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Ellie Williams Case Reveals How Britain Tries to Cover Up Grooming Gang Rape

We all know that Britain has a serious grooming gangs problem, involving gangs of mainly Pakistani men grooming, raping, and pimping underage or teenage English girls. We also know that the British authorities are terrified that news of this will destroy the “sacred” myth of multicultural harmony, with English people finally getting so enraged by […]

“Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”: The Suffering of White South Africans May Redeem the West

“The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice.” These are the words of Julius Malema, the head off South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party/gang. To use a contemporary cultural reference point, Malema is essentially the Killmonger to Nelson Mandela’s T’challa, a more nuanced take on Black power, but both of which […]

The BBC’s “Denying Jihad” Playbook

Why, oh why is the BBC routinely called fake news these days? One of the main reasons is their ludicrously overprotective treatment of Muslims, which leads them down the path of ridicule, along the lane of absurdity, and into the parking lot of incredulity. Everybody, including Joe Public, the BBC’s intended audience, knows that Muslims […]