On Invasions, Traitors, and Gathering Storms

“The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”
                Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ode to the West Wind


In older, less materialistic times our people would often look to the natural world for portents. In the passing of comets, the flight of ravens, and the ominous tinge of an evening sky, any number of divine warnings and directions could be read. In one very famous example, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that in 793 the scholarly colony of monks at Lindisfarne observed unusually high winds and lightning flashes: “Here were dreadful forewarnings come over the land of Northumbria, and woefully terrified the people: these were amazing sheets of lightning and whirlwinds, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky. These signs were soon followed by a great famine.” Shortly afterwards, these omens seem to bear fruit when devastation fell on peaceful Lindisfarne in the form of a war band of Norsemen who sacked the cherished monastery, and arbitrarily drowned or enslaved its occupants. As similar attacks and colonizations took place along Britain’s coast in the following months and years, it appeared to many Christian contemporaries as if the world itself were coming to an end. An end, some thought, that had been predicted in the convulsions of the earth itself.

I shrink from superstition, especially of a primitive kind such as this. However, this passage of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle came irresistibly to mind as I surveyed the latest news on the invasion of Europe — a continent that in recent years has endured unusual weather. Just as the sudden winds and lightning prefigured the blitzkrieg attacks of the Norsemen, since 2013 Northern Europe has been beset by warm and wet winters, and colder summers —  resulting in severe floods. These seem eerily to have anticipated the waves of dusky hostile invaders that now incessantly crash upon its shores, raping and murdering Europe’s sons and daughters. The holy ancient motherland appears to cry out in warning to its children.

Although possessing no religious faith, as I write this I find myself feeling a great affinity with the eighth-century scribes who survived or recorded what happened at Lindisfarne. My heart is heavy with a growing daily record of new robberies, new desecrations, mass rapes, and new murders in the land that I see as being holy and sacred in every sense of the word. I see the monk, quill and scroll before him, and I share with him his feeling of bitter dispossession, helplessness, anger, and sorrow. Like him, I look at a world that seems on the verge of its end: a twilight if not of the gods, then of the god-seekers, the Prometheans. Like the monk, I also ask myself why. The eighth-century Christians questioned why their god had forsaken them, blaming the local adoption of pagan hairstyles and a general lack of piety (the Christian mass slaughter of Saxon heathens never came to mind). Many centuries later, I sit at my electronic version of the quill and scroll, questioning why our people continue to slumber, despite their latent might and ingenuity. Blame for this impending Götterdämmerung can be disseminated among so many, even among one’s own kin, that the process serves only to increase despair rather than contribute to clarity, let alone solutions.

There are, of course, myriad differences between my position and that of the monk. The raiders from the North eventually wrought peace and progress from the cinders of conflict, something that we can be certain will not be on the horizon for us. The reasons for the differences are fairly straightforward. The invasion of the Great Heathen Army (of ‘the pagan race’) in 865 was felt by contemporaries to have brought about a vast demographic change in England. The treaty drawn up by the Anglo-Saxon King Alfred and the Norse chief Guthrum established the ‘Danelaw’ in East Anglia by acknowledging a split between the lands occupied by “all the English race and all the people which is in East Anglia.” A difference in the nature of the peoples was assumed. But it was an extremely superficial difference. A genetic survey, carried out for the BBC by a team from University College London in 2000, “found it impossible to distinguish between the DNA of the fifth-century Saxon invaders and ninth-century Vikings.”[1] The process of Norse cultural assimilation ushered in by the expulsion of Erik Bloodaxe from York in 954 was made so easy and inevitable by the fact that genetic assimilation wasn’t required. Despite brutal battles, enslavements, murders, and dispossessions, one thing remained constant — the genetic profile of the inhabitants of Britain. Thus, while all the world seemed to the Christian monks to be on the verge of ending, what was actually occurring was not an invasion of the ‘Other,’ but rather a particularly brutal brawl between brothers over land, and for prestige.

There will be no treaty with today’s invading force, composed of genuinely foreign and distant races. Peace and progress will not arise from the coming of brutalized low-IQ masses who burden welfare systems and commit crime on an unprecedented scale.  Cultural assimilation will be impossible, being so deeply dependent on genetic similarity. Most importantly, the demographic changes they are bringing about in European nations are not the fiction of Alfred and Guthrum, but a harsh reality that spells nothing less than destruction for indigenous inhabitants. The battles, enslavements, murders and dispossessions that now lie sadly and inevitably on the European horizon will not leave the genetic profile of the inhabitants of the continent unaltered. This isn’t our Lindisfarne moment — this is something infinitely worse.

There is another stark difference between my experience and that of the monks of Lindisfarne. During the early incursion of the Norsemen there were none who assisted and guided the raiders. Despite the identical genetic profiles of the opposing factions, loyalties were assured and interests were clearly defined. Extremely close ties of kinship, a vibrant code of personal and familial honor, and a belief in something higher than Man all contributed to the vigor of the fight waged by both sides. Treason was a crime of cosmic significance, bruising the soul of the folk and offending even the gods or God. Its punishment was often extremely severe, and frequently took on a sacrificial aspect. It has often been said that the Aryan, when pressed, has a talent for dispassionate cruelty. The Anglo-Saxons, among the most creative in this regard, devised the method of “hanging, drawing, and quartering” their traitors, finding social and religious catharsis in their death agonies.

By contrast, across Europe today there are scores of thousands of traitors who are cheerfully assisting the invasion force without consequence, either through short-term motives of self-interest or a badly corrupted sense of morality. Our close ties of kinship, admittedly always tempered with an individualistic streak, have been rent asunder. Our sense of personal and familial honor has been smeared and pathologized. Our belief in something higher than Man has been replaced with a vulgar Oriental materialism; a primitive fascination with comfort, shiny baubles and flimsy trinkets. Much of this has come to pass because there is another crucial difference between us and the monks of Lindisfarne. We have within our walls a foreign people that has, on so many occasions, played its hand as the facilitator of incursions into Europe, as the histories of Cordoba, Seville, and the Arab conquest of Spain in general so strongly illustrate. As the storm rages and the waves crash in, our efforts to stem the tide have been hampered by a group intent on putting holes in the levees; who are working unceasingly to find new channels for the water to pour in. Their tactics may be diverse, but their mentality is monolithic. They are tireless and ruthless in their efforts to ensure that the Old Continent continues to leak like a sieve. They cherish dreams of its final vanishing beneath the waves.

Hans Breuer

Hans Breuer

Hans Breuer has been described by journalists as an Austrian shepherd. He may occasionally guide sheep but the man is no Austrian. During the last six months this individual has made a habit of assisting the invasion of Austria via the Hungarian border. I will let Breuer himself explain why he is betraying the nation he calls home, in the form of his self-description: “I am a shepherd, a singer, and a Jew.” Not even bothering with the charade of claiming to be an Austrian, Breuer by his own admission harbors a keen sense of historical grievance. This has been nurtured since childhood, and as a result he possesses no sense of the moral right of native Austrians to protect their homeland. This is a man as incapable of being assimilated into the Austrian nation as his distant forebears were. He cannot empathize with a people that he is among but cannot ever be of. By accounts “beaming with pleasure” at smuggling four more Syrians into Austria, this Hebrew informs his interviewer that “friends of my mother escaped the Nazis by pretending to be members of the SS. Hearing this story all my life is what has prepared me for this situation.” Breuer’s parents, described even by friendly media sources as ‘Jewish dissidents,’ had already absconded from Austria to Britain prior to World War II. They were victims of no-one. And yet their son burns with a keen and familiar sense of victimhood. He claims:

It makes me cry again and again if I think of my father, of his situation, and of other immigrants — and I put it together with these people. Friends of my parents, Jewish people, tried to emigrate to Switzerland, but the Swiss put them back to the Nazis at the frontier. There is too much similarity between these two situations, one 70 years ago, and one now.

But of course the only similarity in these situations is that of unwelcome, self-interested ethnic extremists, possessing a strong sense of entitlement, sneaking across borders in a continent that doesn’t belong to them. Any other ‘similarities’ present in Breuer’s mind are the products of biased education, victimhood indoctrination, a natural talent for deception of the self and others, and a sense of morality based exclusively on ethnic concerns. Unfortunately, rather than being thrown in jail for his unlawful endeavors, Breuer has been eulogized by the Jewish press and even became a brief YouTube sensation for a video in which he sings Yiddish songs to his Palestinian passengers. The Israeli press covered the video with glee, welcoming with predictable joy the deportation of malcontents from their borders to the land of the hated Europeans. And what contributions are these invaders making in Austria? Perhaps we should consult the ten-year-old Austrian boy raped and horrifically injured just days ago by an Iraqi at his local swimming pool. This is Breuer’s gift to Austria.

If I can be so bold as to borrow one of the SPLC’s cash-phrases, Breuer is no lone wolf, since organized Jewry is nothing if not a pack hunter. The Huffington Post declares that “Jews are on the frontline of the European immigrant crisis.” Such rare honesty! No religious group, proclaims Huffington Post writer Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, “has responded with more passion and sense of identification than the Jewish community.” I couldn’t agree more. But inevitably Mr Raushenbush and I come to our disagreement. You see, according to our august Jewish journalist, Jews have been motivated to take such a leading role solely by their intense emotional reaction to “heartbreaking images of men, women, and children risking everything for a better life.” Quite why this astounding level of empathy seems to dry up at the boundaries of the Israeli state or when European women and children are raped and murdered is left unanswered. Perhaps it’s ‘a Jew thing’ and my simple Nordic-Saxon goyishe kopf, PhD or not, isn’t sophisticated enough to understand it.

Nevertheless, I’m intelligent enough to see that across Europe this magical Jewish empathy has been assisting the entry and accommodation of non-White hostiles on a scale that would have made the blood run from the face of King Alfred himself. Presumably to commemorate the millions of Jews who were shot, gassed, electrocuted and turned into soap and household decorative items there, the Italian city of Milan apparently became convinced of its urgent need to possess something called a ‘Holocaust Memorial’ two years ago. Symbolically situated near the city’s main train station, due to supernaturally innocent Jews having once travelled the railway, the memorial now provides accommodation gratis to 3,500 so-called ‘refugees.’ Here, in what is commonly described as the “starting point” of the “Migrant Express” to Northern Europe, invaders from Africa and the Middle East can eat free food and charge their iPhones, getting some much-needed rest in preparation for an arduous evening of theft, sexual assault and murder. This is Jewry’s gift to Europe.

In a shocking piece of honesty that almost made me spit out my coffee, Robert Jarach, Vice-Chair of the Milan memorial, explains that the bands of invaders residing at his facility are “mostly men.” Meanwhile Renzo Gattegna, President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, proposed to dedicate some hideous creation called “the European Day of Jewish Culture” to the invading force, declaring: “Welcoming and respecting other faiths and cultures dates back to the very origins of Judaism.” Is this the welcoming and respectful stance of the Tanakh, wherein the Jewish god chooses the Jews as a people “above all others,” and permission to lend at interest is only given in respect of loans to non-Jews? Perhaps he is referring to the charming book of Leviticus which welcomes and respects other peoples and faiths by permitting their enslavement by Jews (25:44-46). Or maybe he is actually talking about Psalm 137, which discusses the joy that can be had from smashing the head of gentile infants against rocks. But I could be doing Mr Gattegna a disservice by merely focussing on the warmth of the Tanakh. Other ancient Jewish sources, the Talmud for example, are even more generous to other faiths and cultures. This respect is evidenced throughout, for example, in those sections where non-Jews are described as “non-human, beasts” (Baba Mezia, 114b), “like a dog” (Eereget Raschi Erod. 22.30), “animals in human form” (Midrash Talpoith), and “pigs” (Jalkut Rubeni gadol). So given this heart-warming history, it makes perfect sense that Jews are acting out of an age-old love for the foreigner, as Gattegna claims, rather than out of an aggressive desire for the subjugation and displacement of hated Europeans.

Scratch even lightly beneath the surface and you will find this familiar, ‘loving’ hand behind all efforts to galvanize and propagandize the pro-invasion cause among gullible Whites. In Britain the pro-invader groups have coalesced under the ‘Support Refugees’ umbrella organization. The group quite openly admits in its ‘About Us’ section that it was set up by The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) and the West London Synagogue of British Jews. JCORE had earlier distinguished themselves by writing to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, in August 2015. In their letter/petition, 200 leading Jews including 20 rabbis described the British reluctance to permit entry to German-level numbers of invaders as “appalling.” Support Refugees was established as a “One-Stop Shop for Those Seeking to Respond to the Refugee Crisis.” The website apparently ‘got off the ground’ thanks to the Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade, who presumably took time out from mundane teenage pastimes in order to contribute their own little part to the overthrow of the Europeans. The idea for the website, I should add, is stated as originating with the Jewish Social Action Forum. Perfect patterns are normally very beautiful, but I can’t help but perceive in this one something dark and twisted. Support Refugees’ main backers are listed as:

Alyth Gardens Synagogue
Board of Deputies of British Jews
BODSA — Board of Deputies Social Action Group
Finchley Progressive Synagogue
JCORE — The Jewish Council for Racial Equality
Jewish Social Action Forum
The Liberal Jewish Synagogue
Liberal Judaism
Masorti Judaism
New North London Synagogue
Movement for Reform Judaism
Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue
Office of the Chief Rabbi
Pears Foundation
Rabbinic Conference of Liberal Judaism
Rabbinical Council of the United Synagogue
Rene Cassin
United Synagogue
West London Synagogue of British Jews
World Jewish Relief

I may be returning to superstition, but I feel that a turning point in a great struggle is now not too distant. Churchill once said that “This is not the beginning. Nor is it the end. But perhaps it is the end of the beginning.” Whatever lies in store for Europe in the next decade or two, I have a sense that we are witnessing the end of the beginning, much as even in the depths of Winter we can perceive the faintest hint of Spring. The invading floods have arrived in many cases bleating like lambs, playing the gullible for what they can get — free clothes for the victims, free homes for the victims, free cash for the victims. It is easy to see why the ‘refugees’ may be feeling quite complacent at the moment; assured by their sponsors that their settlement in Europe will be a permanent one. When a lamb is lost in the mountains it too will cry, piercing the air with its noise. Sometimes the mother comes. Sometimes a wolf. Europe has a habit of very quickly changing from the mother to the wolf, and its enemies would do well to remember that.

As long as we remain predominant in these lands, we have a chance of surviving the Winter and on into Spring. To get there we will need further awakening, but this is not an impossible task. The invading hordes and their sponsors, in their vulgarity and hubris, will do more for us in this respect than we ever could with all the prime television slots and media outlets we could handle. Nothing propagandizes quite like personal suffering. The cost of this awakening will be great, and the naïve and the trusting, perhaps justly, will pay the greatest price. Let the foolish and the pathologically altruistic sacrifice their daughters to the cherished false gods of equality and “collective guilt.” Their awakening will arrive in the harshest form imaginable. To the rest of us is allotted the task of educating our children and keeping them safe, making quiet preparations, recording wrongs, and above all holding onto a thread of optimism — no matter how thin it may be.

The scholars who recorded the events at Lindisfarne ended their entry with an appeal to God: “Save us O Lord from the wrath of the Norsemen!” It is true that Europe will need to rediscover its capacity for wrath if we are to regain dominance over our political and cultural life. But when it does, we may yet hear these words again, and this time not from the mouths or pens of brothers.


[1] R. Ferguson, The Hammer and the Cross: A New History of the Vikings (Penguin, 2009), 217.

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