“The Last Free Man?” — Rivarol Interview with Jean Marie Le Pen

                                                                    Translated from the French by Tom Sunic 

Below are some lengthy excerpts from a long interview with Jean Marie Le Pen (86), the honorary president of the Front National, published in the French nationalist weekly Rivarol  on April 9, 2015.  One must emphasize the recent fall-out between him and his daughter, the current head of the FN, Marine Le Pen, in regard to some of the comments made earlier by her  father on  WWII gas chambers and the state of Israel.  In commenting on the interview, Marine Le Pen stated that his remarks have resulted in an “unprecedented crisis” for the FN and that they are “political suicide.”

“An apparently furious Marine Le Pen on Wednesday accused her 86-year-old father of taking the party hostage in an attempt to damage her and said she intended to stop him standing as an FN candidate in regional elections at the end of the year.” … [JM Le Pen] attacked Prime Minister Manuel Valls as an “immigrant”: “Valls has been French for 30 years, I’ve been French for 1,000 years?” he says. What is Valls’s real attachment to France? This immigrant, has he completely changed?”

One must also single out JM Le Pen’s own and unique figures of speech, teeming with irony and combativeness, often difficult to transpose into English. As of now the interview is stirring up a great deal of intellectual and media commotion all over France.

Rivarol: In regard to the National Front what is your assessment of the second round of departmental elections?

Jean-Marie Le Pen: It was to be expected that the results could not quite match our big success of the first round. According to the official documents from the Ministry of the Interior, the FN is the first party in France having obtained in the first round over 25% votes, which makes more than 5 million voters.

Rivarol: A political and media controversy broke out on April 2, following your comments addressed to Jean-Jacques Bourdin from BFM-TV, and who followed up on your own comments you had made regarding the gas chambers, first on September 13, 1987 on RTL, and then on December 5, 1997 in Germany, and then again in April 2008 in the monthly Bretons, and then again in March 2009 in the European Parliament. The Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation about your denial of crimes against humanity. The Minister of the Interior and the Ministry of Education have chastised you, with the entire political class joining in.  Associations are beginning to bring in civil actions against you (SOS-Racisme, UEJF, LICRA …) and even the main figures within the National Front are solemnly condemning your statements, starting with the president herself. What do you make of it?

JMLP: I am not a man who changes his mind or crawls. I have an opinion on this issue that I believe is justified. Those who rely on such kind of tactics in order to make their judgments are making serious mistakes. I stopped crawling when I was 18 months old. I’m not a flat- bellied man. Politics, just like life, is a struggle. If you can’t take punches you better not be a boxer. If one chooses to be a boxer, well, we know one could win, but one must also take the blows. A world champion, when he comes off the ring with his title belt in his hands, has a bumpy face.  Precisely, because he fought against the next best man — his challenger. He never comes out intact. He won as a fighter, having accepted that he would get hurt, sometimes even disfigured. If you do not want to take shots, you better stay home. It is wiser.

Saving the White World

Rivarol: What are the chances of France and Europe in resisting decay and (non-White) submersion?

JMLP: The figures are terrifying. On the one hand we have 735 million Europeans with the average age of 45. Fertility rate: 1.4 children per woman.  In front of us there are 6 billion individuals, with mean age of 20. Fertility rate: 4 to 5 children per woman. The problem is of a geopolitical nature. If you do not cut off the pipeline between these two, if you do not remove the suction pump, if you do not reverse the immigration flood — we are finished, without even needing a revolution or a war. We will be defeated at the ballot box. This is an unavoidable mathematical reality. We will then have a government as depicted by Michel Houellebecq. A Sharia government.

Here are the other numbers you may want to think about: China has 1.4  billion people, India 1.5 billion. If China drops, as it is likely, the iniquitous law of one child per family, it is to be expected that on the demographic level the backlash will result in the large families they were deprived of earlier. Thus we can have a China with three or four billion people! This seems obvious from the planet Sirius, but we need to look from this perspective at the future of the world. There are one million Chinese people in France. These are intelligent people, active, discreet, yet powerful and redoubtable. As we are all too eager to sell our mortal remains and the pearls of our crown to the highest  bidder — of course, there’s a reason to worry! That’s why we absolutely need to agree with Russia and save the boreal (north) Europe and the White World. The Northern, boreal Europe also encompasses Slavs, Siberia, although I am afraid that the Russians cannot keep it for themselves only.

Kiev-Moscow: A Family Affair

Rivarol: Precisely, what do you think of the current tensions between Ukraine and Russia?

JMLP: I am of one of those who think that the situation is only being aggravated by the intervention of the Western powers, including the United States. Let’s be clear: Ukraine is in ruins, be it the Ukraine of Poroshenko, be it the one in Donbass. I think this is a family matter that needs to be resolved between the Ukrainians and the Russians. We must not forget that Russia was born in Kiev. There is, however, much more than geographical or political interest at stake in this matter. It is necessary to find individuals in these two countries with a broad vision of political and human problems, problems which run the risk of becoming intractable if the whole matter turns ugly. I admire Putin because he is a responsible man, having a calm attitude. I hope that the provoked or aggravated tensions in Ukraine will subside between these two first cousins, if not brothers.

US Policy against Europe

Rivarol: How do you assess US policy in Europe and the Middle East?

JMLP: The problem of immigration is further complicated by the fact that much of this immigration is Muslim. The Muslim world is largely influenced by extremist ideas and the bellicose interpretation of the Koran. Well, it is obvious when we talk about Europe that the Americans take the side of the Muslims, the Bosnians and the Kosovars against the Serbs and Orthodox Christians. Moreover, the Americans are the ones who push for Turkey’s entry into the European Union, Turkey being 95% Muslim. I feel obliged to stress that there must be a political motive behind it, the results of which are detrimental to the survival of Europe.

Is this is a deliberate act on the part of some American circles wishing to dispose of a formidable competitor, or is it just blindness? I do not know, not being able to decipher their minds and hearts. But I am aware of the fact that even President Obama has become hesitant about the decisions taken previously. The operations conducted in the Middle East have been disastrous, be it Iraq, be it in Afghanistan, or in Syria. It is beyond question that the higher interests of Israel, which the United States is closely linked to, have played an important role in the decision making. That Israel is fighting for its survival and for its own power makes perfect sense. Hence, Israel has a very good interest to see Arab countries divided. For Tel Aviv it is better to have three Iraqs than only one! Or for that matter three Syrias instead of only one! U.S. paddling in the murky waters of this region has been catastrophic.

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