State of Hate: How Paranoia and Arrogance Undermine Outsiders

Mein Gott! Will Mossad have to undertake some strategic assassinations in the UK? Even before the toxic tsunami of xenophobia triggered by the vote for Brexit, public discourse here had been infected by the most appalling anti-Semitism. In 2015 a British newspaper openly suggested that Jews are “outsiders” who are prone to paranoia, arrogance and insecurity. It went on to suggest that Jews can’t see “another’s point of view,” are “ruthless,” make “outrageous” demands on reasonable people, and have a “very Manichean view of the world”: either you’re a friend of theirs or a foe.

Have the writer, editor and printer responsible for these vicious stereotypes been prosecuted and jailed for incitement to racial hatred? Shockingly, they haven’t: the hate-criminals are still at large, free to continue spreading their vile message. That’s why I think Mossad might need to ready the poison-charged umbrellas and cyanide pistols. To assist Mossad’s investigations, I herewith reproduce the most damning parts of the hate-article:

Our greatest Jewish Prime Minister? That was Thatcher

… She represented the constituency of Finchley, with its large Jewish population. At one stage, nearly a quarter of her cabinet were of Jewish origin: she advanced the careers of Leon Brittan, Nigel Lawson, Malcolm Rifkind, Edwina Currie and Michael Howard. She was unwavering in her belief that Britain should retain strong ties with Israel. And she was very close to Britain’s late Chief Rabbi, Immanuel Jakobovits (“Thatcher’s Rabbi”) from whom she was said to seek “spiritual reinforcement”. …


For me, however, the most persuasive “Thatcher as Jew” argument — and the one which underpins my play — is the quintessential Thatcherite characteristic of being an outsider. From very early on and for very good reason, she never felt part of the Tory establishment. They were mostly privately educated, privileged and born into wealth: she was not. This in turn fostered an insecurity, which — in the later years of her premiership at any rate — she would mask with arrogance. It was to prove her undoing. …

She becomes increasingly dismissive to [her minister Geoffrey] Howe, belittling him in front of the Cabinet and undermining his passionate pro-Europeanism in the Commons. But she also — a typical outsider’s fear, this — becomes increasingly paranoid about being betrayed. Eventually, Howe decides he has had enough and Thatcher’s paranoia becomes self-fulfilling: he wields the dagger with a brilliantly written 18-minute speech. … Nine days after that speech, Thatcher resigned. …

Writing the character of Margaret, I found myself constantly comparing her to another formidable, and in this case genuinely Jewish woman: my late mother Berouia, or “Bru” as she was known. She was born in Haifa and came to this country after the war and, like the Iron Lady, she was sexy, ruthless and astonishingly ambitious and hard working. Like the former prime minister, she also had a very Manichean view of the world: you were either for her or against her.

As for seeing things from another’s point of view, forget it. So, while Thatcher was routinely referring to Socialists as “The Enemy”, my mother was using much the same language (if a tad more fruity) to describe the local council on account of their entirely reasonable opposition to her outrageous planning applications (six large sheds in the garden, that sort of thing.)

No prizes for guessing who my mother’s political hero was. Was Thatcher the most Jewish PM this country has had? I think so. (Our greatest Jewish Prime Minister? That was Thatcher, The Jewish Chronicle, 19th March 2015)

Do you see how bad anti-Semitism has become in Britain? That article wasn’t written by a goy, but by a Jewish playwright called Jonathan Maitland. It wasn’t published in Der Neue Stürmer, but in Britain’s biggest Jewish newspaper, The Jewish Chronicle. To Maitland, Margaret Thatcher seemed “Jewish” because she was a paranoid, arrogant, ruthless and self-centred outsider. He says that she brought about her own downfall because she provoked the very hostility she was paranoid about. Those are classic anti-Semitic stereotypes!

And apparently they’re accurate stereotypes. Indeed, Western Jews may be approaching their own “Maggie Moment.” Because of their paranoia about anti-Semitism, they’ve promoted mass immigration for decades, hoping to destroy national cohesion and fill Western societies with “outsiders” who would then become their allies. But it hasn’t worked according to plan. Muslim immigrants have become their enemies, not their allies. Mass immigration has provoked a nationalist backlash, which is evident in the rise of Donald Trump and Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

As Steve Sailer has pointed out, Trump is an American version of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who keeps Israel strong as a Jewish ethno-state by building border fences and enforcing tough laws against “infiltrators.” But Trump’s plan to do the same is precisely why American Jews are hostile to him. They don’t want America to be strong as a White ethno-state. Rather, they want America to be weak, divided and easier for them to control.

This also explains the support given by the Jewish billionaire George Soros to Black protest movements in the United States:

Master of Puppets: George Soros

Master of Puppets: George Soros

What does it cost to start a race war? Is $33 million in one year enough? Perhaps not quite, judging from George Soros’ efforts to create anger among black Americans against the authorities. Plenty of chaos happened, certainly, and Ferguson the town will probably not recover from the arson and riots it suffered for decades, if ever.

Are alleged bad cops the worst problem black Americans have? They have plenty to be angry about, particularly the lack of jobs and good schools. Are the angry demonstrators too young to understand how changing demographics hurts them more than anyone else? First-rung jobs for young people are harder to find in the jobless recovery, and many of those go to immigrants and aliens who are willing to work for peanuts. (Billionaire George Soros Spent $33 Million to Stir Up Trouble in Ferguson and Beyond, VDare, 15th January 2015)

For decades, Soros and his allies have been inciting Blacks to hate not merely the authorities, but White America as a whole. Blacks are constantly told that they are the innocent victims of centuries of White oppression and injustice. They’re not slow to act on this message, but their hate-crimes are never exposed in the mainstream media. The idea that the biggest “victims of hate” are in fact Whites simply doesn’t compute. It doesn’t fit the narrative whereby helpless, harmless minorities are constantly menaced by the hate-filled White majority. That’s why liberals have not been “outraged” by this story:

Racist rapist Cory Batey

Racist rapist Cory Batey

A judge Friday sentenced former Vanderbilt University football player Cory Batey to 15 years in prison, but said the man’s true punishment for raping an unconscious woman three years ago was a life sentence. … The ruling came at the end of a 90-minute hearing in which the rape victim gave an emotional statement about her own life sentence. …

The woman was 21 and unconscious when police say four men raped her on the floor of a university dorm on June 23, 2013. … Metro Nashville police told her what happened as they uncovered evidence in their investigation, including graphic photographs and videos of the rape. … “But sexual assault was not where the attack ended,” she said. Her sobs intensified as the described what else the men did to her. “Mr. Batey continued to abuse and degrade me, urinating on my face while uttering horrific racial hate speech that suggested I deserved what he was doing to me because of the color of my skin. He didn’t even know who I was.”

In prior court hearings, prosecutors have acknowledged a racial statement was made but it was never said publicly in court. On Friday, multiple sources confirmed to The Tennessean the statement Batey made. “That’s for 400 years of slavery, you b—-,” Batey said, according to the sources. (Cory Batey sentenced to 15 years in Vanderbilt rape case, The Tennessean, 15th July 2016)

Corey Batey didn’t know who his victim was, but he certainly knew what she was: White. If the races had been reversed in that case, the story would have received vastly more attention. The liberal media are very eager for stories of gang-rape by White males, no matter how implausible. For proof, see the University of Virginia rape-hoax lovingly crafted by the Jewish journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdley at Rolling Stone.

In reality, as opposed to liberal fantasy, gang-rape is overwhelmingly carried out by non-White males and their victims are disproportionately White. Non-Whites also disproportionately target Whites for murder. This may be yet another example:

Seth Rich — Victim of Vibrancy?

Seth Rich — Victim of Vibrancy?

Ten days after the murder of promising Democratic staffer Seth Rich, the Washington D.C. slaying remains unsolved and police say they have no suspects in the crime. Rich, a Jewish data analyst for the Democratic National Committee who worked on polling station expansion, was shot and killed as he walked home on Sunday, July 10.

Police told Rich’s parents that they believed his death was the result of a botched robbery [see the late Larry Auster on the dishonesty of such euphemisms]. Though Rich’s killer did not take his wallet or phone, D.C. Police Commander William Fitzgerald said that “there is no other reason (other than robbery) for an altercation [see Auster again] at 4:30 in the morning” at a community meeting on Monday.

The meeting was meant to address the recent uptick in robberies in the Bloomingdale neighborhood near Howard University. Police reports say robberies in the area are down 20%, but an investigation by the Washington Post found that armed robberies are actually up over 20% compared with July 2015. …

At a vigil held outside Rich’s home on Wednesday, July 13, Aaron Weinberg, Jewish co-worker at the DNC, recited the El Malei Rachamim, a Jewish prayer of mourning. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the chairwoman of the DNC, also spoke at the vigil. Earlier that day, Rich’s funeral was held in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Outside Rich’s home last week, people laid flowers, lit candles, and left a card reading “This Life Mattered.” Rich’s family is active in the Jewish community in his hometown and his father was president of the Beth El Synagogue, a large Conservative shul. (See Hillary Should Have Invited This Murdered Young Man’s Mom To Address DNC, Steve Sailer blog, 26th July 2016)

Seth Rich seems to have been yet another victim of the current hate-campaign being waged by Black Lives Matter, which has sent violence soaring in many American cities. His killer was almost certainly Black — compare the murder of the British Jew Alan Senitt by Blacks in the same city in 2007. But I don’t think it was a “robbery gone wrong,” as the police dishonestly put it. I’d suggest that a Black simply murdered someone he thought was white.

If the murderer was indeed Black, then just like Cory Batey he would have been constantly told that he belonged to a minority cruelly oppressed by Whites. How could he have known that Seth Rich was Jewish and also belonged to an oppressed minority? However, Jews will not complain about “hate” if Blacks target them as generic Whites: as I pointed out in “Four Woundings and a Funeral,” they label Black violence as hate-crime only if they’re targeted as Jews.

But the biggest victims of hate-crime are in fact the White majority and the White working-class in particular. Indeed, mass immigration is a hate-crime on a massive scale. It doesn’t only increase violent crime against Whites, but also lowers their income and drives them out of their traditional homes. In Britain, the Labour peer Lord Glasman has openly admitted that the Labour party’s love of open borders was driven by its “hostility to the English working class,” whom it “viewed … as an obstacle to progress.” He said that Labour’s “commitment to various civil rights, anti-racism, meant that often working-class voters … were seen as racist, resistant to change, homophobic and generally reactionary.”

Hostility to the White working class is still being noisily promoted by the liberal elite and media. The British police have just been told to “prioritise anti-immigrant hate crimes.” Natalie Bennett, the dim-witted and self-righteous leader of the Green Party, has summed up the official narrative perfectly: “The explosion of hate crimes in Britain after the referendum has been deeply shocking. The poisonous drip-feed of xenophobia from certain politicians is now being mirrored in our towns and cities.”

But what does this “explosion of hate crimes” involve? In South Africa, native Blacks have expressed their disapproval of immigrants by murdering, beating and robbing them. But British Whites have only been saying the wrong things: the police are being ordered to “crack down on the outpouring of anti-immigrant sentiment,” not on anti-immigrant violence.

In fact, the violence goes the other way: immigrants in Britain commit crime against native Whites far out of proportion to their numbers. And it isn’t just non-White immigrants like the Muslim rape-gangs in Rotherham and Oxford. (Despite all the publicity and some jail sentences, “industrial scale” rape of underage girls continues in Rotherham; Whites “feel powerless to act because of police indifference and the vice-like grip the criminal grooming gangs have achieved.”).

When New Labour opened Britain’s borders in the 1990s, they could still have kept out immigrants with a serious criminal record. But that would have been intolerant and xenophobic, so they didn’t bother. Accordingly, a Latvian called Arnis Zalkalns was free to enter Britain after serving time for murder in his homeland. He went on to achieve great things here, being responsible for the “biggest police operation” since the 2005 suicide-bombings in London.

The bombings were also a direct result of mass immigration, of course. Arnis Zalkalns was vibrant in another way: he abducted, raped and murdered a 14-year-old schoolgirl called Alice Gross. The family would later say that they were “stunned” that he was “not monitored or even known about in any way” after he arrived in the UK. The coroner who oversaw the inquest into the murder called for “immigration checks on foreign nationals.” I myself would call for much more than that: I want traitors like Tony Blair to be put on trial for allowing mass immigration.

The gang-rapes in Rotherham and the murder of Alice Gross would be central pieces of prosecution evidence. But it’s entirely possible that Alice Gross’s parents would want to appear for the defence:

Alice Gross, the 14-year-old whose sexual assault and killing in August 2014 at the hands of a Latvian man was used by pro-Brexit campaigners to argue against free movement, wrote a thoughtful essay in defence of the EU just months before her death, her parents have revealed.

Gross wrote compassionately about the cultural benefits of European migration and, with an unsettling prescience [not the right word], the flaws of blocking foreign criminals from entering the country.

“Personally, I believe that the United Kingdom should remain a member of the EU as it allows our country to be considered a communal and friendly country,” she wrote.

With the knowledge of how Alice met her end, reading her essay is eerie. Discussing Ukip’s call for foreign criminals to be barred from crossing the border into the UK, she wrote in late May 2014: “They believe that this will keep Britain safe from crime by eliminating the number of criminals living in its premises. However, I believe that this takes away the concept of equality amongst the community by implying that criminals don’t deserve the same rights everyone else has. It also depicts Britain to believe foreign criminals are different and dangerous compared to the British criminals, reintroducing the idea of racism.” …

[Jose] Gross says his own ancestral background has made enduring the spectacle of his daughter being used as propaganda to campaign against immigration even harder. His father was a Ukrainian Jew who fled persecution to the UK during the second world war. He was shortly joined by his French wife. “Because of his beliefs and who he was — because he was Jewish — in order to survive he had to come to this country,” Gross says. “They came to get away from racist persecution and not being allowed to express their own thoughts and beliefs. So when the idea of racist causes using my daughter to promote their …” Gross tails off and stares into the distance. “It made me practically physically sick.” (Revealed: Alice Gross argued against banning foreign criminals before her murder, The Guardian, 11th July 2016)

Note that Jose Gross wasn’t made “sick” by the fatuities expressed by his daughter in her essay. After all, rich liberals have usually been able to escape the consequences of their insane ideology of “equality.” Jews, as the richest and most liberal group of all, are even more insulated. But the murder of Alice Gross proves that Jews are by no means immune. So does the murder of Seth Rich in the US.

And these murders may foreshadow something larger. Jewish paranoia and arrogance have led them to promote mass immigration for their own ends. As the late Larry Auster put it: they have looked “at mass Third-World and Moslem immigration, not as a danger to themselves, but as the ultimate guarantor of their own safety, hoping that in a racially diversified, de-Christianized America, the waning majority culture will lack the power, even if it still has the desire, to persecute Jews.”

But mass immigration has provoked a White nationalist reaction that is gathering strength by the day. Recall how Jonathan Maitland said that Margaret Thatcher was an outsider whose paranoia and arrogance led to her own downfall. The same may now be coming true for the group of paranoid and arrogant outsiders to which he belongs.

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