Take Those PC Blinders Off: How to Read Mainstream Books

Guillaume Durocher


As a rule, I encourage all people, and perhaps especially political heretics on the Alt Right, to read some mainstream books, especially history books. I am obviously not discouraging the reading of courageous dissident historians like Dominique Venner,[1] Anne Kling, or David Irving. But I also think it is important we do not create our own echo chamber, but remain abreast of the insights and research of academia, so that we remain close to reality.

Mainstream academics’ work in the social sciences can of course be politicized, often atrociously so, but their work is also often of value (e.g. Brigitte Hamann’s Hitler’s Vienna, Mark Mazower’s Hitler’s Empire, Neagu Djuvara’s History of Romanians, etc.) if only because they have vast institutions and resources behind them to conduct research. In contrast, our humble work is far freer, but necessarily artisanal. (By the way, have you subscribed to The Occidental Quarterly or donated to The Occidental Observer recently? [Editorial Note: Great idea!])

Mainstream academic work in the social sciences however can be read most profitably only if one bears its limitations in mind. Typically, these are state-employed functionaries paid to teach ordinary people. As such, their expressed opinions are bound to be circumscribed by what the state and student body (or their parents) find tolerable. Furthermore, Judeo-American academia in particular has tended to be extremely left-wing and liberal. And since academic societies and reputations are international, European universities tend to follow the lead of their much more numerous and well-funded American counterparts. In short, these academics must (unless protected by tenure and particularly courageous), take care to at least appear politically-correct. Read more »

Europa Exsurgo--Stand Up, Regain Your Strength
Jay Nordlinger’s virtue signaling

Jay Nordlinger’s “Struggling” gives another glimpse of the cuckservative mindset at National Review (where Nordlinger is senior editor). A general theme is that the NR community is more civilized and more moral than those nasty Alt Right people. It begins with a complaint that Trump’s new campaign manager, Stephen Bannon, uses bad words in private to refer to establishment Republicans, quoting Betsy Woodroff of The Daily Beast.

Donald Trump’s new campaign boss — the guy white supremacists are so excited about — once described D.C.’s top Republicans as “cunts.” Stephen Bannon . . . used the phrase two years ago in emails with Breitbart reporter Matt Boyle. Bannon ran Breitbart at the time, and the two schemed about how to get activists to “turn on the hate” as part of a plan to “burn this bitch down.”

I suppose that what Bannon meant by using that word was approximately what we mean by calling Nordlinger and establishment Republicans cuckservatives — men who don’t have any balls, who have sacrificed their masculinity to the goal of joining liberals in the virtue signaling competition that is so typical (and unique) to Western cultures. Because that’s the thing, isn’t it. When it doesn’t come down to worrying about their jobs in a GOP re-fashioned by the Trump Revolution, the real horror that prevents them from endorsing the Alt Right is that they will be characterized as morally defective by the New York Times editorial board and other pillars of the establishment. Read more »

Anthony Bourdain’s Gastronomical World View

Anthony Bourdain: Tasting what the world has to offer

News item: Turks in Germany not interested in assimilating.

So German Turks don’t want to be Germans. How shocking! It is so out of character. Muslims who don’t want to fit in? Really?

But what’s the big deal anyway? Hey, in Justin Trudeau’s Canada we don’t want anyone to assimilate. We want them to “integrate”. We want them to maintain their “identity,” and offer us the benefit of their traditions, their fresh perspectives, and their cuisine. Especially their cuisine. I mean, that is one thing that I learned from Anthony Bourdain. It is all about sampling a nation’s cuisine. That’s the litmus test of a nation’s and a culture’s worth.

“Oh, your country is guided by a barbaric seventh-century worldview? You oppress women? You support terror and jihad? No problem because the pita bread and the sweet coffee you serve is wonderful!” Read more »

Mapping the Rising Tide


Something I have written about time and time again is the issue of White demographic decline in the United States. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but before anyone can even get to why, they need to take stock of what is actually happening and assess the damage. And to get there in the first place, they have to care about it. Without racial consciousness, the entire project of White nationalism is lost.

One motivation that is often pathologized and viewed as a neurotic or weak is fear. How fear is understood varies. One could take a cautious person, or someone with a low time preference, or someone who believes in stability over risk, and belittle them as frightened and fearful. But fear is powerful, because it is the desire to avoid, for lack of a better phrase, bad outcomes. Is there an outcome worse than extinction?

The reason I harp so much on the demographic question is because I don’t want my descendants to have fight their last stand in the woods of Vermont.

Well, that’s a silly thing to say, isn’t it? What are you even talking about? Last stand? What, you think you’re going to get wiped out? Just because America is becoming a non-white majority society doesn’t mean you are being exterminated. I mean sure, you’ll be outnumbered and deprived of political and socio-economic power, but like, what are you, a racist?  That’s just a reflection of our global and diverse world. And sure, you are already hated for being a heterosexual White male oppressor and people who feel this way politically are poised to be permanently in power within a few decades, but like, too bad. You’re just afraid. Also muh Indians.

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