germany was the overall winner of the Olympic games that year. That victory frightened to death the pine bark beetles who are now gnawing on our racial tree.

Sports should not be used to create “Hall(s) of Fame.” Hall(s) of Fame will be used by future historians (if any are left), as indicating the decline of the culture.

Sports should be freed from consumption, detached from greed and passion, and made an instrument of self-improvement. Participating in sports should be a “pure act” to make whole the mind and spirit, to expand to the impossible. Sports is our possession, our creation, our strategy for self-discipline. Sports is a reflection of us and no other — just like the dam is the reflection of the beaver, and not the bobcat.

Re-finding this reflective force should be our highest priority. It should be made brighter and brighter and brighter … like coming to the end of a tunnel and bursting out. Sports can be used to increase our endurance for the task ahead, while our minds give us the understanding of the path. Nature’s pinnacle has been offered to us for the taking. Let’s fulfill that offer!

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