‘No More Immigrants — We’ve Had Enough!’


Extracts from writers on the Occidental Observer

Selected and arranged in a collage of quotations, with additional commentary and emphases by Lasha Darkmoon

“The migratory tsunami we are witnessing is adding up to a disaster.”
— Alain de Benoist, French New Right philosopher

KEVIN MACDONALD:  Francis Carr Begbie writes,  in an article entitled “Immigrant flood unleashes moral status competition, emotional incontinence and hypocrisy” :

There can be little doubt that the Jewish community favors very generous policies toward refugees. One reason for this is that Jews tend to see the situation in terms of the Jewish experience as refugees during World War II rather than from the point of view of the present interests of the UK and its people. That non-Jewish countries should be open to refugees is widely, if not universally, seen as a basic Jewish interest. Deep in the Jewish psyche is the memory of the voyage of the St. Louis in May, 1939 in which Jewish refugees from Europe were not admitted to Cuba and the U.S. did nothing because of pervasive anti-immigration attitudes at the time.

There is no question that Jews were under intense pressure during the 1930s that went well beyond the U.S. In 1936 Chaim Weizmann observed that “the world seems to be divided into two parts—those places where the Jew cannot live, and those where they cannot enter.”

Anti-Semitism was pervasive. Jewish pressure groups acknowledged the role of anti-Semitism in motivating the rejection of Jews by, for example, couching pro-refugee advertising in universalist terms and not mentioning that the refugees would be Jews.

DANIEL HÖGLAND: (writing from Sweden) : The propaganda here is so extreme right now that I have never seen anything like it before . . . big emotional photos and texts about the “refugees” on the front page on 9 out of 12 covers. Today they even ignored all other news — and the whole paper is only about the “refugees.”

ALAIN DE BENOIST: (writing from France) : The migratory tsunami we are witnessing is adding up to a disaster. Faced with such an onslaught the European countries are asking themselves: “How are we going to welcome them?” Never do they ask themselves: “How are we going to prevent them from coming in?”

DANIEL HÖGLAND:  We have had several really brutal murders here [in Sweden] during the summer by immigrants, and there has been a shift in the debate where more and more people have been talking about the problems with immigration. During this time it has been almost impossible for a big city like Gothenburg to find families that would like to take a refugee “child” to their home and let it live together with them.

Almost everyone [seeking refugee status] claims that they are below 18 years old and from Somalia or Afghanistan so they can get a permanent residence permit in Sweden. This has led to an avalanche of bearded “children” coming here!  So as to make room for them, people get paid by the government to take care of them. Today they said on state radio that so many people are calling right now to get a “child” to their home in Gothenburg that the administration can’t even answer all the calls!

So the recent propaganda has worked. But more and more people here in Sweden see the propaganda for what it is—and get really mad about it.

ALAIN DE BENOIST:  As far as this topic is concerned, it is more prudent to listen to demographers. The population of the African continent has risen from 100 million in 1900 to over a billion today [a tenfold increase]. In 2050, or thirty-five years down the road, there will be between two and three billion Africans, with four billion by the end of the century. As Bernard Lugan notes: “How can we hope that migrants will stop their rush into the European “paradise”  if this “paradise” is undefended and inhabited by old men?”

LASHA DARKMOON:  The fear is that we simply cannot open our borders to every Third World immigrant crying, “Help, let me in!” One doesn’t need to point out the obvious: it would be an untenable situation if the entire population of Africa and Eurasia should decide to relocate to Europe in search of a better life. That’s why borders are essential.

TIM MURRAY:  We are not rational creatures. When our emotions are fully engaged, they can instantly overwhelm our judgment. That, I think, is the case with this issue of refugees.

FRANCIS CARR BEGBIE:  What this crisis is highlighting is the strength of one of the strongest but least acknowledged forces of the age. I call it WEMI: Western Emotional Incontinence. This is is a form of narcissism common to prosperous Western countries in which deranged and self-destructive fits of empathy seem to overtake the middle class—and especially the gentle sex. Take Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson. Last week she was enjoying herself hugely chastising her fellow British as “racist” and “shameful” for being reluctant to take in refugees. Now Britain has decided to take in tens of thousands. Time to throw open the doors of your  huge Hampstead mansion, Emma!

TIM MURRAY:  Of course, some people are more susceptible to this kind of emotional manipulation than others. Especially those who do not use the left side of their brains to its full potential. Creative, right-brain people typically cannot think in quantitative terms. They are governed by emotions and ooze with “empathy”— which has become the buzzword of pathological altruism.

FRANCIS CARR BEGBIE:  It took a commenter on the Steve Sailer blog to put his finger on it and he used the iconic photograph of the dead Kurdish child on the beach:

In Germany, which is being held up as the greatest country in Europe, upwards of 40% of women with advanced degrees have no children. The drowned child was their child.  The only real family these women have is the family of the world.

Is it too uncharitable to suggest that, amongst left-wing women in particular, this [crisis] is not fuelled by altruism so much as a combination of attention-seeking, status-enhancement and hatred? Hatred of White men whom they blame for their unhappiness?

TIM MURRAY: These people are typically innumerate—and typically leftist in their politics. When they tell us we must accept more immigrants or refugees, they won’t tell us how many. They will only say “more.” And if they do give a figure, it is only provisional, a stepping stone to future solicitations. Their demands are always open-ended. The goal posts are always moving.

FRANCIS CARR BEGBIE: Then there is a underlying hatred of working class White men. In Britain, these are constantly demonized as workshy, benefit-addicted degenerates [never mind the extraordinarily high levels of welfare use by immigrants—that’s a big reason why they come, after all]. Some men’s rights activists have theorized that a matriarchal society makes women unhappy and they will attempt to open the gates to new, more virile, men as replacements. Perhaps this is cuckoldry on a societal level.

LASHA DARKMOON: This is a recurrent theme. Feminism is widely perceived by many men—and correctly so in my opinion—as the root cause of a lot of the evil in the world right now. Feminism has been a deeply corrosive and corrupting force for many emotionally supercharged White women who are perceived by their White male counterparts as race traitors.

These are the White women who generally engage in interracial sex and intermarry with the men of other races, resulting in the mongrelization of the White race, and, it is feared, its final extinction.

Begbie’s point is widely held among White nationalists.  He sees these White women who want to throw open our borders to every alien race under the sun as race traitors who are deeply flawed cognitively.They are driven by pure emotion. Rationality simply does not enter into their calculations. They are crippled by what he calls their “pathological altruism.”

Begbie also make the point that the entire drive to turn Europe into a multicultural menagerie—a polyglot stew of people forever at each others’ throats in  feverish competition for resources, jobs and living space—is a carefully constructed Jewish plot to destroy the White race and the traditional values and Christian culture on which it is based. I could not agree with him more. In taking this line, however, one runs the risk of being stigmatized as “anti-Semitic,” no matter  how well-sourced and well-argued you make it.

FRANCIS CARR BEGBIE: Amongst Jews especially there seems little taste for opening their own homes to Muslim immigrants. They don’t like being told what to do. But they seem to have an endless appetite for shaming, nagging, lecturing, preaching and barking out orders about the moral shortcomings of the British while hypocritically ignoring Israel’s response to the crisis. There can be little doubt that the Jewish community favors very generous policies toward refugees. That non-Jewish countries should be open to refugees is widely, if not universally, seen as a basic Jewish interest.

In the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland [who is Jewish] led the finger-wagging by telling us that we must resolve to “do better.” Nevertheless, his heart is warmed by housing projects in Sheffield and London that will prioritise refugees over the natives in overcrowded Britain.

LASHA DARKMOON: Here we have pathological altruism pushed to its logical extreme. Its reductio ad absurdum, so to speak. There is a chronic shortage of housing in Britain for the native-born Brits—for the white-skinned, Anglo-Saxon indigenes who were born and brought up in this country and have paid taxes all their lives. And yet these native-born Brits are being shoved aside and treated like second-class citizens in their own country, with the needs of recent immigrants being prioritized.

Most young White Brits can no longer afford to buy their own houses and are forced either to live with their parents or rent substandard accommodation from predatory landlords, many of them foreigners. The rapidly diminishing government-subsidized houses that are available (known in Britain as “council houses”) are now being given preferentially to foreigners who are flooding into the country in indigestible quantities, in violation of every principle of true democracy. The indigenous Brits are told to fend for themselves and live with their parents or camp out in the streets.

A tragic new phenomenon has emerged among White students at university. These are youngsters faced with crippling debts from astronomical fees and living expenses while engaged in full-time study. The young men have taken to peddling drugs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet. Some have even become “rent boys,” turning to homosexual prostitution as a temporary expedient. As for the young women, many have been inveigled into the sex industry. They, too, are forced to prostitute themselves in back-street brothels and massage parlors.  Telephone sex operators, porn models, “escorts”—these are the degrading roles our children are being sucked into by the oligarchs who run our country and tell us it is a thriving “democracy.” As in America, attractive young college girls are often forced to sleep with their landlords in lieu of paying rent.

Into this inferno of madness and misery flood the immigrant hordes from Africa and Eurasia, bringing with them new stresses and burdens impossible to bear. Who is to blame? We all know the answer to that question, but we are not allowed to name and shame our oppressors. The time will soon come, I hope, when the score will be evened — the day of reckoning will surely come and its name will be revolution.

FRANCIS CARR BEGBIE: Pope Francis has very generously agreed to accept two refugee families at Vatican parishes! Yes, the Pope has said:

“We all share this world together, therefore we need to care for this world together. We need to recognise that the plight of the refugees is not only their problem, it’s also our problem, these are real people.That’s why the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the picture [of the Syrian child on the Turkish beach] was, God forbid, it could have been a child of mine, a child of yours, anybody’s child.”

But for sheer gall it is difficult to beat Jewish journalist Ronald Brabazon from the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper in Austria. He claimed that immigration was proven to produce economic success because of the success of 750,000 Russian refugees who arrived in Israel.

Of course, he omitted to say that these were Jews arriving in a Jewish society. What everyone was too polite to mention was that Israel was taking in no refugees at all. (Emphasis added). The country is too small, says Netanyahu, although it wasn’t too small to admit the aforesaid 750,000 Jewish refugees.

It’s not just Israel’s behavior that is getting no coverage. Many of the Syrian refugees are not Syrian and aren’t even refugees! There is also a disconnect between the pictures of strapping, healthy looking young men and rhetoric about traumatized women and children who are nowhere to be seen.

LASHA DARKMOON:  That’s true. And this undeniable fact only serves to drive home the point that most of the so-called “desperate refugees” are little more than economic migrants in search of a better life. Understandable, of course. But if a better life in Europe for migrants means an infinitely worse life for indigenous Europeans in their own homelands, then a line needs to be drawn in the sand: ‘This far you may go, but no further!’

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, the number of immigrants entering Europe has escalated exponentially. In 2014, 626,000 new mouths to feed came knocking at Europe’s door. All were given entry. That’s okay. Europe has a total population of 508 million people and can well take in a few hundred thousand immigrants in an occasional crisis, without suffering destabilization or irreparable damage. But Europe cannot go on playing Father Christmas to the Third World indefinitely. A time comes when you have to say, “STOP! NO MORE!”

Figures show that more than two-thirds of the migrants are men—healthy, able-bodied young men—more than half of them in the 18–34 year-old range. They are definitely NOT “desperate refugees”, nor are they fleeing war and persecution in their own lands. If they were, they would hardly leave their women and children behind to suffer persecution and death.

FRANCIS CARR BEGBIE:  How about the iconic picture of the dead child on the beach?  The Kurdish parents were not in a war zone and had been living in a safe area for three years before their reckless decision to take to sea. But this is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media, apart from obscure reports like this one entitled “We are being taken for fools.”

And then there is the selective amnesia about the elderly Italian couple who had their throats slit by two Black refugees after arriving by boat from Libya. And how two asylum seekers were arrested after a mother and her son were stabbed to death in IKEA of all places.

And has it not struck you how well televised and photographed an event it is.  Even the arrival of migrants to a rapturous applause in Germany seemed to be choreographed. The refugees even managed to co-ordinate chants for the benefit of the cameras! In several languages! Has it not struck you how slick this all is?

Will we discover that this is about as “spontaneous” as the colour revolutions that spread across Eastern Europe and turned out to be largely organised by Western security sources and such selfless individuals as George Soros?

ALAIN DE BENOIST (questioned by interviewer): Unquestionably there is also a demographic aspect to all this. You know those words by the former Algerian President Houari Boumédiène, which the right-wing folks always like harping on:  “Some day millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere and move to the Northern Hemisphere. They won’t go there as friends; they’ll go there in order to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The belly of our women will secure us victory.”


ALAIN DE BENOIST:  According to some, Boumédiène must have uttered these remarks in February 1974 at the 2nd Islamic Summit in Lahore, Pakistan, According to others, he said those words on April 10, 1974, from the rostrum of the UN. This uncertainty is revealing, especially as the full text of this alleged speech of his has never been made public by anybody. Houari Boumédiène, who was not a fool, knew  well that the Middle East is in the Northern Hemisphere, not in the Southern Hemisphere! So there is a good chance that this is an apocryphal text.

LASHA DARKMOONControversial quotes are usually dismissed as “apocryphal” sooner or later. Many quotes attributed to Hitler and Stalin have been dismissed as “apocryphal,” as are many of the sayings attributed to Christ, Gautama Buddha and many other world-renowned figures. This infamous 1974 quote attributed to Algerian president  Houari Boumédiène could well be genuine if by the “Southern hemisphere” he meant to include Muslims in Africa. Or the quote could indeed be apocryphal. We just don’t know.

In any case, this is a landmark citation for  “conspiracy theorists” who believe that Europe’s days are numbered and that it is only a matter of time before it falls under Muslim domination.

I don’t see that happening very soon—not as long as the Jews are around. But who knows? Anything is possible.


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