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Cucked reactions to the Brexit vote

“Bliss was it to be alive.,.” the words of poet William Wordsworth seem appropriate on a morning when Britain woke up to find the world had turned upside down — and our ruling elite had been given a decisive bloody nose. The British people’s narrow but definite rejection of the European Union is the biggest upset since Churchill was rejected by the voters in 1945.

The country seems in shock this morning. Red-eyed female presenters on the BBC look as if they have suffered a close family bereavement and the commentators are scrambling around trying to make sense of it all but there is no doubt who they are blaming: David Cameron, the “heir to Blair” himself and a man who had sworn to make Britain safe for the financial and bureaucratic elites.

In a system in which the defining characteristic of politicians must always be the ability to successfully sell lies to the voters, Cameron finally failed to deliver. He had come to power on a promise to reduce annual net immigration to under 100,000 and instead it had soared to an official 310,000 (unofficially it much higher than 500,000). While ordinary people were aghast, Cameron had merely shrugged his shoulders and said his hands were tied by Europe.  For generations, British politicians had got away with this. Then he allowed himself to be talked into a referendum. You can see the rationale. The voters had fallen for it repeatedly and there seemed no reason to think they would not do so again.

And this was where he made his fatal mistake. For the referendum gave people the one thing that the party system is specifically designed to prevent — a clear-cut choice.  Why did it happen?  The answer of course is hubris; a political elite drunk on entitlement who believed their own propaganda.

Standing outside the front door of 10 Downing Street, Cameron choked back the tears and listed his main “achievements”: record levels of mass immigration into the new Britain, making it into a “multi-racial, multi-faith democracy,” and making gay marriage legal. It looked like a resignation but, dissembler to the end, he said he would hang on until October to secure a smooth transition.  Eventually though, in the manner of all Western politicians, he must be binned like a surgeon’s gloves — and replaced with someone similar.

One huge benefit from the referendum is that the fault lines in British society are now in clear view and undeniable. It was Benjamin Disraeli in his 1845 novel Sybil who first coined the phrase “two nations” to describe how wealthy capitalists had been enriched by the industrial revolution while the working class of northern England had been plunged into poverty.

It is the same now. It is the White working class who have borne the brunt of mass immigration. There are clear divides between young and old, rich and poor, professional and manual, north and south. The bureaucrats and the proles.

Most of all it was a victory for the White working class of England over, not just Cameron, but their Labour Party overseers and a media establishment that has never bothered to hide its contempt. While Scotland, London and the main cities voted to remain, it was the ordinary Whites in the shires and Labour heartlands of England who turned out in massive numbers for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say no. The final figure may look narrow but among the White working class in some areas it seems to have been a landslide, and, if so, it means that the apparent spell that the Labour Party had on the poorest areas is broken.

One of the most delicious moments in the campaign was when Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn admitted there was no upward limit for mass migration into Britain.

This one gaffe must surely signal the end of Labour suzerainty in their northern heartland. At the last general election Labour in Scotland was wiped out by the Scottish nationalists — surely a resurgent UKIP will destroy the Labour Party in northern England.

The referendum also revealed one of the most carefully concealed truths of the White dispossession — that it is, at heart, a vicious class war between the haves and the have-nots. What used to be the traditional working class have watched in disbelief as their country has been taken away from them and their neighbourhoods transformed without ever being consulted.  They have seen how their objections have been ignored by a party system designed to ensure their views are sidelined but which has always smeared them as being morally deficient.

For this is the dark secret at the heart of equality and multiculturalism. At root, it is a hate movement based on status and directed at Whites further down the ladder. The lower order Whites have been patronised, ignored and betrayed by a colour blind bureaucratic elite which no longer bothers to conceal the contempt with which it regards the less fortunate amongst its own ethnic group. Multiculturalism is just a weapon to use against your own poor.  “Caring” was only ever about signalling virtue — and looking down on White people with less education and less money.

Few will forget the image of that obscene poverty pimp Bob Geldof on a yacht packed with millionaires in the Thames, making obscene gestures to fishermen complaining about the loss of their industry.

Then as if wallowing in the gutter was not enough, the Remain camp decided to drag their campaign into the sewer. The apotheosis of this must surely have been the ululations over the sainted Jo Cox. The state-sponsored outpouring of grief was North Korean in its carefully orchestrated intensity and surely exceeds even those two landmark events in the history of mass hysteria, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997 and Bob Geldof’s Live Aid for famine relief in 1985.

Day after day it went on with the broadcast cameras always in attendance. There was the staged recall to parliament, then the memorial chapel service, long eulogies at Wembley Stadium during a debate and finally, on the eve of the referendum,  a mass rally in Trafalgar Square while international events were held in many world capitals including New York, and Washington DC.  Even Bono was drafted in.

But take a close look at that Trafalgar Square rally.  There is barely a brown skin or a black to be seen.  It is a sea of white and therein lies another truth. Our multicultural elites are fuelled by a burning hate — of their own White inferiors.

One side benefit is the enormous damage this referendum has done to the reputation of the BBC.  From the beginning it barely bothered to disguise its partiality, but some of its behaviour has covered itself in shame.

A large part of its power rests in the stories it chooses not to cover. Two days ago it chose not to notice British drivers caught up in a battle between police and migrants in Calais despite the availability of gripping public footage. Instead it chose to run other stories, such as that footballer David Beckham and his wife have chosen to throw their weight behind the Remain campaign.

It was happy to publicise  “death” threats to one Remain former cabinet minister but not to mention exactly the same thing happening to  Nigel Farage.

Most egregiously of all it omitted one of the bombshell stories that emerged during the campaign – that David Cameron had known of imminent negotiations to admit Turkey into the EU.

One would have thought that a plan to remove borders between Britain and a country of 80 million Muslims would have been of interest to the British public. Especially as that refugee sanctuary and ISIS haven has no NHS or welfare benefits to speak of and that the average wage is a fraction of that in Britain. Apparently not.

The looming Tory leadership battle will be between a group of fully signed up Friends of Israel: Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, George Osborne, Theresa May. Surely the smart money is on that “one man melting pot” Boris Johnson, although Parliament’s most fervent neocon Michael Gove will give him a good run for his money.

One Remain supporter tweeted her dismay: “I don’t want a future in which politics is primarily a battle between cosmopolitan finance capitalism and white ethno nationalist backlash.”  She should have thought of that a long time ago.

The fun is just starting. One of the main benefits is the huge boost to the confidence to nativists everywhere. The Donald Trump express will surely receive a huge boost from this demonstration of people power.  In the Netherlands Geert Wilders is already demanding his own referendum. In Scotland the SNP said it would begin an immediate campaign for independence. If this happens it would finally uncork the dragon of English nationalism which has been safely bottled up until now.

Another benefit might be an end to the seemingly inescapable conversational topic of  property price rises, as the comfortably off coast to even greater wealth. The property boom seems, for the time being, over.

We need to be hard-headed about the reasons behind this victory.  A huge part of the political, financial  and media class went over to the Brexit side. The Sun, a Murdoch newspaper, supported Brexit, as did the Mail.  Their motives included avoiding new taxes and a tighter financial regulatory scheme threatened by Brussels.

But at the same time the forces mounted against the British people were massive. They ranged from the President of the United States, the IMF, the boardrooms of Goldman Sachs and every other bank. The entire bureaucratic sector of society.

As Tim Stanley said in the Telegraph:

There were two referendums on Thursday. The first was on membership of the EU. The second was on the British establishment. Leave won both, and the world will never be the same again….

It’s impossible to overstate how remarkable this victory is. Twenty years ago, Euroscepticism was a backbench Tory rebellion and a political cult. It was a dispute located firmly on the Right with little appeal to Labour voters. It took Ukip to drag it into the centre of political life – given momentum by the issue of immigration – and slowly it has emerged as a lightning rod for anti-establishment activism. …

But this time the establishment consensus coincided with a historic loss of faith in the experts. These were the people who failed to predict the Credit Crunch, who missed the greatest economic disaster to hit us since the Great Depression. And we were supposed to believe them? Slowly the consensus came to resemble not just a conspiracy but, worse, a confederacy of dunces. …

No. People wanted to have their say and they did. Up and down the country they defied the experts and went with their conscience. Labour voters most of all: the northeast rebelled against a century of Labour leadership. I am astonished. Staggered. Humbled. I should never have lost faith in my countrymen. Those bold, brave, beautiful British voters. (“This was the day the British people defied their jailers“)

If, like me, you have occasionally, sunk into despair over the inability of your countrymen to wake to the implications of mass immigration, then it is time to charge your glasses and drink a toast — to the British people.

In the end it might be a phrase of George Orwell’s from 1984 that is the most appropriate. “If there is hope, it lies with the proles.”


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