Orbán vs. Merkel: Can Europe’s Conservative Populists End the Migrant Crisis?

One of the great lies — endlessly repeated — of the world’s liberal-plutocratic media is that nation-states are “too small” or “powerless” to manage any major problems on their own in the age of globalization. This assertion is meant fundamentally to justify national authorities’ abdication of responsibility and legitimize the transfer of power to transnational authorities (such as the European Union, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization . . .) which are less democratic and thus less susceptible to being controlled by “populists” representing, after all, the people.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has now exposed these globalist lies concerning immigration: The building of a fence and the policing of borders have effectively halted the invasion of illegal migrants to his country. Hungarian police report that daily border crossings have collapsed from a peak of 9,380 to just 277. Hungary, a nation of just under 10 million people, has thus solved the “migrant crisis.”


Numbers of migrants crossing into Hungary

Numbers of migrants crossing into Hungary, August 18-September 16

And Orbán has not been content to merely save his own nation, but has constantly lectured his fellow European leaders to do the same, despite the fact that this encourages Western liberal-plutocratic media to ostracize him for “xenophobia.” The Hungarian Prime Minister spoke at length on the migrant crisis at a meeting of the European People’s Party (EPP)  [1] (the center-right umbrella organization of leading conservative and Christian-Democratic parties, including Orbán’s Fidesz and Germany’s ruling Christian Democrats). He urged his colleagues to reject immigration on grounds of party-political interests, of respecting the popular will, and of European interests:

I believe we have to gather all our courage, we have to throw away PC-ness and we should launch a big debate. [. . .] They [the Left] have a dream about the politically constructed world society without religious traditions, without borders, without nations.

Zsolt Bayer, a co-founder of Fidesz and reputedly a close friend of Orbán’s, has even explicitly discussed White interests in the context the migrant crisis: “This [immigration] is the weapon that they, the invisible hands, have employed against Europe and against the White race.”[2]

Of course, Orbán himself has been demonized by Western media for years. But now even his critics concede he is winning the debate on the migrant crisis. As even The Economist, no friend of nationalists, conceded last month:

And yet, painful as it may be to admit, he has a point. Hungary’s border fences, Mr Orban pleads, are no more than what European Union law demands: the control of external frontiers. And yet Hungary is vilified while Greece merrily nods hundreds of thousands of refugees up to Europe without so much as a by-your-leave. Plenty of European officials quietly concur. Bafflement at Germany’s vacillations is hardly confined to Budapest.[3]

Orbán’s opposite number is the European Union’s de facto leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose policies, such as they are, have been a mixture of dithering, brainless moral signaling, and desperate improvisation as the migrant wave she invited into Germany actually, on the ground, has proved unmanageable for German cities and is rejected by the right-wing of her political coalition. Thus she tore up EU migration rules (the so-called Dublin Agreement) to invite 800,000 refugees to her country, then she suspended the Schengen Area of free movement, then she imposed through an EU vote a scheme to redistribute 120,000 Afro-Islamic settlers throughout the continent including against unwilling and innocent Central European nations, and now finally she flirts with putting Turkey back on track for eventual EU membership in exchange for cooperation against the migrant invasion. Turkish membership of the EU, of course, would mean granting the unlimited right to settle Europe to a rapidly growing, relatively inbred population of 78 million Muslim Turks. Talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire . . .

Amidst this chaos of incompetence and improvisation there is only one long-term prospect: The destruction of Germany as a homogeneous and cohesive nation, to become a Balkanized Afro-Islamic hodgepodge in which the native Germans would be a vulnerable minority. As the Bundeskanzlerin, a true agent of disintegration, has said on her apparently incoherent policy: “What we are experiencing now is something that will occupy and change our country in coming years.”[4]

The immediate impact of the migrant crisis should not be overstated. The numbers flowing into Europe remain a very small percentage of the continent’s population and, for now, the average European is neither impacted nor particularly concerned by the problem. Life goes on. However, this real-life Camp of Saints scenario has proven symbolically powerful: The immediate problems are too real, the images of a flood of alien humanity is simply too disturbing, and most of all the incoming wave is evidently endless and indefinite. Thus, the crisis is forcing even the most milquetoast Europeans to actually think about what the replacement of native Europeans with low IQ Afro-Muslims will mean for our societies.

Public opinion — despite the pervasive brainwashing and endless emotional appeals of the liberal media (with the now-notorious exploitation of the photo of the child Aylan[5]) — remains basically hostile to immigration. In France, 53 percent of people are opposed the welcoming the illegal migrants[6] and 51 percent declared outright support for the Front National’s (FN) hard line,[7]  while in Germany, 51 percent said their country could not cope with the current influx.[8]

More significantly, there has been a marked shift in mainstream elite political opinion since August, the height of the pro-migration media blitz, away from Merkel’s position toward Orbán’s. This is evident in the tone and tenor of the EU’s most mainstream conservative leaders. At the recent EPP congress, the speeches were taking a decidedly tougher line. Donald Tusk, former Polish Prime Minister and current President of the European Council (basically chairman of summits of EU leaders), declared: “Today, no task is more important for the moderate center-right than the re-establishment of Europe’s external borders.”[9]

What has motivated the change of mood? There are essentially two sets of factors: Firstly, the economic costs and practical unmanageability of the migrant invasion itself; secondly, the revolt of a portion of European conservative parties and of public opinion against immigration.

Migrants Overwhelm Mayors, Frontline States, and Social Services

Merkel may in principle be willing to admit that, of course, even if Germany came to be occupied by a majority of jabbering Somalis (with their well-known social and cultural achievements), the country would still be “German.” (To claim otherwise would of course be “racist.”) But, in practice, the migrants are simply proving unmanageable on a practical level for the local politicians who have to deal with them.

City mayors, the politicians closest to the day-to-day problems of citizens, are under the most pressure from the migrant invasion. This is evident in numerous places. At Calais, the so-called “Jungle” of migrants hoping to sneak into Britain via the Channel Tunnel or a ferry ship is proving a hotbed of violence and health problems. The French mayors’ association has said that hosting a migrant costs their municipalities at least 5,000 euros yearly, no small sum.[10] In Germany, the mayors of 215 towns and cities in North-Rhine Westphalia, the largest German Land (state), have written to Merkel saying they do not have the capacity to host any more refugees. As one senior Christian-Democratic official put it: “Every mayor likes to be a good German, as long as the refugees are not put into his gym.”[11] This is an interesting choice of words: To be “a good German” today means to be willing to suffer foreign settlement. Yes, that will be the first thing to change after the Revolution.

The little Alpine nation of Slovenia as a whole appears to be overwhelmed with the entry of almost 40,000 migrants in less than ten days, with a few ungrateful guests even burning down one of their own camps.[12] Commenting on the situation, the Interior Minister of neighoring Austria, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, a conservative, is now threatening to also build a border fence for her country and has called for “the construction of a Fortress Europe.”[13] Slovenian Prime Minister Miror Cerar had a tone of desperation before a recent summit of EU leaders on immigration: “If we do not deliver some immediate and concrete actions on the ground in the next few days and weeks, I do believe that the European Union and Europe as a whole will start to fall apart.”[14]

Finally, these migrants are already emerging as a serious economic burden for Europe’s bloated welfare states. Germany’s vaunted government budget surplus is to fall by 10 billion euros and unemployment is set to rise due to the arrival of an estimated 1.5 million migrants over two years (!).[15] Similarly, the Cuckold-Nation of Sweden, with a population of less than 10 million, is expected to receive 360,000 migrants with a 7 billion dollar price tag.[16]

Of course, the official media and pundits loudly proclaim, in a really shameless bit of effrontery, that the migrant invasion will actually prove an economic boon and will be key to funding our parents’ pensions. Germany, according to this piece of sophistry, is not substituting her own people for low-trust and low-IQ invaders, but is in fact executing a brilliant economic strategy other European nations are too dim to grasp: “You’d be a fool to pass this up, goyim!” There have been countless articles on this theme. One French idiot even claimed that the migrants contained “future Montaignes” . . .

In fact, we know that high welfare use, unemployment, and criminality, along with low educational achievement, are an intergenerational problem for most African or Islamic migrant groups in Europe. The statistics bear this out wherever we have them, be it in Great Britain, France, or Germany.[17] Thilo Sarrazin has documented with technocratic meticulousness that in Germany the worst performers are none other than the Turks, and everything suggests the neighboring Syrians will behave similarly.

The capitalist ruling classes of the West can be as brain dead as they like, but when adherence to multiculturalist ideology visibly proves prohibitively expensive, even businessmen start to think. Although, for reasons that somewhat escape me, Big Business has generally adopted an idiotically short-sighted approach to immigration, being absolutely blind to the medium- and long-term costs. While immigration provides cheap and docile labor, you would think businessmen would be smart enough to notice that immigrants and their children tend to pay less in taxes and consume more social services, which ultimately means more taxes on business! 

Conservative Populists Revolt Against Migrant Invasion

Europe’s mainstream conservatives are terrified of losing votes and credibility to anti-immigration parties to their right. This has been particularly the case for those I would call “populist conservatives,” members of basically mainstream conservative parties who like to signal opposition to immigration and multiculturalism, and who specialize in taking votes from ostensible nationalist parties.

The biggest populist conservative of them all is of course Prime Minister Orbán himself. But there are many others. In the German Land of Bavaria, the ruling party is the Christian Social Union (CSU), a long-time traditional right-wing ally of Merkel’s party. However, Bavarian Minister-President Horst Seehofer has condemned Merkel’s management of the crisis, explicitly backed Orbán’s approach, and even invited the Hungarian to a CSU party event.

This is extremely significant. Leftists have (correctly) “accused the Bavaria-based CSU [. . .] and the immigration-sceptical Alternative fur Deutschland [a new euroskeptic party], of blurring the lines and helping [the anti-Islamic group] Pegida by making right-wing language ‘respectable’.”[18] So a leading member of Fidesz explicitly backs White Advocacy, while the leader of a major German state and conservative party in turn backs Fidesz’s leader Orbán. We are not necessarily as far from a pro-European public discourse and government as we may think!

In Belgium, the leader of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) and Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever has gone from strength to strength, causing much anguish in the liberal media. Although his success has come at the detriment of the truly nationalist Flemish Interest (VB).

In recent elections in Switzerland, the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) received by the far the most votes with a whopping 29 percent, the biggest vote for any single party since the country instituted proportional representation in 1919. The SVP specializes in proposing, and winning, anti-immigration and anti-Islamization referendums.

In France, a wing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative party (now called “Les Républicains” . . .) has always sought to steal Front National voters by making noises on Islam and immigration. This is usually just low race-baiting but sometimes significant proposals are made. For example, Éric Ciotti, an MP in the very right-wing southeast of France, has proposed eliminating birthright citizenship. Also, another member of Sarkozy’s party, Nadine Morano, has, quoting General Charles de Gaulle, argued that “ France is “a Judeo-Christian [society]. . . of white race” and should basically stay that way,[19] which is something Marine Le Pen’s “detoxified” FN would no longer say. (Indeed, Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie was purged from the party in part for explicitly referring to White demographic interests in opposing immigration.)

The mixed-race comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala poked fun at Morano: “You see how you were lynched. Because you’re too stupid. You think you can say things, but you can’t. Even though you said Judeo-Christian! You tried to cover yourself as much as possible . . . Didn’t pass!”[20] But actually, Morano was not harshly punished for her statement, besides being withdrawn from a minor regional election.

Indeed, the Overton window on the explicit discussion of native French interests appears to be shifting. Alain Finkielkraut — one of leading Jewish pundits occupying the French media space — actually came out in the defense of Morano: “If today De Gaulle published his Memoirs of Hope [where he describes European nations as White], he would have the M’RAP and the LICRA [two anti-racist NGOs] on his ass. There is nothing bad about saying that, indeed, the French people should remain the majority in France.”[21] Are the French going to be allowed to discussed their interests in their own country!? One would wish the approval of Levantine “intellectuals” were not necessary in the first place.

Last but not least, there are the conservatives of central and eastern Europe, a region whose nationalist potential I have written on at length.[22] It was only countries of this region — Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Romania — that voted against Merkel’s EU migrant redistribution scheme. Nevertheless, they found themselves forced to accept Afro-Islamic settlement. Czech President Miloš Zeman has advocated the formation of a European army to halt the migrant invasion.[23] Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico has pledged to take the EU to court over the forced migrant redistribution scheme. Real European cooperation and solidarity is already being organized by these nations: The Visegrád Four (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) have agreed to jointly police the Hungarian border, thus preventing a common problem.[24]

In Poland, the right has won a stunning victory in recent parliamentary elections, with the populist-conservative Law and Justice party (PiS) led by Jarosław Kaczyński having won an outright majority in parliament (with 37.6% of the votes). The new Polish government may prove critical: Poland, with 38 million people, is by far the largest and most powerful central European nation. The new PiS government can be expected to take a harder line on immigration than its predecessor, likely siding even more closely with Orbán and the other Visegrád leaders. One PiS MP recently said: “We want to avoid the mistakes of Western countries in the scale of immigrants [coming] from another civilization.”[25]

Shrill liberals have made much of the fact that, in election speeches, Kaczyński has said migrants carry “parasites and protozoa,” insinuating that the evil Pole is willing to reopen the gas chambers. In fact, PiS seems to be a rather unrigorous conservative-populist party, happier to bait Moscow and Brussels than take a systematic approach to immigration.  What’s more, it appears that Janusz Korwin-Mikke — the amiable mustachioed paleoconservative who recently achieved Internet fame by hilariously denouncing immigration in the European Parliament in particularly colorful terms, to the shock of the women in attendance[26] — may have failed to achieve the 5 percent of the vote necessary to enter the national parliament.

From Conservative Populism to European Nationalism

The conservative populists will not, in themselves, save Europe, even if they successfully impose a solution to the current migrant crisis. Their opposition to non-European immigration is as a rule instinctive and electoral, not ideological and principled. They oppose immigration, to the extent they do, because it pays and will cease to do so when it no longer pays. Indeed, Orbán’s poll numbers have shot up thanks to his successful crisis management and it is hard to say the extent to which his position is really ideologically principled or merely politically opportunistic.[27] The conservative populists’ objective role — visible especially in France, Germany, and Belgium — has often been to steal votes from the nationalist far-right, without actually addressing the underlying problem of immigration.

Nonetheless, recent events are promising. The multiculturalist Left which is destroying Europe has ruled through the successful demonization of the far-Right/nationalists, dividing the Right as a whole. Principled ethno-nationalists and opponents of immigration are thus firmly separated and safely quarantined from the various national ruling elites, and especially the mainstream conservative parties.[28] From Orbán Fidez through Seehofer’s CSU to Merkel’s CDU, there is a web of relationships linking explicit White advocacy to Europe’s most mainstream ruling elites.

The mood in Germany itself has changed rapidly. Of all the major European nations, Germany is by far the one in which the most citizens are concerned about immigration and in which fear of immigration has increased,[29] according to the EU’s own opinion polls:


Hate Map of Europe

This is causing considerable angst among Germany’s media and political authorities, whose first reflex is to heighten the regime’s persecution and ostracizing of dissenters. We can never stress enough that, concerning nationalists, the German Federal Republic is an authoritarian regime and in no way a “democracy.” As Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière recently wrote: “The hate against refugees, the hate against responsible politicians, the hate against people who think differently [sic!!!] has reached an unbearable level in the internet and on the streets.”[30] Criticism of immigration is thus to be stigmatized as “neonazi hate,” und so weiter. One conservative politician (Walter Lübcke) has suggested that critics of immigration should leave Germany, while the head of IG-Metall trade union, the largest in the world, has even said that workers opposed to immigration should simply be fired.[31]

The other reaction however has been to actually take some measures to at least attenuate the migration problem. Besides restoring border checks, Berlin has begun deporting some migrants and has, through new legislation passed at breakneck speed, toughened rules to attain refugee status and welfare. Federal police managing the borders checks have complained of being “drowned” in migrants and Rainer Wendt, head of the German police trade union, has called for the creation of a border fence.[32] Thus: Police and mayors on the ground, the conservative wing of the Christian Democrats, and the rising wave of right-wing street activism (PEGIDA) and political parties (Alternative for Germany, the National Democratic Party) could conceivably lead to a full reversal in German policy. Germany, such a hopeless country for nationalists today, could well prove the lynchpin of a new Europe.

Orbán has shown that the separation between the mainstream conservatives, the conservative populists, and the true nationalists is not as watertight as globalists hope. The Magyar sits in the mainstream European People’s Party and he is a Prime Minister in the European Council, lecturing in both capacities his fellow politicians and in particular “Mama Merkel” on the insanity of their immigration policies. Central European leaders and elements of Merkel’s own coalition have sided with Orbán. And even some Jewish intellectuals like Finkielkraut, if only for opportunistic reasons, have conceded that native Europeans should be able to speak up about their legitimate interests.

Yes, all this is promising. There must be waves of pressure: The Identitarians upon the nationalist parties, the nationalist parties upon the conservative populists, and finally the conservative populists upon the mainstream conservatives. Barring a bloody revolution, the only way for us to achieve the policies necessary to halt immigration and save Europe from destruction is by restoring that junction between our ruling elites and the ostracized nationalist dissidence. Thus our peoples’ interests and right to life would again be secured, and our ruling elites might again be legitimate leaders of the people they govern.

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