Hope for Bleeding Heart Social Justice Warriors

“When a ship goes down there are never enough lifeboats. Sailors are trained to beat off with violence those still in the sea once the lifeboat is full. If they do not—everyone dies. This is real compassion.”   Sam Gerrans

I know that there are many of you who are deeply affected by the pitiable plight of Syrian refugees, and indeed with the awful privations that poor African migrants suffer. You are full of empathy, but you lack the resources to help them. You feel impotent. It is a helpless feeling, isn’t it?

So instinctively, you implore governments to take action. You ask them not only to provide aid with my tax dollars, but to fling open our borders to allow them to pour in un-vetted, so as to overburden our social safety net, bring chaos and conflict to our society, expose our women to rape, fill up our parks and streets with make-shift tents and rubbish, occupy social housing units left empty by the forcible eviction of our own low income residents, and ultimately make refugees out of our own citizens.

You do everything to pull our heart strings. You even take heartrending pictures of migrant women and children in distress, while ignoring the homeless and the unfed and unclothed in your own backyard.

And then, if this is not enough, you turn to me for help. You appeal to my conscience. You try to guilt me out. Even though I am a pensioner who has worked long and hard to fund the medical system and the benefits that accrue from it, you tell me that I have too much, that I am too affluent, that I can afford to share my “bounty”. And that I should open my heart and wallet to these poor unfortunates and let them have the hospital bed and the dental care and subsidized one bedroom apartment that I am entitled to.

You make this plea because you are afflicted with a mental illness—pathological altruism—which essentially forms the ideological underpinning of Greens, Leftists, Progressives, addled-headed clergymen and Popes. And you expect me to enable your self-flagellating, ethno-masochistic, anti-Western personality disorder by forfeiting my living standards, quality of life, and cultural heirloom in the service of your mad dystopian vision.

Your message can be summed as this: Move over and squeeze tighter to make room for more and more incoming migrants. What you don’t grasp is that the queue of people aspiring to come to this country is endless. 80 million people are born every year, and most of them are born poor, in many cases, desperately poor. It is a bottomless pit, and you apparently have no bottom line. You apparently have no understanding that there are Limits to Growth.   That makes you a perfect progressive. So you demand that I tighten my belt and fork over.

You characterize my unwillingness to make this sacrifice as “racist’. And then you call me a ‘xenophobe’, as if the fear of being overwhelmed by tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Middle Eastern and African migrants is an irrational fear, while the population explosion in Africa is manifest and leading voices warn of massive numbers of environmental refugees across the globe.

You are obviously a very troubled individual, consumed by self-hatred and inner turmoil. You would change but you are, as David Brin would say, chemically addicted to self-righteousness. You can’t help yourself. You can’t help trying to gain social status by showcasing your empathy for “The Other” and your disgust for selfish and ignorant “Deplorables” like me.

The rage and projected self-loathing is eating you up. You want to shout down professors, outlaw speech, shame transgressors, get ‘racists’ fired, disregard privacy rights, secretly and illegally tape private conversations, abolish the presumption of innocence, cast aside due process, demand ‘safe spaces’, complain about ‘micro-aggressions…the list goes on. You want to lash out at the world. It is killing you.

But don’t despair. There is hope. There is a way out. A way out that does not involve ingesting pharmaceuticals. You don’t need to take anti-depressants or benzodiazepines or oxycodone tablets or any of the dangerously addictive street drugs. You don’t need to trade your addiction for another.

No, you only need do one thing. Follow this great man’s example. Take his sage advice. Heed his dictum of wisdom:


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