Thoughts on the German Dispossession

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Meine Ruh’ ist hin,
Mein Herz ist schwer.

Faust, Wolfgang von Goethe

In the late eighteenth century, German literature bore witness to a tumultuous revolt against the Enlightenment’s sentimentality, objectivism and claims to rationality. The rebellious literary and musical movement that attacked these themes came under the umbrella term Sturm und Drang (‘Storm and Stress’) because of the value it placed on emotional extremes and individualism as encapsulating the European condition. The key figures of the movement included geniuses like Goethe, Herder and Lenz — young men who challenged the conventions of their narrow-minded society in both their writings and their lifestyles. Scholar David Hill writes that “the writers of the Sturm und Drang were impelled by an urge to protest against the aesthetic and moral values of a social world that they felt had become deadeningly oppressive.”[1]

One of the most incisive ‘discoveries’ of the movement was the rejection of the outer forms of national identity — bland bureaucratic ‘citizenship’ and manners — in favor of German  Innerlichkeit (inwardness) and Kultur. It was a rebellion against European man’s habit of becoming entangled in a web woven by his own talent for efficiency and organization. It was, at its most basic level, a rejection of the court system and an elevation of the Volk. Hill describes the movement as “a gesture of dissatisfaction with the properties of a culture that had begun to seem superficial and alien and a wish to discover alternative, more authentic values among the common folk and in nature.”[2] Frustration is arguably the most common experience of the characters of the ‘Storm and Stress’ canon, primarily in reaction to the constraints imposed on the individual by society, its laws and fashions.

I was moved to deeply reflect on these themes of frustration, ‘storm’ and crisis amidst a stifling and misguided society while discussing Germany’s ‘refugee’ crisis with friends from Erlangen. It is a horrifying reality that the entire West is currently under a rapidly escalating assault of mass non-White migration. Make no mistake about it: The gates have been fully breached, and the tide of non-Whites into our nations will only swell further as time progresses. It has already been described as the greatest mass movement of people since World War II, but it’s really much more significant than that. The mass movement of people during and after World War II was largely a European affair, consisting of Europeans moving within Europe. What we are currently witnessing is the largest ever movement in human history of non-Europeans into European territory. Taking into account non-European movement into the more recently claimed European territories of the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia, the current migration wave is nothing less than beginning of the end for European man. This, and not some putative future disaster or collapse, is the crucial period in the history of our race. This is the hour of our dispossession.

Already this year, the number of Africans reaching Italy is up 300% on the alarming 2013 figure. Across the West politicians continue to lie to gullible electorates, with empty promises that immigration will be slowed, made more selective, or halted. The sleepwalking Whites of the United States have continued to vote for the agents of a system that has decreased their share of the population from 89.5% of the population to 63.7% between 1950 and 2010. The gullible British have continued to vote for the agents of a system which has allowed the annual level of non-European immigration to increase from 19,000 in 1991 to 290,000 in 2013, a 1426% increase. The brainwashed Swedes have continued to vote for the agents of a system which has introduced a foreign population which now comprises at least 27% of the nation. The duped Danes have continued to vote for the agents of a system that has increased the rate of non-European immigration more than 183% between 1994 and 2014. The hoodwinked Dutch were told in the 1970s that they would host temporary ‘guest workers,’ and they now have a permanent and growing non-White demographic that currently stands at 10% of the total population. The beguiled White Australians have allowed their share of the population to shrink to around 75% from 90% just a few decades ago. The outwitted Whites of Canada have allowed nearly 20% of their population to consist of ‘visible minorities.’

Europeans seem incapable of breaking free from their voting patterns, or seeing that their entire political system has been fatally compromised from within. Remarking on instinct, Friedrich Neitzsche once observed that ‘When the house burns one forgets even lunch. — Yes, but one eats it later in the ashes.’ The efficacy of the European man’s political system has burned to the ground, and yet European man continues to eat his lunch, oblivious, in its ashes. He returns to the polling booth again and again; a collective Sisyphus exerting meaningless effort on a meaningless task that will never provide a reward. With each ballot, he passes a death sentence on the meagre number of descendants he chooses to produce.

Nowhere is this unfolding horror more acute than in the cradle of Sturm und Drang. Over 16 million residents on German territory, more than 20% of the population, are not ethnic Germans. Germany takes more non-White migrants than any other EU member state. In the last twelve months alone, Germany’s immigrant population has swollen 3.7%. The number of ‘refugees’ expected to be settled in Germany this year is double that of last year’s figure, meaning almost half a million Africans and Middle Easterners will be arriving in the land of Goethe by year’s end. And yet, these horrible statistics are not the worst aspect of the German problem.

Dedicated followers of a suicidal fashion.

Dedicated followers of a suicidal fashion.

It’s a familiar fact to us that the West has been subject to excoriating critique. Its legacy has been degraded. Its people have been encouraged to despise themselves. Its genetic and cultural stake in the future has been declared illegitimate. But no European tribe has been more thoroughly degraded and shamed than the Germans. This ancient, storied, and glorious nation now commences its death rattle. Its birth rate is the lowest in the world. As the dark hordes flood the waning Fatherland, six million of its natives will reach retirement age over the next fifteen years.

I am not ashamed to state that I relate these facts with deep-felt emotion. The loss of this dying tribe will have an impact not only on the broader cause of European man, but on the fate of the world. Adult Germans were found by Richard Lynn to have the highest IQs among Whites, and among the highest IQs in the world. The raw genetic material of this inexhaustibly creative tribe has enabled it to overcome two successive military defeats in the twentieth-century, one of which was crushing beyond all imagination, as well as brutal occupation and loss of territories. Despite these setbacks, the Germans persisted in creating one of the strongest economies in the world. In the end, however, the final defeat of the Germans will not come from the removal of their material capital, but rather their failure to reproduce the genetic capital underpinning their success. By 2060 the German population will shrink to such a level that depressed parts of East Germany will be forced to close stores and medical centers, and cease the provision of public transport. A number of small towns in Saxony, Brandenburg and Pomerania have already begun contemplating plans for gradual ‘run-off’ and ultimate closure. Once-thriving centers of German genius and commerce will give way to the tragedy of desolation and despoliation.

As ailing Germany convulses under the Sturm und Drang of its impending dispossession, we find it betrayed by many of its own. Pathological altruism, of the kind I have earlier explored, is rampant. Berliner Mareike Geiling, 28, has set up Refugees Welcome, a web-based service which seeks to provide homes for recently-arrived Africans with young German men and women. The service has so far placed sixty-three invaders in towns and cities around Germany. The project began when Geiling decided to offer her room to a ‘friend of a friend’ who had ‘fled’ Mali. Geiling’s explanations for the service are typical of the indoctrinated: “I always tell people these refugees have the same issues and things to do as we do; they have to sleep, they have to eat, they have to shower.” Thus, all that is required by the indoctrinated for a ‘refugee’ to be “just like us” is that they need to eat, sleep and shower. How low now hangs the once-proud standards of Volk and Kultur! And since these people are “just like us,” her web-service arranges for rent to be paid via social welfare where possible, or via crowdfunding by pathological Whites if the invader has no other options. The slogan ‘Refugees Welcome’ has even been commercialized, adorning a range of products like baseball caps, t-shirts and bags — available for purchase by those eager to exhibit their fashionable desire to displace themselves.

White Pathology Meets Capitalism

White Pathology Meets Capitalism

Is it really any wonder that Africans are streaming into Germany? Has there ever been an invasion, or mass demographic displacement in history, that has been met with such impeccable manners? Why, the only thing the German’s aren’t doing is dying off at a faster pace.

Race realists will be aware that Geiling’s venture is risky in the extreme. Young male immigrants in Berlin are at least three times more likely than their German peers to commit violent crimes. Geiling, it should be recalled, is part of a generation raised on a television and social media diet of liberal lies on race and ethnicity. She thus suffers from the same delusion as the young British journalism student who ventured to the ‘refugee’ camp at Calais to report sympathetically on their ‘plight.’ She was given a crash course in race realism when the poor downtrodden victims of Western oppression subjected her to a gang-rape described by police as being of “a particularly brutal nature.” As Geiling waits for her own introduction to race realism she flatters herself by assuring the media that her scheme will help ‘refugees’ integrate and learn the language, and open the eyes of German hosts to the fact that people seeking asylum are “no different from anyone else.” “We think this enriches the picture of refugees,” Geiling has stated without irony. Crime statistics enrich it quite enough, fräulein. As the number of ‘refugees’ in Germany has increased, one finds that the number of rapes and aggravated sexual assaults occurring in Germany has also increased in a pattern repeated across Europe.

Pathological altruism is not confined to German youth, and the nation has more than its fair share of Cuckservatives. An excellent example is self-styled ‘Conservative’ politician Martin Patzelt, of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU). Patzelt has taken two Eritrean invaders into his home, where his wife cooks and cleans for them while he tries to find them jobs locally. The Eritreans have been staying with him for a month now, with no signs that they will be leaving any time soon. Local employers have informed the hapless Patzelt that the fact sie sprechen nicht Deutsch will render them utterly useless as employees. Incidentally, it’s not the first instance of insanity from Patzelt. Last year the xenophile wrote an open letter to Green politician Hans-Christian Stroebele, suggesting that more German citizens accommodate refugees in their homes as a better option than migrant hostels. Suggesting that not everyone in Germany had lost their senses, Patzelt soon began receiving anonymous death threats, forcing him to confine his maladaptive brand of hospitality to his own home.

German Cuckserative Martin Patzelt offers his wife’s services to two Eritreans

German Cuckserative Martin Patzelt offers his wife’s services to two Eritreans.


In what may be the last gasp of German ethnic nationalism, a number of protests and desperate actions have recently been taking place against the influx of foreigners. There has been a large increase in attacks on invader hostels, and the Saxon town of Freital has witnessed marches every night in protest against a ‘hotel home’ for migrants at the town’s Leonardo Hotel.

Such schemes, of course, are not democratically approved. The mayor of Freital, which is situated on the outskirts of Dresden, was only informed that the second largest invader housing center in the state was to be created under his nose just two hours before buses carrying dozens of invaders began arriving. Apparently terrified by the prospect of Germans organizing in defense of their interests, when a group named ‘Freital Defends Itself’ formed in response to the invasion, the police quickly declared a state of emergency that remains in force. In a desperate effort to prevent the ‘refugees’ from being turned into lampshades, around 300 invaders are now inside the hotel, where they are protected by a 10ft-high wire fence and a 24-hour police guard.

While Freital’s lamps go unshaded, the invaders have invoked the pious sympathy of the pathological, the effeminate, and the maladaptive. None have paused to consider that the dusky new guests of the Hotel Leonardo may be delighted to be ‘confined’ to a space which boasts a sauna and fitness suite, as well as many of the precise comforts they had in mind when they set out to invade Europe. And all paid for by the ageing German taxpayer.

By contrast, the 1200 German taxpayers who protested nightly at the African incursion haven’t been so well-treated. Empty pejoratives have been levelled at the citizens of Freital, whose concerns at the invasion have been portrayed as nothing more than the fanaticism of ‘Nazis’ and ‘racists.’ Locals, some of whom have inhabited the space for centuries, have now been placed under curfew and banned from approaching the hotel. Meanwhile hundreds of insidious fad-followers and Antifa types have been allowed to swamp the small town to express their ‘solidarity’ with the saintly inhabitants of the Hotel Leonardo.  These pro-invader trend-followers have been placing posters at bus stops in Freital that read: “Kein mensch ist illegal,” and “Nazis secretly eat falafel.” Like “Refugees Welcome,” the slogans have been commercialized: t-shirts and other products can be bought by “with it” consumers.

‘No-one is illegal’: Another pathetic specimen from the effeminate Left

‘No-one is illegal’: Another pathetic, very smug specimen from the effeminate Left


Abandoned by the authorities, and condemned to Sturm und Drang by the homogenous mass of ethno-masochistic trend-followers, true Germans have been forced to resort to desperate measures. But ethnic self-defense has been outlawed across the West, and no more so than in Germany. In February, a 39-year-old German was prosecuted after he set fire to an unoccupied building intended to house asylum seekers in Escheberg. He admitted the act, explaining that he was protecting his family from the six Iraqi men who were supposed to take up residence there a day later. Although represented as an act of blind prejudice, the arson was a desperate but considered (he made sure the building was unoccupied) action that took place in the wake of an epidemic of criminal cases involving the rape of German women by Asylsuchende (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for just some of them). Victims have ranged from pre-teen girls to blind pensioners. Protests against invader settlements are often explicitly linked to the protection of local girls from so-called asylum seekers. These protective efforts have been counter-protested by individuals plainly lacking in masculinity or any sense of protective interest over their women or land.

Any living creature that does not jealously and effectively protect its resources and exclusive reproductive access to females will quickly lose out in the evolutionary struggle. The Cuckservative meme, and the cuckold analogy more generally, resonate very deeply because they highlight a fundamental truth about the current predicament of the true European. The struggle is not merely one between Europeans and the out-groups we are forced to compete with. Rather, one of the biggest struggles we face is the internal struggle — the civil war between those Europeans who want to succeed in the struggle for existence and those content to see their history and their genes vanish from the face of the earth.

In this sense our struggle is very different from that of times past. How often we hear in White advocacy of the need to educate the masses about the dangers of immigration, the extent and nature of Jewish influence, and the importance of our genetic interests. It is true that none of our facts and arguments are given fair hearing or allowed to reach the numbers we would like. But, at the same time, there is an abundance of information out there that is readily accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Never before has the case for White ethnic nationalism been so well-documented, so well-publicized, and so prepared for growth. We all found our way here, and many more could easily do the same. The bitter truth is that vast numbers of Whites know that their numbers are collapsing, and that they are being displaced. The real difference between our age and previous ones is that this generation has been immunized against the impact of our arguments, and against this reality. They have been immunized in the sense that they can indeed be made aware that they are being subjected to genocide, but have been indoctrinated to welcome that eventuality.

The cone snail is a fascinating work of evolution. Incredibly slow-moving, the species can feed off fast and nimble fish by releasing weaponized insulin into surrounding waters. After the blood-sugar levels of its prey plummets, slowing it sufficiently, the cone snail can consume it at leisure. Likewise, a cocktail of ideological toxins has been released into European culture, slowing, doping and distorting reality for huge numbers that will soon fall victim to displacement and extinction. Immune to the cocktail, and possessing an as-yet unperfected antidote, we can only watch as the dupes are delivered into the maw of the predator. I am often confronted with young Leftist friends who express high levels of anger because of issues like unemployment and the frustration of life goals. They ‘can’t find a job,’ they ‘can’t find a good woman,’ they ‘can’t afford a family,’ their life ‘lacks meaning.’ They are in many respects great examples of the stereotypical ‘angry young man.’ I ask them as plainly as I can: Who has poisoned your waters?

Their anger should fire them up to seek out real change, and to be at the forefront of the true revolution. And yet they have sipped too heavily from the cultural toxins around them. They join pointless ‘Occupy’ protests and direct their anger and frustration at an amorphous, White, male ‘1%.’ And, as White males themselves, they eventually come to view their situation as being their own fault, and the fault of the White, capitalist world they believe they inhabit and contribute towards. They direct their anger, eventually, towards the self. Hating themselves, they will give endless credence to the victim cards held up by a growing line of Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and Arabs. They will have sympathy for everyone but themselves. They will take an Eritrean into their home, but shout down anyone who dares point out that their sisters and daughters are being raped and murdered in the same streets. I ask again: European, who has poisoned your waters?

In the past, Europeans indulged in the luxury of fratricidal conflict. The British and the Americans, the French and the Germans, the Serbs and the Croats. They squabbled over borders, over religion, over ideas. We are now engaged in the greatest European conflict of all. It crosses borders and religions. It is a struggle between those who want the race to continue and are willing to man the wall, and those who are content to open the gates and see it go under. This is the struggle for life. We have chosen to engage in the effort to survive. I therefore don’t care if you are Basque or Bosnian, Swiss or Swedish, Austrian or Australian — I only care that you are on the side of ethnic survival.

In this, the hour of our dispossession, there is no such thing as German nationalism, English nationalism, French nationalism, or Swedish nationalism. Your fight is mine, and my fight is yours. If Germany falls, we all fall. With this in mind, I’ll finish by paraphrasing John Donne.   

No White man is an island, entire of itself; every White man is a part of the race, a piece of the continent. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: any European’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in his kind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.

[1] D. Hill (ed) History of German Literature: Vol. 6: Literature of the Sturm und Drang (Camden House, 2003), 15.

[2] Ibid, 18.



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