Trump Rally in Beaumont, Texas: Pounding Home the Anti-Immigration Theme

From a correspondent:

My family drove over from Houston to attend a Trump rally in Beaumont, Texas on Saturday, his first after the Paris shootings.  I’ve never seen him push the envelope like he did.

First, he made a comment about the French attacks, saying essentially, “if they, if our people had guns, this wouldn’t have happened.”  “Our people” here is referring to the French victims—perhaps hinting to the audience that he sees the French victims as White like us and that the problems France faces are the same facing Whites around the world. Phrases like “our people” uttered by a White person and including Whites in other countries indicate a transnational sense of White identity and are anathema to the social justice/cultural Marxist crowd.

Second, he brought out four families, all White, whose relatives were murdered by illegal aliens.  Trump is essentially running a live action road show with the content of an American Renaissance article, the ones that became so tiresome and depressing, chronicling non-White misbehavior.  Trump, however, just repeats these themes over and over.

It’s plausible that someone of Trump’s personality could be successful without pushing the immigration issue so hard, which makes a case for it being a genuine conviction for him.  All in all, a very surreal experience.  Trump tells these hugely parenthetical stories, and then will jump back and pick up the conversation thread from twenty minutes ago, all with no notes and all with keeping the language on a fourth-grade level.  He may be the most talented public speaker alive today.

He continued hammering his theme of Eisenhower and Operation Wetback.  Trump is pushing the talking points White Nationalists have been making for 20+ years.

Here’s a video of the speech

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