Using the Moral Capital of the Holocaust to Promote Muslim Migration

It has always been obvious that Donald Trump’s candidacy would result in a barrage of hostile media, and there have already been numerous comparisons of Trump to Hitler. But now, coinciding with Holocaust Remembrance Day, we get Holocaust survivors chiming in. The Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank is a Jewish patriot with access to the elite media, of whom Philip Weiss wrote:

The answer [for why the Israel Lobby is so powerful] is not a conspiracy of donors. Though, yes, donors matter. The answer is the importance of Zionism inside the US establishment. It is the sincere belief among empowered Jews like Dana Milbank, Alan Dershowitz, and Matt Dorf that the establishment of Israel was the redemptive end point of a tragic European Jewish history, and that American Jews are equal partners in the fulfillment of that redemption. This is a sincere, core belief on the part of countless Jewish politicians, journalists, donors and thinktank officials, many of them liberals.

And, from Milbank’s perspective, in order to redeem that tragic Jewish history, it is important to derail Trump’s candidacy by invoking the “moral authority” of holocaust survivors. Milbank:

This year’s Holocaust remembrance comes at a time when Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, retweets to his nearly 6 million followers a message from @WhiteGenocideTM based in “Jewmerica,” and a time when his nearest challenger, Ted Cruz, brandishes the endorsement of a minister who says Hitler was a “hunter” sent after the Jews by God. There has never been a more important time for Americans to heed the moral authority of the Holocaust survivors still among us. …

This refers to this retweet by Trump:

I guess Milbank’s idea is that by retweeting someone, you are also endorsing all of his ideas, and therefore Trump is evil. But let’s face it, it’s a funny tweet, and I rather doubt that Trump vetted @WhiteGenocide. Still, it’s encouraging that Trump did not just chuckle and move on when he saw that Twitter tag.

Milbank continues with his pitch for immigration and multiculturalism:

Now an American presidential candidate has made scapegoats of immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, the disabled, women. And for the first time, Martin Weiss hears echoes of his youth. “The guy scares me,” he said after listening to [German Ambassador Peter Wittig’s] tribute. “I don’t want to make any comparison to Hitler [but I will anyway], but believe it or not his delivery and the way he conducts himself is very similar to Hitler’s way of doing things. He discredits everybody who disagrees with him. He’s insulting. He discriminates against everybody.”

This is an excellent example of how the Holocaust is used to promote immigration and multiculturalism.

Not to be outdone, Newsweek published an op-ed by Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s stepsister (Anne Frank’s stepsister: Trump ‘acting like another Hitler’). As is typical also of Jewish organizations, refugee policy is seen entirely from the perspective of what is good for Jews, with no mention of costs to European countries, including the well-known sexual depredations of Muslim men.

I am very upset that today again so many countries are closing their borders. Fewer people would have died in the Holocaust if the world had accepted more Jewish refugees. …

If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism. During his U.S. presidential campaign he has suggested the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” as well as pledging to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.

Again, the holocaust as moral cudgel to promote Jewish interests in immigration and refugee policy.

We are still in the beginning stages of anti-Trump media hysteria. We can expect more of the same if Trump continues his success.

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