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Actual mural at the US embassy in Kabul by Colin Liddell, Reposted from Affirmative Right by Permission How much did the Afghan War cost? “When you add up the cost of Defense and State Department funds sunk into Operations Enduring Freedom and Resolute Support, then throw in the cost of caring for the conflicts’ veterans and […]

Greece Turns against Democracy

Whatever you think of Golden Dawn’s personnel, policies, and optics, the latest news from Greece is not good for democracy: ATHENS — In a landmark verdict in Greece’s highest-profile political trial in decades, an Athens court on Wednesday found the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn guilty of running a criminal organization as it rose to prominence […]

“Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”: The Suffering of White South Africans May Redeem the West

“The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice.” These are the words of Julius Malema, the head off South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters party/gang. To use a contemporary cultural reference point, Malema is essentially the Killmonger to Nelson Mandela’s T’challa, a more nuanced take on Black power, but both of which […]