The Donald Trump Candidacy: A Matter of Representation

M. Jaggers

If we are to say that Donald Trump implicitly represents White people in electoral politics, then we can equate him to leaders of other racial groups in terms of his significance and symbolic status. Historical leaders and figureheads of other racial groups are given public holidays, and must be discussed in hushed tones of reverence. And yet no public slander is too low from certain quarters when it comes to Trump. We have all heard minorities sneer, “Make America White Again,” as though they have cleverly exposed a sinister plot that Trump will actually do something to represent Whites.

Doesn’t President Obama rather blatantly represent anyone who is non-White? As far as I can tell, his Justice Department literally refuses to prosecute any minorities. The IRS, under the leadership of the detestable Lois Lerner, has targeted tea party groups who represent tax paying citizens, with provocative names like “Patriot.” We’re obviously under siege from our own government.

Really, how did we get to this place where it takes a certain daring to leave the house with a Trump t-shirt on? If you want to know who has power, they say, look at who you’re not allowed to criticize. That is true, and if we are to ask who cannot be criticized, we would have to say everyone (except us). Incidentally, the extent to which these groups are worthy of criticism may perhaps go some ways as to explain why it is verboten. But if you ask who is not allowed to have representation, you would get the inverse response. Read more »

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A Marx of Your Own: Sam Francis’s References to Marx

In response to my recent profiling of Jacobin magazine, plenty of folks have chastised me for being entirely too harsh on the Marxists who populate the site, and too dismissive of their heterodox opinions. James O’Meara expressed his concurrence with one Jacobin essay I quoted from, “Burn the Constitution.” Another commenter suggested their views on economics were better than the Austrian-influenced ones many Alt Rightists have. Others said that we of the Alt Right should do our best to emulate Jacobin, not just make like Republicans and attack them. Radix editor Hannibal Bateman even told me that he reads Jacobin fairly regularly, and recommended I read their recent post “Burying the White Working Class.”

To all of this I say, “fine.” Trying to replicate their success is obviously something we are striving for, and I am sure that all of us could find a thing or two to agree with somewhere in the Jacobin archives. However, no one can argue that in the dichotomy of “pro-West” vs. “anti-West,” Jacobin is anything but firmly planted in the “anti” camp — no matter how interesting some of their ideas might be. The folks at Jacobin do not toy with their ideas and axioms in a void; they weaponize them for an end, and that end is to end the West. They hate the Constitution because it represents the West and its historical-political underpinnings, they hate Israel because in it they see a contemporary version of America’s settlers and pioneers, and they hate “neo-liberalism” because they see it as racist. Read more »