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Tom Sunic on the Political Cesspool

Tom Sunic discusses Croatia, the Balkans, and the security arrangements between the US and Croatia in comparison to those between Serbia and Russia. He also analyses how the US neocons and the Biden administration are managing the war in Ukraine, and the political consequences of a potential spillover of the war into the Balkans. Additionally, […]

How to become an Anti-Semite?

Critical or laudatory writings about Jews seem to be an inexhaustible subject although it often turns into a repetitive rant. Over the last two thousand years tons of books and articles have been published either praising Jewish soul-improvers and their apostate apostles to the heavens, or describing their early Judaic brethren as the scum of […]

Race Research in Germany, 1933-1945

“Two souls, alas, dwell in my breast, / each seeks to rule without the other” J.W Goethe, Faust, Part I, lines 1112-1113 It is easier to discuss politics and human behavior with biologists and geneticists than with social scientists. This applies in particular when debating the role of racial heredity and how it affects man’s […]

Mnemosyne and Lethe; The Culture of Remembrance and Oblivion in the Western System

Salvador Dalí. “The Persistence of Memory” (1931) The Culture of remembrance shapes the political foundation of every state in the world. When addressing the culture of remembrance in Germany, what crosses one’s mind immediately is the Allied-prescribed collective memory for the German people installed at the end of World War II. The psychological roots of […]

Joseph Maistre and the Inevitability of Evil

Joseph de Maistre (1753–1821) Note: Below is my article I originally wrote in French for the French-Breton website of the European Identitarians, Breizh-Info.  To each of us his own author, to each of us his own interpretation of the author’s work. For several reasons I chose for our discussion today a Savoyard writer and philosopher […]