Of course, I am disappointed that Trump didn’t win in Iowa, and I remain confident that he will prevail in New Hampshire and beyond. But I have to say that it irritates me no end to think of all the White people who either voted Democrat or for Republicans other than Trump. What could they possibly be thinking?

Sanders apparently won the youth vote hands down. So we have to imagine idealistic young people and a lot of benighted adults hoping to bring on the multicultural, non-White Utopian future as soon possible. Or else the young people mainly want the government to pay for their college tuition, which makes them no different from the average Democrat welfare voter hoping to keep the government handouts flowing. In either case, they are not thinking seriously about what it’s going to be like for the US when the Democrats get what they want.

I really don’t think it’s possible to vote for Clinton for idealistic reasons. It’s got to be more a hold-your-nose thing in the wake of the huge Wall Street donations and speaking fees, the Clinton Foundation scandals, the email scandals, the Iraq war vote, the neocon connections. Or maybe it’s Democrat idealism of the kind that led to Obama to the presidency combined with a cynical belief that Sanders can’t ultimately win because he is too radical and anyone is better than a Republican. Frankly, more than any other candidate, Hillary provokes a moral revulsion and disgust. 4-8 years of seeing and hearing her as president would be unbearable.

And then there’s the Republicans, only 24% of whom voted for Trump who is the candidate who brought up the two most important issues of the campaign for the White middle and working class: immigration and trade policy. And he is the only candidate for whom it is possible to believe that he would really try to do something about these issues.

One has to wrap one’s head around the fact that 9% of Republicans voted for Carson who is hopelessly confused about everything (especially foreign policy) and is certainly no immigration patriot. And Rubio, after all, is still the Gang-of-Eight pro-immigration guy beholden to donors linked the the Republican Jewish Coalition and their policy preferences in favor of immigration and multiculturalism in the US combined with war-mongering on behalf of Israel. Juan Cole summarized Rubio’s foreign policy views:

Marco Rubio has said of Daesh (ISIS, ISIL), “This group needs to be confronted and defeated. They are not going to go away on their own. They’re not going to turn into stockbrokers overnight or open up a chain of car washes. They need to be defeated militarily, and that will take overwhelming U.S. force.” He insults Iran’s Shiite Islam. Rubio wants to overthrow Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad as soon as possible.

There is simply no way a rational non-Jewish White American can be in favor of this. Rubio is following Israel’s policy objectives to the letter. Overthrowing Assad will lead to enormous bloodshed, the Alawhites and Christians will be exterminated. Or if the US goes in with an “overwhelming military force” there will be an unending commitment, guerrilla warfare, thousands of US casualties, and huge expense — in other words, a repeat of the Iraq invasion.

But of course, he and the media are now spinning his third-place finish as a victory. And it is a victory in the sense that he overachieved in terms of his pre-caucus numbers. As CNN noted, “Marco Rubio’s stronger-than-expected showing could mark him as the establishment’s best hope against a grassroots revolt in next week’s New Hampshire primary and beyond.” (One wonders about fraud, as discussed by the always excellent James Kirkpatrick on VDARE. The Iowa caucus system is uniquely susceptible to fraud.)

And sorry, I can’t take the Goldman Sachs-funded Cruz seriously even though he, like Trump, wants to keep Assad in power and, like Trump, is sounding quite patriotic on immigration—with a resounding endorsement coming from none other than Jeff Sessions — as well as trade policy. But his policies on immigration are a pale reflection of Trump’s, and I just can’t help feeling that this is opportunism — realizing that Trump’s populism has legs.  Trump is really angry about the status quo, whereas Cruz only brought up these issues after Trump put them in play. Trump means it and will do everything he can to bring about change. Hard to believe that Cruz will. And hard to believe that this Canadian-born, half-Cuban really has a strong emotional attachment to the traditional White majority of the US.

The real message continues to be the power of the media in shaping opinion. And it’s very scary that Rubio’s their guy now. If he wins, we know for sure that the Empire is still very much intact. And that White America is really clueless.

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