The Myth of Jewish Population Decline

In my recent commentary on the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, I mentioned the remarkable achievement of Jewry in co-opting the entire affair to their favour. The attacks, which were clearly a symptom of disastrous immigration and foreign policies (thereby victimizing the native Europeans), were redrawn as an allegory which offered a lesson to Europe on how it should treat its Jews, and the need to tackle what is imagined to be Europe’s ‘anti-Semitism problem.’ Victimized Europe became the aggressor. The immigration-facilitating (and free speech annihilating) Jews became the victim.

The success of the Jewish effort came as a surprise to many of us in White advocacy who, in the initial aftermath of the attack, may well have expected it to have been a net benefit to our cause. The contributing factors of the attack seemed to us so very clear and the implications of unchecked immigration so indisputably negative. And yet, while we rushed to the conclusion that the French National Front would now be a sure bet for the next elections, organized Jewry quietly but successfully hijacked the narrative and suffocated the native European reaction in its infancy. Looking at the situation now, Charlie Hebdo, as a galvanizing cause for European peoples, rights and freedoms, is dead in the water.

The narrative of Jewish victimhood in this instance is, of course, an inversion (one is tempted to say perversion) of the true state of affairs. In much the same way, while senile Europe continues to undergo its slow demographic death, new narratives are emerging which claim that it is European Jewry that is dying, and that ‘evil’ Europe is to blame for this imaginary state of affairs. This new complaint of Jewry has also provided the harping Hebrews with an opportunity to regurgitate rebukes to Europe on the seemingly inexhaustible ‘lessons’ of the Holocaust. Apparently, because of the number of Jewish casualties during World War II, Europe is now duty-bound to maintain a high and consistent Jewish population. Suzanne Vega at Jewish news site JPUpdates writes:

Many thought that the world had learned from the Holocaust and hopefully it would be the last time we saw a major decline in Jewish populations, but in just the last few years we have seen a dramatic dwindling of the Jewish community throughout Europe. With a new wave of anti-Semitism and hate crimes in Europe, especially France and the UK, it has become extremely dangerous for Jews to live in peace, leaving many considering fleeing to Israel.

This is unadulterated nonsense. What measures has Europe (or ‘the world’) taken to inhibit Jewish immigration or birth rates? Commentaries such as these are employing a dubious logic, or even outright falsehood, in their analysis of much-publicized figures from the Pew Research Center (authored by the co-ethnic Michael Lipka). Based on Vega’s comments, one would think that France and the UK have witnessed a considerable exodus of Jews from their shores. But by Vega’s own admission “France and the UK have relatively the same amount of Jews as they did in 1939.”  The reality of the Jewish population story is that the global Jewish population is growing (see also here), and the biggest flux within this growing population is that numbers are declining in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, facilitating large growth in Israel.

Despite the blame falling on the ‘anti-Semitism’ (the helpful name by which organized Jewry now calls immigrant-perpetrated Islamic terror) in Western Europe, the Pew Research Center notes that Germany is now home to 35,000 more Jews than in the 1930s. During the course of over 70 years, and despite the founding of a ‘Jewish State’, France has just ten thousand less Jews than estimates suggest it had in 1939. Even if we take the estimates as reasonably accurate, French anti-Semitism (read: Islamic antipathy) might have significantly less importance in motivating Jewish emigration than the fact that Israel’s GDP grew by 3.3% in 2013, compared to France’s relatively meagre 0.2%.

The Jewish population of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union has, of course, declined, but the impact of a few Islamic terrorist acts and some graveyard graffiti in Western Europe has yet to be convincingly linked to the departure from the Slavic lands. As well as the above-mentioned economic factors which are likely to attract more Jews to Israel from low-growth European countries, the fact remains that the general populations of those nations are also shrinking and ageing rapidly. In just sixteen years, between 1992 and 2008, Russia lost 12.3 million people. The Washington Post has described Eastern Europe as a “demographic disaster,” noting that “some post-Soviet European countries are shrinking up to 0.8 percent per year. That’s a lot.” The numerical decline of the Jewish population in such countries is fully to be expected.

Time magazine comments that:

Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine are declining at a rate of 0.6% every year. Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, Hungary, Croatia, the Russian Federation, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Estonia are also shrinking, population wise. Common to almost all of them are vicious combinations of low birth rates, high death rates, low immigration and rising emigration.

The similar decline of native populations in Western Europe has merely been masked by the fact their superior economies have attracted floods of immigrants. Only the Third World is booming — largely due to the ethnically suicidal (and pathologically altruistic) intervention of Western (White) charities. While the population of Africa is predicated to double by 2050, Germany’s fertility rate is a mere 1.3 — and this with the dubious assistance of its Islamic guests. The German genius keeps creating jobs and growing the nation’s economy, but this genius does not extend to the engineer, the CEO, or the professor creating a family. This is evolutionary schizophrenia — the pursuit of material success (temporary) while courting biological failure (permanent). The result is that Germany requires over 200,000 immigrants a year just to keep its factories going. The reality of the position in Germany, and the rest of White Europe, is that of a race which has not only forfeited growth, but no longer replaces itself — at least not in the way we would hope. You see, Europe is replacing itself — but with other peoples.

Not so in Israel, a nation which guards its borders with fanatical zeal, and inculcates in its people a fervent awareness of peoplehood and the special status of the in-group. And while Jewry and Israel grows, Europe dies. You just wouldn’t guess that from the news coverage.

Nor have any eyebrows been raised that Jews strictly (obsessively) monitor their population levels while obsessing about the growth of the Palestinian population. One can imagine the uproar from Jews if concern at global White demographic decline went mainstream. We aren’t supposed to make an issue out of the fact that between 2000 and 2010, the number of White children in the United States declined by a truly terrifying 4.3 million. We aren’t supposed to write articles blaming Jews for our decline in the same way they blame us for their (imaginary) demographic drop. We certainly aren’t supposed to blame them, or their immigration policies, for the fact that our percentage of America’s young people has dropped seventy per cent since 1990.

Our victimhood is real. But it’s a silent one.

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