Lee Rigby: A Memorial to Victory, not Victimhood

You’ll remember Lee Rigby, the unfortunate British soldier who had his head nearly hacked off by a couple of Black Muslims…in a London Street…in broad daylight…in full view of passing members of the public — many of whom treated the event with the same disinterest and disdain that Metropolitans reserve for panhandling street musicians and street performers.

You will also remember that we were immediately assured by the high and mighty that Gunner Rigby’s murder had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, which was unequivocally a “religion of peace,” unfairly besmirched by association with a “handful” of fanatics.

You’ll remember all that, of course. How could you ever forget?

Now, that same unfortunate individual has been “honoured” for his “sacrifice” by having a memorial built.

It is a rather pathetic memorial — a bronze drum, a plaque on a wall with some anodyne phrases that make no reference to the manner in which he was butchered. And it’s all housed in something that looks like a brick bus shelter.

Significantly, the memorial is also a couple of hundred miles away from the site of the actual “sacrifice” that it supposedly commemorates, as if that were part of some far distant foreign land.

Rather than being situated in Woolwich, the part of London where the murder happened, and where I lived for three years, you can only visit the memorial if you go to Middleton Memorial Gardens in Greater Manchester, Rigby’s hometown.

The only word for this is “pathetic” — unless you also want to throw in “feeble,” “gutless,” and “spineless.”

I suspect there is also a strong chance that it will soon be vandalized by local Muslims, who will no doubt wish to heap further humiliation upon the country that foolishly took them in and allowed their festering sense of alienation and resentment to take shape in the guise of a religion created by bandits and thugs from a seventh-century desert.

Almost everything about this memorial is wrong. Firstly, it just looks terrible. Its tone is meek and mild, almost apologetic. It is a memorial to timidity and a desire not to offend the very people who had no compunction about sawing off Rigby’s head. In short, it is a memorial to the continuation of victimhood.

But, secondly, even if the memorial had been well designed, iconically assertive, and placed in the correct location, with a message that mentioned the actions and Islamic motivations of his murderers, the fact is we should not be commemorating people like Gunner Rigby. By doing so, we merely enshrine the idea of indigenous Britons as victims and lambs to the halal slaughter of the ascendant incomers. This sends out a “sigma signal” of surrender.

Of course, there is nothing shameful about Gunner Rigby’s death. He was just unfortunate. But there was no element of intentional sacrifice on his part, no more than if he had been hit by a falling piano. Being randomly chosen by the killers, and then knocked down by their car and butchered in the street is not heroism. It never was, and it never will be. It was victimhood plain and simple.

The only reason to remember something as dispiriting as this is to feel a sense of vicarious pain and humiliation, leading to outrage and anger, resulting in an immediate desire for vengeance to blot out the humiliation while also removing the threat. With mosques continuing to sprout up like mushrooms on the corpse of the British Empire, and reports of young English girls being groomed and raped by Muslim gangs still rolling in, there does not seem to be very much of that going on.

The only “vengeance” our governments allow us for such atrocities is to continue supporting pointless wars in the Middle East and Africa against peoples who are merely struggling in their primitive ways to achieve their own forms of nationalism and self-determination against the same globalist system that seeks to crush our national identities through mass immigration and multiculturalism. In fact, the two methods are related, as the wars in Africa and the Middle East serve to swell the flood of migrant refugees to Europe.


We need monuments more imposing than a sad and silent bronze drum, and we need heroes far more inspiring than Lee Rigby.

Instead of hapless victims of multiculturalism’s madness, we need heroes who will save us from the colonization and extinction planned for us.

We need heroes who will reclaim those parts of Europe turned into Third World hell holes where native Europeans are harassed, mugged, raped, or murdered and where the beheading of a soldier in broad daylight is a merely an embarrassment for our multiculturalist elites.

Most of all we need heroes who can exact vengeance and impose justice on the political and business elites that allowed this situation to develop in the first place.

The beheading of a British soldier in broad daylight by Muslim fanatics, along with the mass rape of thousands of British children by Muslim gangs, should not be an excuse for PR spin and meaningless memorials tucked away out of sight to help the families of victims achieve a little “closure.” The only closure any of us need is the closure of Britain’s borders after the removal of the culture and communities responsible for these gross insults and indignities committed against the indigenous.

Given the extremely high stakes, the actions necessary to achieve that would indeed be worthy of the greatest memorial ever built — a memorial to victory and salvation, not acquiescence and extinction.

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