James Edwards of The Political Cesspool at a Donald Trump Rally in Memphis

I attended a Donald Trump rally in Memphis on Saturday night as a fully credentialed member of the media and enjoyed the unique experience of being able to air a live broadcast of The Political Cesspool Radio Program from inside the press pen while the event was in full swing. (Next Saturday’s show [March 5] will feature a previously taped 20-minute interview with Donald Trump, Jr.) It was a very memorable day and I’d now like to take my audience behind the scenes.

After receiving my credentials from the campaign, I was instructed to get there early for set-up and to go through security. At approximately 1:30 PM I arrived at the Millington Regional Airport, where the rally was to be held inside one of the hangars. There was already a long line of supporters waiting to gain entry even though I was on-scene nearly five hours before Trump ascended to the podium. With rock music blaring and people tailgating in the parking lot it felt very much like a college football atmosphere. There were plenty of vendors hawking Trump merchandise, but the most impressive display was a concession stand offering the “Make America Great Again Trump Burger.” Naturally, this monster featured 100% American beef and 100% American cheese. Other items being offered included the “Ted Cruz Burger” (which featured Canadian Bacon), Bernie Sanders Pork Nachos, and Hillary Clinton SOFT drinks — that had been scrubbed clean.

I was fortunate to be able to bypass the crowd and long line by parking in a VIP area designated for members of the press, which was located directly behind the hangar. When I got out of my car I almost immediately ran into Trump beat reporter Katy Tur of NBC News. Katy first became known to me a couple of months ago after watching an interview she did with Trump.I must say though that she comes across as having an overall pleasant personality on television, and she was most certainly a sweetheart when we talked. Interestingly, she is the former girlfriend of Keith Olbermann, who once referred to me as “the worst person in the world” on his unimpressive and now thankfully canceled television show.


The time seemed to pass quickly. After picking up my press badge and clearing Secret Service, it felt as though the crowd was already starting to gather inside the venue. My co-hosts, Keith Alexander and Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, were already waiting for me by the time I set foot inside the hangar. The three of us, along with a TPC correspondent, brainstormed for a few minutes and developed an outline for our radio broadcast that night. As the crowd continued to build, it was nearing time to go to work.

CredentialsReporting for duty

As “game time” approached the energy in the room became palpable. There was a sense of excitement that was undeniable inside of a rusted, concrete hangar that looked like it had been built during the Cold War to shelter Memphians if Cuba ever decided to drop the bomb. It’s amazing how such an unassuming location can transform into the place to be when filled to capacity with the right people. And filled it was. A crowd of at least 10,000 packed inside a space with no chairs — and no complaints.

CrowdA view of the crowd from my vantage point inside the press pen long before the start of the event

As vigorous as the crowd was in advance of his arrival, Trump sent them into an absolute frenzy when his personal 757 came in for a landing in full view of those assembled. This man knows how to make an entrance. The plane rolled to a stop right in front of the podium before the door opened and out emerged New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the Republican front-runner. Christie provided an admirable warm-up act during which he comically savaged “Little” Marco Rubio.

ChristieFeed from a television inside the press pen

Trump himself took over the mic just minutes before 6:00 PM Central Time and gave his patented stump speech. The crowd roared when he asked them who was going to pay for the wall and nearly made the ground shake when he told them the wall was going to get ten feet taller if Mexican officials continue to use foul language.

AirTrumpAnother picture from my point of view

Believe it or not, I was actually able to hear very little of Trump’s speech because shortly after 6:00 my radio program went live on the air and I had to connect to the studio. However, it was a pretty incredible experience to be able to broadcast live from the press pen while Trump was simultaneously making his remarks. Being able to paint a verbal picture of the scene for my audience was a real novelty and something that will definitely be remembered. If you’ve not yet listened to our most recent show, please check our broadcast archives.

A highlight of the evening was when a scraggly protester attempted to disrupt President Trump’s remarks by holding up an unoriginal sign that read, “Make America HATE Again.” The crowd erupted when a hero emerged to rip the sign to shreds before security could escort the vanquished Social Justice Warrior to the parking lot. The press ate up the confrontation and scribbled furiously to cast this malcontent as someone worthy of praise.

Quite frankly, the media is wetting itself in reaction to Donald Trump’s surging candidacy. So-called reporters and journalists must feel absolutely impotent to find that, after spending decades attempting to brainwash people with a constant inundation of unnatural ideas, their best efforts have resulted in a colossal failure. As the media watches its grip slipping away, they have become desperate to paint Trump as a “racist.” It’s the same old, worn out card they always play. I wrote a book about it.

Trump has risen to the top of the polls by simply stating he will enforce our immigration laws and by showing he is a real man who won’t cower to political correctness. By throwing out some red meat to the starving base of the Republican Party, he has firmly positioned himself to execute a hostile takeover of the GOP. Thank God!

MediaAfter long since abandoning objective reporting, the media now sees itself as the enforcer of political correctness

The only downer was having to work in such close proximity to my “colleagues,” I really do despise the press and have gotten to the point now where I rarely give interviews anymore. They’re contemptible and obnoxious creatures. Rather than take advantage of having room to maneuver in the pen, I chose rather to stick close to the fence and mingle with the crowd during breaks in my program.

After he wrapped up a stem-winder, the Donald worked the ropes for a while before climbing back aboard AirTrump. Minutes later, he was rumbling back down the runway and into the Tennessee sky.

NotesHolding my show notes while touching base with my producer

I handed the show over to my co-hosts during the second hour and took pictures with a few fans who had been patiently waiting for me. The last woman who approached me had driven in from Nashville and remarked that she, too, was a Southern Baptist who agreed with me on the situation plaguing our church. I believe that I gave her comfort by assuring her that Trump was going to win Tennessee and carry the evangelical demographic throughout Dixie.

After a short exchange, I autographed her campaign sign and encouraged her to pray that Trump becomes our next Charlemagne.I must admit that this rally lived up to my expectations. I’ve been saying for years on the radio that the majority of Americans fundamentally agree with us on the issues and that the neocons were generals of a phantom army. I am being proven right. Our people just needed a viable candidate and they’ve identified Trump as that man. There is no doubt that Trump’s populism and nationalism is galvanizing our nation and may change the course of American history for the better right before our very eyes. After getting my start in politics with Pat Buchanan in 2000, Donald Trump will be the first Republican nominee that I have ever voted for.

Buchanan was a man ahead of the times and Trump is his vindicator. With family men like myself, it can be argued that Trump is now growing the party because there isn’t a chance that I would have ever considered voting for any of the other cuckservative losers bidding for the White House under the GOP banner this year. A fellow traveler remarked to me in private that the ingredient in Trump’s historic rise that makes it so delicious is that it’s nuclear powered. It is unstoppable. It is impervious to foot-shuffling, complaints, whining, hysterical cries of “racism” and so-called “white supremacism.”

Trump supporters don’t care, and there is something undeniably infectious about Trump’s masculine attitude. He is a prototypical alpha male.We don’t have to agree with everything Trump says, and he doesn’t need to agree with everything we say. In fact, it wouldn’t bother me if Donald Trump himself denounced me and all of my friends. He can denounce me until the cows come home so long as he follows through on his pledge to build a wall and ensures that the aliens self-deport. I am supporting him because immigration is the single biggest problem that our nation needs to solve. Demographics is destiny. He doesn’t have to support me.

The bottom line is that Trump is the only candidate who gives us a chance at having a fighter who will put America first. He’s the only candidate who isn’t owned and operated by special interests. With Trump, America has a chance to regain her identity.

A new day is dawning and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Vote Trump.

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