Martha Stewart and the Ferguson Lynch Mob

The New York Times states:

They were four words that became the national rallying cry of a new civil rights movement: “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

The slogan was embraced by members of Congress, recording artists and football players with the St. Louis Rams.

It inspired posters and songs, T-shirts and new advocacy groups, a powerful distillation of simmering anger over police violence and racial injustice in Ferguson and beyond.

But in its final report this week clearing the police officer, Darren Wilson, of civil rights violations in Mr. Brown’s death, the Justice Department said it may not have happened that way. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. cast doubt on the “hands up” account even as he described Ferguson as having a racially biased police department and justice system. (March 4, 2015: Ferguson Report Puts ‘Hands Up’ To Reality Test)

It is worth correcting from the get-go the statement that “it may not have happened that way.”

The spin doctors of the New York Times are clever but cleverness doesn’t make it so.  It did not happen that way. It isn’t a case that it may not have happened that way.

As journalists, Mr. & Ms. New York Times reporters, let’s try to speak plainly and in accordance with the facts.  It may be painful for the Times and its journalists with their agendas so firmly in place.  But it is the right thing to do.

The Times goes on to blandly quote the co-chair of and outfit calling itself “The Don’t Shoot Coalition” a Black person named Michael T. McPhearson:

“To me, he had his hands up,” said Michael T. McPhearson, co-chairman of the Don’t Shoot Coalition in St. Louis. “It doesn’t change it for me.”

Isn’t that nice?  The facts don’t matter to Mr. McPhearson.  He has the right to choose his own facts:  “to me” he had his hands up…”

Anderson Cooper and CNN’s Coverage

I watched Anderson Cooper on CNN handle the two reports.  He had a panel of three “Angry Blacks” and one White mealy-mouth.

First, Cooper and the panel dismissed the report about Darren Wilson by agreeing that “we don’t really know what happened” and by running a statement by the Gentle Giant’s parents saying that their son had been killed again.  That report was then off the table.

Second, they spent the next half hour luxuriating in the report about the alleged massive racism in the Ferguson police department.

What they were especially excited by was the fact that three (yes!  three!) “racist emails” had been found sent by employees of the police department.  These three “racist emails” emerged from 35 thousand documents reviewed by the Department of JustUs.

The angry Black panelists expressed their indignation that virtually nothing had been done.  The three employees who sent the racist emails had only lost their jobs.  No one on the show — Black or White — expressed any concern about the First Amendment rights of the three public employees who were fired.  The First Amendment was of no importance to them.

The mayor, they noted, had confined himself merely to firing the employees and announcing their firing.  He had not taken any other steps to deal with this shocking situation.  He had not apologized in contrite cringing tones.  He had taken no other steps other than firing three American citizens for expressing a politically incorrect view on the race issue.

One Angry Black Woman on the CNN panel pointed out why the Mayor needed to apologize.  After all, these three racist employees had held jobs on his watch!  Apparently, the mayor was charged with the duty of monitoring the emails of his employees.  Therefore he was responsible for this inexcusable situation of a “racist White” actually holding a job.  And all he did was fire them!  That’s all!

The lies told by the Ferguson Blacks paled not merely into insignificance to Anderson Cooper and his panelists.  They paled into non-existence.  It’s the “White racism” in the police department that got sole attention.

What Are White Americans to Make of All This?

The import of the report on the shooting is not so much that Darren Wilson was and is innocent.

The most important significance lies in the fact that large numbers of Blacks engaged in a campaign of lies and disinformation with a racial agenda of seeking the jailing and perhaps execution of a man they knew to be innocent.

They did this because Wilson is White. They had immediately sided with Brown because of their racial identity.

Had a collection of White witnesses to a shooting incident between a Black cop and a White civilian gotten together to concoct a false story with the intent of railroading the Black cop and stirring up racial violence that led to the deaths of two Black cops, what would have happened?

After all, conspiracies of this nature are criminally actionable on both a federal and a local level.

Isn’t it a “well-duh” that these hypothetical White liars who had produced a mirror image of what transpired with Black liars in Ferguson would be having some very unpleasant dates with a pack of Federal prosecutors in the grand jury room in St. Louis, Missouri?

And deservedly so?

At least one of the witnesses when confronted with her initial statement to law enforcement admitted to the Department of Justice investigators that she lied and justified her lies by saying the community wanted the lies.  So at least one and maybe more of the liars admitted to her lies.

The New York Times article further quotes “our” U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder as opining in the wake of the two Ferguson reports:

“It remains not only valid — but essential — to question how such a strong alternative version of events was able to take hold so swiftly, and be accepted so readily,” Mr. Holder said Wednesday.

Holder is surely right about the question, but he is surely not right about his answer.  Holder answers his rhetorical question by pointing to the alleged racism in the police department in Ferguson.  According to Attorney General Holder, that is how the “strong alternative version of events” (what ordinary folks usually more succinctly call “lies”) took hold so swiftly according to Holder.

Holder isn’t interested in the damage done to race relations by the “alternative version of events” (the lies) and the many months of angry controversy they stirred.

Holder isn’t interested in sending a message to future Black racist liars that such conduct will be punished as the crime it is.

No.  Holder has his “Eyes on the Prize.”  He has White people and “White racism” (and only the White variety of racism) in his sights.

As a Black man who is America’s official “top lawman,” Holder is not going to take the slightest action against the Blacks who lied — not merely to the media but also to law enforcement officers.

Dare we name what this suggests?  Say it in plain English?…That Eric Holder himself is a racist, a Black racist?

Compare and Contrast: Martha Stewart and the Ferguson Blacks

Which brings us to this point that is worthy of note:

Lying to law enforcement officials is a crime.  People who lie to law enforcement officers commit a crime and they often go to jail.

Lying to cops, FBI agents and other government investigators isn’t just a matter to take up with one’s clergyman.  It’s not like lying to neighbor or your wife.  Lying to law enforcement is a criminal offense.

Remember Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart told a federal investigator that she had not received a stock tip from her stock broker. (She did not act on the information and, contrary to popular impression, was never charged with insider trading.)  Martha Stewart’s crime was lying on one single fact to law enforcement.

No one was harmed by Martha Stewart’s lie.  Her testimony wasn’t even crucial to the conviction of her stockbroker boyfriend who got convicted and sent to jail anyway.

However, unlike what will happen to the gang of Ferguson Black racist liars, Martha Stewart was indicted.

Martha Stewart was prosecuted.

Martha Stewart was convicted and served time.

And all of this was done to Martha by publicity hungry prosecutors for a single misstatement by a first time offender which did no direct harm to the criminal investigation.

The impact of the Black racists’ lies dwarfs Martha Stewart’s false statement to the federal investigator, a statement motivated by her desire not to give evidence against her stockbroker-boy-friend and not by racial hatred as with the Ferguson liars.

Because of the lies of the Black racists in Ferguson people died.  Two police officers were killed in New York City because of the systematic spreading of false information by the Ferguson liars.

Buildings burned in Ferguson because of their lies.  Owners of businesses in Ferguson  suffered millions of dollars of damage when buildings were burned to the ground by rioters inflamed by the lies and by the expenditure of taxpayer money to deal with weeks if not months of riots and angry confrontations between Blacks and the police in Ferguson.

The atmosphere of the entire nation was poisoned because of the lies told by the Black witnesses to the incident between Wilson and Brown.

Wilson himself could possibly have been indicted and jailed for much of his life because of the lies and the hysteria set in motion by the lies.  As a target of Black racist hatred in America, he very well may ultimately be killed.  He will have to live the rest of his life keeping a low profile on the margins of society looking anxiously over his shoulder … for no reason except lies put in circulation about him by a pack of Black racists.

Unjustified anger was systematically spread throughout the Black population in America because of the lies.  Whites were unjustifiably condemned and criticized because of the lies.

But unlike the case with Martha Stewart there isn’t even the faintest suggestion of any prosecution of the Black liars by the JustUs Department.

Let the New York cops’ bodies just rot in their graves.  Their deaths — caused by the lies made to law enforcement and the media — are unimportant to the Justice Department.

The lives of the cops in New York rank lower in the Justice Department’s scheme of things than an inconsequential lie by Martha Stewart about whether she got an email from her stockbroker boyfriend.

No concern about them by the nation’s so-called “top lawman.”

The New York cops’ deaths are also unimportant to Anderson Cooper and to CNN which features Cooper’s unfair and unbalanced reporting night after night.  Never does Cooper have any guest appear to speak on behalf of the interests of White people.  Not the slightest chance that Cooper would have Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, for instance, appear to give a different point of view on Cooper’s slanted panel of Angry Blacks.

Point by Point: Distilling the Truly Significant Meaning of the Ferguson Reports and the Reaction of the Department of Justice and the Media

Here then is the important, the truly significant message of the two Justice Department reports on Ferguson and what is to be learned from this situation by White European Americans:

  1. Blacks can with impunity lie to police and to federal law enforcement so long as they lie about White people in general and White cops in particular.
  2. The Department of Justice and the FBI care zero about the deaths of White police officers resulting from the lies of Black racists against White cops. This is even true when the cops who are killed are themselves non-white as in the case of the two New York cops killed by a Black incited to seek out cops to kill by the lies of the Ferguson Blacks.
  3. The Department of Justice and the FBI will take no action against Black people who act in concert in giving false information to law enforcement officials and to the media with the intent of trying to frame an innocent White policeman and to create massive upheaval and unrest in their own city and throughout the country.
  4. Black elected officials and prominent Black celebrities who took part in the hysteria and controversy are so consumed with racial hatred that they are unwilling to apologize to Wilson specifically or to Whites in general for acting on false information.  They are completely unrepentant.  Indeed, they are still proud of themselves for what they have done.  The facts be damned.  Darren Wilson be damned.  The dead New York cops be damned.

To put it bluntly: the Black Congressional Caucus and the other Black celebrities are (dare we say?) racists.  They hate White people.  Their hatred of White people is so great that it is not impacted by whether the allegations against a White cop like Wilson are true or false.

  1. Anderson Cooper and CNN in particular and much of the rest of the media are all happily in sync with all of this.  They are interested only in the report about alleged pervasive White racism in the Ferguson police department, a report that is easily demolished if an intelligent critic like Jared Taylor were to be allowed to appear on Cooper’s panel to give another point of view.  The media’s tunnel vision focus on the second Justice Department report shows just how anti-White the media is. Its goal is to demonize White people.

What Whites Need to Learn

It appears to be difficult for White Americans to get their minds around all of this.  White Americans are imprisoned in a paradigm in which they think the FBI and the Department of Justice are “our” FBI and “our” Department of Justice.

White Americans are hardwired to go on putting flags on their houses and bumper stickers on their cars to support what they think are “our” Secretary of State, “our” government, “our” armed forces.

White Americans have so far not been able to perceive what the Russian people perceived after the violent coup by Lenin and his mostly Russian-hating comrades.

The Russian people very quickly began referring to the Communist government as “them.”  Under the Tsar, Russians would say “we” have sent an ultimatum to Germany” and so on.  Under the Communists most Russians said “they” have signed a treaty with Germany.

White Americans must cease thinking of the System here in America in first person terms. It sure as hell isn’t “us.”  It’s “them.”

Until White Americans can read the tea leaves, until it dawns on White Americans just how much the U.S. Attorney General, the Department of Justice, the Secretary of State, the President, as well as many in the Congress, the FBI, and the rest of government hate us there will be little progress in resolving our situation.

Until White Americans can divorce themselves from the Regime, from the System and from its news media, they will have to go to the back of the bus every day of their lives.

When will Whites have the brains and grow the balls of Rosa Parks?


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