SwedishSurveyor: White Flight in Sweden

A new study from Linneuniversitet confirms that Sweden is becoming more and more segregated along ethnic lines as a direct result of mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa. Those who move first are highly educated and/or have a high-income giving credence to my post from last year.

Yes, we’ve found a so-called “tipping point” at around 3-4%, says Emma Neuman, research economist at Linneuniversitet. When the non-European immigrants are that many in a residential area then the native Swedes start moving out.

According to Emma the effects were stronger in the 1990’s. Back then the tipping point was somewhat lower. According to Forsking & Framsteg this could be interpreted as people becoming more tolerant. Perhaps, or the odd million immigrants since then has limited the supply of white neighborhoods.

-The effect doesn’t revolve around immigrants generally. Immigrants from European countries give no move-effect, instead it revolves around non-European immigrants. It is reminiscent of the phenomenon white flight in the USA where whites move away from neighbourhoods where many blacks move in.

Acceptance of diversity is in direct proportion to your distance from it

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