Canada Must Take In German Refugees

Given the fact that many native-born Germans are being forced out of their homes and their schools to make way for migrants, and that the wages of the working poor will be driven down by the need to lower the minimum wage to generate work for migrants, it is apparent that Angel Merkel’s mad agenda of “integrating” 800,000 “refugees” will make refugees out of German citizens.

We must therefore demand that all parties and leaders — Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May — commit to bring in as many of these German refugees as possible and as soon as we can. The situation is urgent.

As former CBC reporter Brian Stewart said, ours is a big country and “Canada can absorb a lot of people”. So governments at all levels must get cracking. They also must encourage private citizens and churches to pitch in and sponsor their share too.  It is, as Mr. Stewart would say, “Time for Canadians to step up to the plate.”

It might be said that screening the anticipated 70 million Germans who will eventually want to flee their occupied country may take too long and that time is of the essence. That is the point that a loyal fan of CBC radio made about Syrian refugees on the iconic phone-in show “Cross Country Checkup” just after the floodgates to Austria and Germany were opened. When told that  some of these Syrian refugees, nine of ten whom are Muslim, might be jihadists, the caller said that “We [Canadians] can take the risk. Life is all about taking risks.” After all, he continued, we took in many refugees before, and with little hesitation. “Hungarians, American draft-dodgers, Vietnamese….”  And hey, there were no jihadists among them, were there?

But Germans are different. They can’t be trusted.  After what their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents did, it is clear that Germans are born with original sin.

We must comb through these German refugee applicants one by one for as long as it takes. Most may never even make it out of the camps.  And unlike the Syrian refugees today, the lucky Germans who are allowed to enter Canadian society must be given no government help, just as the German pioneers who came to Canada before them a hundred years or more ago received no help, the ones who helped build this country. In the 1960s Canadians of German origin represented the third largest ethnic group in Canada after the British and the French. They were the invisible minority. Few of us noticed them because they kept their heads down, worked hard and didn’t commit honour killings, cover up their women , subject their daughters to genital mutilation or demand ‘reasonable’ accommodation.

Yes, we must be careful with these Germans. We must take our sweet time sifting through them.

However, there is one group of expected German refugees who should be fast-tracked. The useful idiots. The Leftists who lobbied for the massive intake of Syrian migrants, the Leftists who fought PEGIDA demonstrators and did their best to advocate on behalf of those poor persecuted Muslims in Germany who had to subsist on subsidized housing, welfare and free medical care. The Leftists who demanded that critics of Islamification be punished as perpetrators of hate crimes and who stood by and cheered as another 800,000 of their Muslim brothers destroyed the German welfare state. Leftists who, when the deed is done, when millions of Germans are made homeless and Sharia Law is established, will be  sacrificed in the same way that Iranian Leftists were in Iran after Khomeini took power. What few of them who survive the culling should be admitted to Canada ASAP. Why?

So they can stand trial for their part in the mass murder of European civilization.

PS: Refresh my memory, would you? Tell me once more why we should most of all, be afraid of the rise of the “far right”. And when you have done that, tell me why the old Left-Right dichotomy still applies in 2015. Tell me why the people who want to defend the Welfare State from the demands of millions of poor migrants are “far right”, while the people who want to see it collapse from the demands of migrants are on the “Left”?  Tell me why those who want to restrict the labour pool so that indigenous workers have bargaining power are “far right”, while those who want to expand the labour pool and flood the labour market with cheap imported labour are on the “Left”?

And while you’re at it, can you tell me why “Leftists” a generation ago were ardent secularists keen to kick religion out of classrooms and parliaments but are now are keen to “reasonably accommodate” Muslim practices? Why do they support Muslim prayer-rooms in public schools and airports and the prohibition of non-halal food in school cafeterias ,when 25 years ago they wouldn’t give an inch to Christian requests?  Separation of Church and State, but not separation of State and Mosque? Is that how it works?

“Retain the power of speech no matter what other power you may lose…. Do what you will, but speak out always. Be shunned, be hated, be ridiculed, be scared, be in doubt, but don’t be gagged. The time of trial is always. Now is the appointed time” John Jay Chapman — 1900

“Candour before tact, honesty before diplomacy.” Tim Murray — 2006

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