Worse is better? The end of electoral democracy in the UK

Those who say that the electoral road is finished for White advocates in heavily Muslim populated areas of the UK, have had their argument boosted by a perverse by-election result in one of the Labour Party’s safest seats. Indications were that Oldham West and Royton near Manchester would be close, with the anti-immigration UKIP breathing down Labour’s necks. Completely against normal mid-term by-election patterns, the Labour vote effectively defied gravity and went up 7.49% and the party romped home with a greatly increased majority.

The election appears to have been stolen by massive organised postal vote fraud within the Muslim community which comprises more than a third of the electorate in Oldham. The crucial factor seems to be bundles of postal votes delivered in the last days by “senior Muslim representatives of the Labour Party.” Oldham, which has a long history of racial tension, is notorious for this type of rigging.

It is a travesty so blatant that the only way the establishment can deal with it is to sneer and collectively turn a blind eye. The media is restricting itself to reporting how UKIP leader Nigel Farage immediately came under fire for suggesting the vote was “bent.” Indeed, Farage sees the end of British democracy:

There are some really quite big ethnic changes now in the way people are voting. They can’t speak English, they have never heard of Ukip or the Conservative Party, they haven’t even heard of Jeremy Corbyn.

I’m commenting on the state of modern Britain, post mass immigration. It means effectively that in some of these seats where people don’t speak English and they sign up to postal votes, effectively the electoral process is now dead.

Stories and allegations began to pour in on social media. One UKIP source said “I’ve never seen in 25 years of being involved in politics where you get over 15 per cent of the total votes run in on the last day. That is very weird.”

“Is this Britain or is this Harare?” ran the Telegraph headline quoting Nigel Farage the UKIP leader “It was a very safe Labour seat, but what was happening in the postal vote was worrying.”

UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttal branded the postal voting system an “affront to democracy”. He added:

We’ve had problems in Tower Hamlets with this, we’ve had problems in Birmingham. I can only foresee more problems, particularly in these northern seats, in years to come.

The UKIP candidate John Bickley, said:

I was quite stunned at how the postal votes had an impact on the result. It was such an impact that actually none of us should have bothered to turn up. The postal voting system is no longer fit for purpose in a democracy.

Mid-term by-elections are usually an opportunity for the electorate to deliver a bloody nose to the incumbent party. At the general election UKIP came within 600 votes of capturing this solidly Labour seat. With Labour currently beset by internal acrimony and increased anger at the dispersal of thousands of “Syrian refugees,” it seemed ripe for UKIP victory.

Farage claimed that many voters could not speak English. This chimed with what Guardian reporter Helen Pidd discovered at the weekend “A dismaying number of voters I met in Oldham today cannot speak English despite living here a decade or more. But they’re voting Labour,” she wrote. If they cannot speak English then they cannot read English, so how can they read the ballot form? Answer; they cannot. Helen Pidd wrote that one Pakistani said he would sit down as a family and decide how to cast their votes “doing little to dispel the belief that many Asian families still vote as a bloc.”

There is nothing new about Muslim electoral fraud but never has it been as open and blatant as it is now. This is particularly true among inner-city wards dominated by Muslim clan leaders who effectively control the local franchise and even set up ‘voting factories’ to process ballot papers.

The worst areas in the country for this are said to be the Muslim-dominated communities of Tower Hamlets, Blackburn — and Oldham. A Google search of the words “Asian election fraud” returns too many cases to go through. A few years ago there were 50 criminal inquiries into a range of voting frauds, all in Muslim areas.

A BBC report found that Muslims were even targeting British Pakistanis who have relocated in their thousands to the Pakistan district of Maipur. The activists were going door to door asking eligible “British voters” to sign over their entitlement to a proxy or postal vote. Earlier this year in Britain’s most heavily Muslim area of Tower Hamlets in East London the Mayor was jailed for corruption which included vote rigging.

In the Birmingham local elections of 2004, six Muslim men stole thousands of ballot papers and marked them for Labour candidates. The Election Commissioner, Judge Richard Mawrey QC, said at their trial that the contest “would have disgraced a banana republic.”  Yet, more than ten years on, the problem has only got worse because in a system where the parties are indistinguishable on immigration, reform of a system that keeps White protests out is in none of their interests.

Nevertheless, there is plenty of encouragement for White advocates to draw from this result.  For the first time it is now being freely and openly admitted even on the BBC that Labour’s victory was down to what it called the “Asian community” whereas The Times  admitted the White Working Class was UKIP’s secret weapon.   Given the allegiances of the UK media, it was amazing to read acknowledgement of Whites as a group in this context!

This was repeated in even more eye-opening terms in a story which is sadly behind a paywall. One unnamed Labour official told The Times: “The white working class vote is going west, but things seem to be going well among the Asian vote. A win is a win, even if it is seconds before the whistle, with a flat ball.” An astonishing admission — and in the The Times of all places!

The more that the Labour Party can be shown to represent the  interests of Labour elites, public sector professionals and Muslims, the more it will be abandoned by the White working class.  For White advocates this can only be good news: the more alienation from Labour and the electoral system the better.

Oldham shows that the policy of White replacement is now in progress and undeniable. Poor Whites are superfluous—no longer needed or wanted. Whites are, in the words of Monty Python, a Dead Parrot of a population. They have ceased to exist.

But Labour too is dead as far as poor Whites are concerned. As a defender of their interests, it has ceased to exist. It is now largely a vehicle for women, minorities and middle-class careerists who look forward to a life in the well-rewarded and not too arduous area of “prole control.” These are the researchers, policy advisors, the therapists and communications managers, the consultants who will form the state’s overseer class.

These Brahmins, often the offspring of lecturers, teachers, and trade union professionals of the rest of the political class, fill undemanding but lucrative careers in London working for trade unions, NGOs and perhaps even better paid jobs in the European Union in Brussels. And if any of the Whites back home get uppity, a combination of media, union-supported antifa paramilitaries and increasingly ferocious laws will deliver the necessary smack to the head.

So is the White working class in Oldham so stupefied with television, soccer and drugs that they will never throw off their shackles? Well, Labour thought that in Scotland — until the last election in May when the party was virtually wiped out by the separatist socialists of the SNP. The century-old rock-solid, impregnable Scottish Labour vote disappeared like light snow on a lawn on a sunny day.

This week British jets began pounding Syria for the first time. As events in Paris have shown, this won’t go down well with certain sections of our population. Perhaps it is time to take comfort from the Bolshevik insight that “worse is better” — the worse things get, the more people will wake up.

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