France’s Zionist Prime Minister: A Review of Emmanuel Ratier’s “Le Vrai Visage de Manuel Valls” — Part 2

Guillaume Durocher

Valls planting a “peace tree” in Évry dedicated to Palestine.

Valls planting a “peace tree” in Évry dedicated to Palestine—before becoming a fanatical Zionist.

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Valls’ Early Career: A Neoliberal with an “Ethnic” Rotten Borough

Valls calls himself a “Blairite” and a “Clintonian.” This is appropriate. He indeed represents that “right-wing” edge of the Socialist Party, the part that wants “modernize” the left by jettisoning the White working class in favor of unabashedly conforming to globalism and indeed even changing the name of the party. The globalist paradigm — with unlimited open borders for immigrants and corporations — is incompatible with traditional left-wing goals, such as effectively taxing the rich, regulating finance, maintaining the welfare state, or protecting jobs and wages. Thus, Valls wants a “New Left” which abandons the old dream of socialism, while still claiming to be in some sense of the left. He represents both the Left’s selling out to global plutocracy and a kind of realism as to what can be achieved under the constraints of open borders.

An early case in his political life illustrates this well. In December 1980, Valls and Bauer attacked the Communist mayor of Vitry-sur-Seine’s for a plan to remove immigrants from the town. Valls was almost kicked out of the Socialist Party for this, as it was then allied with the Communists. This limited opposition to immigration dissipated in the Socialist Party as (often Jewish) Trotskyites and “anti-racists” rose in the organization, and the alliance with the (effectively Stalinist) Communists was dissolved and. (Can we ever emphasize enough, from a nationalist point of view, the moral superiority of Stalinists over Trotskyites?) As Vice Mayor of Argenteuil, Valls promoted illegal immigration with a “republican baptism” of illegals at the town hall in which supporters committed to help the lawbreakers to remain in France (32).

Valls then rose with the “modernizing” wing of the Socialist Party represented by Michel Rocard. During Jospin’s term as prime minister, Valls was in charge of relations with the media, acquiring a reputation for intimidating journalists who asked the wrong questions. A magazine reported:  “The methods of this Catalan of origin are sometimes brutal: fits, threats against journalists [. . .] charged with following day by day the head of government’s action, the Homeric rages of the young Socialist are well-known” (32).

Valls reaped the benefits of the French ruling class’ steady replacement of the indigenous French population when he was elected in 2000 as mayor of Évry, which his authorized biographers describe as “a mosaic city, where the [ethnic] communities, numerous, have gradually become ghettoized” (39). He thus enjoyed a kind of rotten borough through the Socialists’ appeal to ethnic blocs of voters eager to benefit from wealth transfers from the native French majority and allergic to the conservatives’ symbolic Islam-baiting. Valls urged public subsidies for mosques and allowing all foreigners resident in France to vote in municipal elections. (More recently as prime minister, Valls has suggested giving up on reforming the Constitution to allow non-EU foreigners to vote in municipal elections as too divisive and unpopular, and instead wants to “concentrate [. . .] on naturalizations.”[12]) In 2008, he was reelected as mayor of Évry with over 70% of the vote and a staggering abstention rate of 63%. Ratier reports that 45% of residents benefit from social housing.

Valls himself however is rather cynical about the Africans and Muslims in his “multicultural” city. He lives in an upper-middle class White area. Like a Potemkin village, graffiti sprayed by urban youths are hastily removed when out-of-town notables visit. In a June 2009 TV appearance, Valls, apparently unaware he was being filmed in the streets of the city, commented sarcastically with open scorn on the overwhelmingly non-White crowd around him: “a fine image of the city of Évry. . . . Could you put me a few Whites, a few Whites [in English], a few Blancos?” (40). Valls went strangely unpunished for the remark. It goes without saying that no nationalist politician would be allowed to make such a statement without being required to atone profusely or be excluded from “democratic politics.”

Valls’ short temper was also notorious at Évry. One municipal councilor said: “[Valls’ staff] are scared as hell. [. . .] Manuel has a fascistic side. He is a real dominant male who has a certain brutality. The guys obey. Sit! Don’t move [i.e. like ordering a dog]” (66). Read more »

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Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid!


I cannot think of a Jew who has done more to promote “anti-Semitism” in recent years than Bernard-Henri Lévy. He seems to be completely unselfconscious and oblivious to what he is doing.

The latest example has been Lévy’s going on French radio to promote his most recent book, “on which [he] has been working for 20 years,” called L’Esprit du Judaïsme (The Spirit of Judaism). Lévy’s books don’t sell and are even mocked as inane and narcissistic in mainstream Anglo-American media. And yet, The Spirit of Judaism is already enjoying a cover story in L’Express magazine. L’Express incidentally has a circulation of almost half a million and incidentally is owned by his fellow Zionist and co-ethnic Patrick Drahi.

Enjoying systematic promotion in the mass media despite his evident nullity, Lévy has for years been the visible tip of the iceberg of the influence of ethnocentric Jewish networks in France. For many, he has been the spark to their awakening to the Jewish question.

Lévy has made a number of surreal tweets summarizing his talking points on the radio show — the usual warmongering and hypocritically anti-French-nationalist statements — followed by the hashtag #SpiritofJudaism to promote the book. He is thus openly suggesting, in a shockingly unselfconscious way, that his evil views derive from his Judaic ideology.

Hence Judaism is anti-nationalism (for non-Jews):

“It is universalism which I am defending in this book. #SpiritofJudaism”

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L’Holocauste au Service de l’Immigration musulmane

Original article: Using the Moral Capital of the Holocaust to Promote Muslim Migration

Article d’origine publié le 29 janvier 2016

Traduction: Blog Blanche Europe

Il était évident que la candidature de Donald Trump allait provoquer une avalanche d’hostilité médiatique, et nous avions déjà eu droit à de nombreuses comparaisons de Trump avec Hitler. Mais maintenant, à l’occasion de la Journée de Commémoration de l’Holocauste, ce sont les survivants de l’Holocauste qui s’en mêlent. Le chroniqueur Dana Milbank, du Washington Post, est un patriote juif qui a ses entrées dans les médias des élites. Philip Weiss écrivait à son sujet :

L’explication [de l’influence du Lobby pro-israélien] ne tient pas à une conspiration des donateurs financiers. Même si, naturellement, les donateurs sont importants. Le problème vient de la forte influence du sionisme au sein de l’establishment américain. Il y a une conviction sincère parmi les Juifs influents comme Dana Milbank, Alan Dershowitz, et Matt Dorf, que la création d’Israël représentait le salut des Juifs au terme de leur histoire européenne tragique, et que les Juifs américains sont des alliés à part entière qui rendent possible ce salut des Juifs. C’est une façon de voir sincère et profondément ancrée chez de nombreux Juifs, politiciens, journalistes, donateurs, dirigeants de think tanks, dont beaucoup sont des libéraux [NdT: c-à-d des gens de gauche].

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Of course, I am disappointed that Trump didn’t win in Iowa, and I remain confident that he will prevail in New Hampshire and beyond. But I have to say that it irritates me no end to think of all the White people who either voted Democrat or for Republicans other than Trump. What could they possibly be thinking?

Sanders apparently won the youth vote hands down. So we have to imagine idealistic young people and a lot of benighted adults hoping to bring on the multicultural, non-White Utopian future as soon possible. Or else the young people mainly want the government to pay for their college tuition, which makes them no different from the average Democrat welfare voter hoping to keep the government handouts flowing. In either case, they are not thinking seriously about what it’s going to be like for the US when the Democrats get what they want.

I really don’t think it’s possible to vote for Clinton for idealistic reasons. It’s got to be more a hold-your-nose thing in the wake of the huge Wall Street donations and speaking fees, the Clinton Foundation scandals, the email scandals, the Iraq war vote, the neocon connections. Or maybe it’s Democrat idealism of the kind that led to Obama to the presidency combined with a cynical belief that Sanders can’t ultimately win because he is too radical and anyone is better than a Republican. Frankly, more than any other candidate, Hillary provokes a moral revulsion and disgust. 4-8 years of seeing and hearing her as president would be unbearable. Read more »