The Jewish hidden hand behind Muslim ethnic antagonism in the UK

You could fill the pages of TOO with examples of hostile Jewish strategies designed to advance the cause of White dispossession, but here are two case studies from the UK which are particularly instructive.

One involves an organisation which has been exposed for false or exaggerated claims about White violence towards Muslims. The second involves the concealment of the ethnic dimension of grooming gangs which targeted White girls. In both cases it is the role of the Jewish hidden hand in exploiting these ethnic conflicts that is interesting.

TellMama  — Mama stands for ‘Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks’ — styles itself as Britain’s foremost anti-Muslim hate organisation and has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from the government to “monitor and combat hate crimes” against Muslims.

Initially it was a government project set up by the Conservatives in 2012 with a fairly overt remit to demonise any White reaction to Muslim predation. It seems to have been the brainchild of a Muslim “social entrepreneur” called Fiyaz Mughal who figured out there is big money in setting up sock-puppet outfits that peddle the government line.

Tell Mama shot to national prominence in the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby on 22 May, 2013 when the off-duty Fusilier was hacked to death by Muslims in a busy street in south east London.

Within a day of this atrocity, Tell Mama was claiming Muslims were being attacked. Soon much of the Lee Rigby coverage was swamped by a scare about an “Islamophobic” backlash that was supposed to be taking place all over the country. Media such as the BBC and Guardian  were only too happy to provide a platform for these claims without looking too closely.

Fiyaz Mughul told the BBC “There has been a massive spike in anti-Muslim prejudice. A sense of endemic fear has gripped Muslim communities” and Tell Mama’s Twitter feed claimed that a Muslim woman had been “knocked unconscious” in Bolton, a claim recycled in the Guardian. “The scale of the backlash is astounding,” said Mughal.

But the “unconscious” Muslim woman in Bolton could not be tracked down. And apart from a few individual cases of graffiti and broken mosque windows the anti-Muslim reaction did not seem to amount to anything. But Tell Mama’s efforts had done their job — and diverted media attention.

Only much later, when a diligent Telegraph reporter Andrew Gilligan began to look into the claims more closely did Tell Mama’s claims began to come apart.  Peeling back the layers of hyperbole he discovered that most of the “attacks” consisted of angry online social media exchanges. In fact out of 212 alleged Islamophobic incidents it turned out that 57% were online.

For this stooge organisation’s amateurish claims to be so easily exposed was embarrassing for its political paymasters, and Tell Mama’s grant was withdrawn.  The gravy train had well and truly hit the buffers.

Fast-forward to April, 2014  when Tell Mama announced the names of its new co-chairs.  One was Shahid Malik, a Labour Party hack and former government minister who was entrusted with delivering the Muslim vote to the party.

But the other was Richard Benson who for the previous 12 years had been chief executive of the Jewish community’s private security organisation, the Community Security Trust. After defending the Jewish community against “hate” he was now apparently going to do the same for the Muslims.

In fact at least three of the ten patrons of Britain’s foremost Muslim anti-hate organisation are Jews: these include Jonathan Bloch, a South African political activist, lawyer and businessman and author of books on KGB and CIA dirty tricks; and businessman Sir Trevor Chinn whose Wikipedia page reveals that, when not fighting Islamophobia, he has “devoted himself to the Jewish Community in Britain and supporting the State of Israel”.

But it is the arrival of Richard Benson at the cash-strapped organisation that is most interesting. While running the Community Security Trust he also found time to manage 200 filling stations for Gerald Ronson, the billionaire convicted criminal who largely bankrolls the CST and who obviously believes in getting maximum value from his employees.

In the past Mr Benson has taken a zero-tolerance stand against any expression of White identity.  He condemned Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League as a “street thug” even though the EDL only marches against militant Islam and is financially backed by other Jewish activists such as Pamela Gellar.

Taking control of an ostensibly Muslim agitational organisation such as Tell Mama is a good example of covert Jewish anti-White activism that has a long and infamous history.

But the real reason that Jews back such a Muslim organisation is the same reason they backed Black nationalism in South Africa and Black civil rights organisations in the United States — to undermine White society.

Tell Mama was, of course, never about anti-Muslim attacks which are almost as negligible as anti-Jewish violence in Britain. It was always about demonizing and demoralising the Whites and distracting them from who their real enemy is.

For Jewish groups know their privileges guarantee their community more safety in Europe and the USA than anywhere else in the world. Even unhinged murderous attacks like Charlie Hebdo are negligible in the big scheme of things, and possibly even helpful from their point of view in that they usher in a new raft of anti-free speech laws.

However there are good examples where the Jewish agenda is more insidious. One involves a “child safety” bureaucrat called Sue Berelowitz. The child sexual abuse industry has been good to Sue Berelowitz and she has risen high on to become the Deputy Children’s Commissioner to the tune of just under £100,000 a year. Her mission has been to sniff out child sexual abuse wherever it is taking place, and she has duly complied. In the spirit of Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins she  sees it everywhere in White Britain — children are being sexually abused at record levels across the country, especially within families and within “every town, village and hamlet” in the land.

She has often been accused of hugely overstating the national problem but last year she was roundly condemned for a surprisingly different reason. This was when her Office published a report which played down the race of the offenders in child sexual exploitation gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford. Instead she insisted the ‘model’ of Asian men abusing White teenage girls was only one among a wide range of unacceptable behaviour. She was accused of turning a blind eye to the glaring ethnic nature of a very large component of the sexual abuse problem.

But even the figures in her own report contradicted this. Despite making up only 6.9% of the population, Asian and South-East Asian men made up 27.4% of offenders. Black men make up 2.3% of the population but 16.1% of offenders. By comparison, White men make up 91% of the population but only 35.9% of offenders. And one wonders if White men are being prosecute far more aggressively in order to keep the percentage of offenders even this high.

So despite finding that more than a quarter of perpetrators known to the authorities were Asian and despite the fact that this is far out of proportion to their numbers, Berelowitz said there was no evidence to conclude that there was a particular issue with Asian gangs.

The Berelowitz report was a lifeline that was eagerly grabbed by many embattled Labour figures such as the Rotherham MP Sarah Champion who echoed Berelowitz’s finding that nationally, the main culprits of child sexual abuse were White men.

Then last month when it was revealed Ms Berelowitz was leaving her job with  a voluntary severance payment of £134,000 — but was to be immediately rehired as a freelance consultant to do the same job, at £960 a day.  Even for the public sector this was seen as a gross abuse and she has since been stripped of this position.

Naturally enough this grasping woman has played the only card left to her — the race card and in so doing has suddenly rediscovered the importance of ethnicity which was so irrelevant when it came to Pakistani Muslims preying on young White girls.

At the Hay Literary Festival she said :

“I am a Jew who is doing work that’s very difficult right now because I’m inquiring into the sexual abuse of children and I’m facing the most vile anti-Semitic attacks on social media — ‘filthy Jewish bitch’.

I stand here as a Jew who will not give up Jewishness and who will not give up standing up for victims and will continue to live in my neighbourhood because the police are having to patrol to keep me safe.”

Since the scandal over her pay-off Berelowitz has returned to what she does best — ramping up the child sexual abuse industry. And White men, watch out! She is producing a new report on the national scale of the problem in November and warns that it will reveal that there is not enough land to build the prisons needed to hold offenders. And of the Muslim child rape epidemic, this loyal public servant still has nothing to say.

And this is how Jewish malevolence and hostility towards the indigenous Whites reveals itself.

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