Help White Farmers facing the Drought in South Africa

By Lenel Cotty Wessels and Colin Liddell

As this Black-centric BBC report shows, South Africa is suffering the most severe drought in over 30 years. This is afflicting both Whites and Blacks in the agricultural areas, but the anti-White ANC government is content to sit back and allow the drought to slowly push the largely White-run farms to the brink so that party functionaries can benefit by White dispossession.

With already 119 racially-based laws aimed at advancing Black interests, the ANC government has zero interest in helping White farmers, even though the country’s food supply is dependent on them. Just as in Zimbabwe, it believes they should be driven off the land into the various squatter camps, where an increasing number of poor Whites eke out a miserable existence. The drought is helping them achieve this goal.

Accordingly, the government has been ignoring it. Despite six calls by agricultural organisations, the government refuses to declare a state of emergency, and it still refuses to re-budget in order to subsidize farming activities, fodder, and water supplies. The statement by a government spokesperson – “It will rain again” – shows the lack of urgency and understanding of the situation so typical of 3rd world “democracies.”

The Front National, a political party that believes in secession and self-determination for the White Afrikaner population, is doing what it can to help White farmers affected by the drought, and has set up a “Go Fund Me” donations page.

The money raised will go towards alleviating the suffering of the White farming community. This is a worthy cause for all racially aware White people to support. Your donations are much appreciated.

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