The Big Day draws near

Francis Carr Begbie

It’s that time of the year again. The big day is nearly upon us and every year it seems to come round earlier and drag on longer. It has all become so overblown. The original spirit seems to have been forgotten and it has become such a commercialised affair. Frankly I’m sick of it already — it’s all about the money these days.

Yes, Holocaust Memorial Day is nearly upon us again — 27 January in Britain — and the Prime Minister has kicked off proceedings seven weeks early with a visit to Auschwitz concentration camp.

It was a private visit — just him, his press corps, a huge security detail, TV crews, and about a dozen reporters and photographers. Of course Cameron would not be Cameron if there was not another agenda running, and it is more than likely that next year’s election was concentrating his mind.

It will be close-run, and the support of the organised Jewish political and financial community is necessary if he is to keep his job. The detail of how the Conservative Party (and Labour as well) is supported by Israeli money has been brilliantly dissected in a must-read article by Alastair Sloan in Middle East Monitor.

Despite Holocaust studies being part of the school curriculum and remembrance events occuring in, apparently, every town hall and municipal body, Cameron is still worried that his paymasters will think we are still not doing enough, so he has set up a commission to discuss the erection of a “permanent and fitting” memorial. This would be in addition to the other holocaust memorials and organisations across Britain. Read more »

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Ashkenazi Jews Are Not White

In Steve Sailer’s blog about Aaron Sorkin, he quotes a New York Times article:

And Libby Hill, writing for the AV Club, said: “Aaron Sorkin doesn’t understand who the victim is. He doesn’t understand how empathy works. And he, as a rich, powerful, white man in the United States, doesn’t understand that he is among the most privileged people in the world.” [Sailer’s emphasis]

So, according to Ms Hill, Aaron Sorkin is a White man. As Sailer points out, referring to him as “a rich, powerful, Jewish” would be career-ending.

It’s a nice example where Jews are considered to be White when they benefit from it — calling attention to Jewish, as opposed to White, power is definitely not a good career move. Read more »

The Republican Donor Class Hopes to Avoid a Populist Nominee

In my “Race and the 2014 election” I discussed the continuing racial polarization of America and how the Republican Party has become the party of Whites — that Whites of both sexes and all social classes and age groups are voting Republican. This includes the White working class, despite the fact that the White working class does not favor the plutocratic policies of the Republican donor class. Commenting on the 2014 Congressional elections, I sketched the argument that a more populist Republican candidate that appealed to the White middle and working classes could win.

The problem, of course, is the donor class:

What the Republicans need is a candidate who would cultivate the nurse on her second shift et al. rather than the Chamber of Commerce/Wall Street JournalAdelson-Zuckerberg, pro-immigration, pro-wars for Israel crowd where the big Republican money comes from. (The Wall Street Journal  refers  to the anti-open borders folks in the GOP as “the yahoo wing.”) Romney likely could be president now if more Whites who were turned off by Romney’s plutocratic image had voted (see “A Party of Plutocrats Has No Future”).

Given the obvious reality that the interests of the donor class are wildly different from those of the White base, the donor class has come up with a strategy to avoid input from the base during the GOP primaries: Decide on a consensus candidate before the primary season and thereby short circuit the entire process. Read more »