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Your interview with the European Knights Project was actually quite circumspect in not explicitly mentioning the Jews. But anyone who was informed would be able to join the dots. However even talking in code, it was still enough to get you suspended. So obviously the climate is far worse than many thought, about the frankness over the real causes of White dispossession and cultural Marxism — even within UKIP! Did you overestimate the extent of freedom of speech?

As naive as this may sound, I in fact did overestimate how much free speech one would be afforded when speaking one’s mind about Cultural Marxism and Jewish involvement.

I care about Britain and a part of me believed that my party did, as well. Most of the people who volunteer for UKIP, run as candidates, and support us genuinely do. I firmly believe that. Sadly, I now recognise that party elite are more concerned with how they’re viewed and the interests of their financial backers than the nation they claim they’re fighting for.

Still, as my statement was made with Britain’s best interest at heart, I thought I’d have a little more latitude. I didn’t mention the Jews by name, nor did I blame every Jew, just a few that are making a mess of my beloved homeland.

I honestly — and again this might be naïve — never thought simply alluding to Jews being behind the fall of the South African Nationalist government and subsequent genocide, and as you’ve stated, dispossession of Western European people, and a couple of innocuous tweets would be enough to have UKIP pull the plug on me without a hearing.

I still can’t fathom how it’s possible that I had become a national scandal.

Farage typically tells the media that he knows few of us by name and doesn’t have an opinion on our comments. But in my case he held a press conference calling me an embarrassment — never once explaining why what I said was so embarrassing.

And this obsession didn’t end there.

When I spoke to UKIP chairman Steven Crowther this past week, he again discussed the European Knights project interview, seemed to know what I’d said word for word. Considering how many of us there are, and the loads of trouble other parliamentary candidates have gotten into, one has to ask why my particular case was such a big deal.

It was because I dared mention the Jews.

Although the Muslims are protected, one can get away with criticising them. Several Jewish UKIP parliamentary/MEP candidates literally racially abused Muslims, calling them “savages”, insinuating that Muslim constituencies would be involved in electoral fraud, even demanding their immediate deportation, yet in the press Farage called them Facebook mistakes.

It shows how much pull particular special interest groups have and how quickly UKIP are prepared to throw free speech into the abattoir when the Jews are mentioned.

I pointed out the hypocrisy to UKIP’s chairman, but he didn’t budge. When I now call head office I often open the conversation with, “Hi can I speak to so and so”. When asked my name I typically respond “Je suis Jack Sen”.

But then again it’s not truly appropriate, as “Je Suis Charlie Hebdo” was not about protecting free speech, but giving people who incite hatred and resulting violence, on European soil a free pass to do so.

Daily Express publisher Richard Desmond donated £1 million to UKIP. Do you think that this has had any influence on UKIP policy proposals? Has Desmond effectively made UKP into controlled opposition?

You’ve raised a great point — one that hardly anyone inside UKIP has even recognised. I sat down for a pint the other day with a local chairman who’s also had some issues like me because he too thinks outside the box. I introduced the notion that UKIP is in fact controlled opposition.  It was remarkable to see his expression change when he realised we were volunteering our time for an anti-establishment party that just might be part of the establishment.

Before joining the party I saw UKIP as an organic nationalist movement, supported by both patriotic civic and ethnic British nationalists. In stark contrast to groups like the EDL and Britain First which are funded by Zionist Jewish American financiers, UKIP never had an overtly anti-Islamic agenda and when we talked about immigration and grooming gangs it was more about rescuing Britain than attacking others.

The other groups I mentioned claim they’re nationalists when what they are is serving Israel’s and American neocon interests.

But, to be honest, I’m not sure if UKIP was ever the organic movement I once naively believed it was.

I say this due to a few things I have discovered since my suspension.

Firstly, I discovered that the man commenting in a major Jewish publication that covered my Berger tweets was someone by the name of Shneur Odze, a Lubavitcher who runs UKIP Friends of Israel. He is apparently an MEP candidate, good mates with Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall and a regular speaker on the Jewish lobby circuit.

He has photos of himself with Nigel Farage all over his account.  I then discovered he was also a follower of mine on Twitter. One need only connect the dots to understand what happened.


Shneur Odze

Then there’s a conversation I had after my suspension with a fellow parliamentary candidate in the North West who, like most candidates I’ve spoken to, was very supportive of me. Unlike me, he was in a seat deemed winnable by UKIP HQ.

He detailed a conversation he had with a Jewish lobbyist in London, some 300 miles away. The man’s organisation wanted to do a story on him, pay for a trip down to London and put him up for the night in a posh hotel. Question is where did they get this contact info? He doesn’t have his personal email on his site.

It was quite bizarre. He is a tad naïve when it comes to this sort of thing, so he thought nothing of it until I brought it up.

The fact that not a solitary soul at head office would even speak to me after my suspension tells me all I need to know about how they see candidates that dare tell the truth.

I’d like to add that although I was shut out, even blocked by top officials in UKIP, many of my fellow UKIP parliamentary candidates, disgruntled with the party and supportive of my efforts, did reach out. The support from people on the ground in my constituency has been wonderful.

Also, quite a few members of the British National Party (BNP) have reached out to me since the suspension, commending me for my decision to speak out. One of them offered to put me in touch with BNP party Chairman Adam Walker, who’d heard about how I had been treated by UKIP. Adam and I have spoken quite a bit over the past week. I am impressed with the manner in which he wants to take the BNP forward and was pleased to see that our ideals and vision of a better Britain lined up. It’s nice to know authentic nationalism is not dead.

Was Enoch Powell right in predicting racial strife in the UK of the future? Or will the Brits muddle along without making any drastic changes as White Britain slinks away to oblivion?

The polarising Tory minister was spot on when he said there would be rivers of blood in the streets if we continued to allow non-Western people to flood our nation. And I am saying this from a unique perspective as my grandfather was of Indian origin. Although I don’t present as Indian, I am obviously not 100% British.

This has given me the unique ability to take a step back and look at things objectively.

Ethnicities with very different cultures and religious backgrounds simply don’t mix. Having vast swathes of immigrants landing on our shores only serves leftist politicians, big business and groups that thrive when the host nation is weakened.

Immigrants and minorities provide the people trying to destroy our societies from within the ability to incite hatred and collect votes: the political right benefit by importing cheap labour. Sadly, it’s the people on the street that suffer.

Before the last election, I believed that immigration would be an issue that people prioritised when voting. Unfortunately, based on the results, I am inclined to think that nothing’s going to change anytime soon.

Whether it’s fear of being branded racist or historical party allegiance, I have no idea, but to vote in the two parties responsible for Britain’s demise again and again and again, amounts to madness.

This is probably the reason why I joined UKIP in the first place. UKIP’s positon on immigration is that ALL forms of mass immigration are wrong. Whether it’s from White or non-White nations, due to the impact it would have on Britain’s unique culture. As a British culturalist, I want to see Britain’s indigenous culture protected at all costs.

And this is where my opinions vary to a great degree from many self-described White Nationalists. I believe that whether mass immigration originates in Africa or Eastern Europe, it’s detrimental to British society. For me this is more about preserving indigenous people and culture, that happen to be White.

An organic assimilation of people we hand pick to move into our country is very different than encouraging mass immigration as our government have done for decades. If I had my way, I’d close all the borders and repatriate anyone who wasn’t able  to, or refused to assimilate. We’d only take immigrants deemed culturally assimilable.

I am certain if the great Enoch Powell were alive today he’d be fighting mass immigration whether it was from Eastern Europe or sub-Saharan Africa, as he did the West Indies.

Would you agree that devoting all our energies to tackling the Islamic issue, is to fall into a trap — that it keeps us from seeing who the main culprits are, organized Jews and White elites in partnership?

Yes, certianly. Islamic radicalism is a threat, but only because we continue to allow it to be. We need to impose a moratorium on non-Western immigration into Britain, implement and enforce laws that prevent radicalization, and cease invading and destabilizing foreign countries.

A stable Libya and North Africa were what stood between us and millions of African migrants. One has to ask which nations and special interests groups pushed us into conflict with Libya, and opened our floodgates in the process. It’s the same ones that took us into war in Iraq, pushed us into arming the rebels in Syria and are now encouraging us to attack Iran.

I believe we need to start holding the people behind our foreign policy and push for open borders accountable for their actions. Although it’s easy to hate people committing crimes and corrupting our culture on the ground, we’d be better served focusing on the politicians, journalists, policy makers, lawyers and activists behind the madness.

We also need to be careful not to allow our corrupted media to focus too much of our attention on Islam due to the catastrophic repurcussions it can have on our soil. I merely think of Zionist terrorist Anders Breivik, who’d been incited by the likes of Pamela Geller and Debbie Schussel to kill scores of innocent Norwegian children. Both those women, in my opinion, should be charged with inciting mass murder. They’re as responsible as Breivik.

In fact the aforementioned Geller and Schusslel both had the audacity to sympathise with Breivik afterwards.

We need to move away from what has been referred to as Kosher nationalism before more even more blood is spilled.

Would you agree that the whole issue of indigenous dispossession cannot be tackled without Whites being able to freely discuss the Jewish question head on?  That it is too central a component to ignore? If so, how would you go about this?

I would certainly agree. Without addressing the root causes of our demise there’s no way we will be able to implement the changes needed.

We need to facilitate an environment where constructive criticism of outgroups is possible without the fear of recrimination.

Allowing Europeans to freely criticise people that undermine their interests is the key. Being able to criticise Jews, not on their Jewishness, but their allegiances and agendas they push, as I tried to do when I Tweeted Jewish Labour MP, Luciana Berger, will facilitate that.

Mere mention that Berger had foreign loyalties was enough for Nigel Farage to hold a press conference on national television, say I embarrassed the party and immediately suspend me.

What sort of message does that send to other people wishing to express these same sentiments?

Knowing what you know about UKIP, do you regret running? What was behind your running in the first place?

Not at all.

My desire to do right by my family, my ancestral home, West Lancashire, the innocent children I see being harmed by our establishment in Britain and abroad is all that matters to me. Running as a prospective member of parliament for UKIP and being as unceremoniously suspended as I was, has given me an opportunity to reach a lot of people.  For that I am thankful.

Without my being suspended, my voice would have had less of an impact. Although people in the South African community would have heard my roar, I doubt Britain would have heard a peep.

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